[] [HC] Balegor Witch Hunter - acid/poison RoS + SS (SR65+, Mog)

Patch 1.1.7 has arrived and with it many build defining MIs, here’s my first try with one of those, the Balegor’s Crusher Witch Hunter!

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4g1OxZ https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p535JV

note: The medal I’m using is from 1.1.6. Its magic suffix, „of the wolverine“, doesn’t drop on medals anymore (according to grimtools). It only gives flat physique and OA, so it should be very easy to find a better one anyway.

Kraken variant: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZq9Ga6Z

Alternatively this can also be played with the SR set or as a Dervish.


Highlight video:

  • vs dummy ~26s

first tries vs:


DW acid with e.g. rift scourge slicers, e.g. follow my how to level a Nightblade guide or get balegor’s crusher asap (lvl 20+) and use that to level.

Feedback & Final Words

One of the many new amazing MIs that can be build defining. The Weapon is really nice for both Witch Hunters and Dervishes imo. What is really great about builds focused around MIs is that every build will be a little different depending on the affixes you get and also you can start playing the build a lot earlier than builds that require you to have a certain legendary (set) first.

Hope you enjoy crushing your enemies with this one! :smiley:


Nice build, no idea why it went completely unnoticed.

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Interesting idea :))) I will try this out.

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Cool build! How would a Bloodbriar’s Thorn with nice affixes compare to the Conduit you have?

With crazy affixes, it could be good. Still no acid damage on the base and -1 all skills in Nightblade and -3% max all res would hurt a lot. I doubt it would be stronger than a conduit.

Do you have the Blade Barrier prefix because the build has few damage mitigation options? Always thought it was too clunky to seriously consider using.

The ABB prefix is probably better, but I didn’t feel like crafting even more conduits just for this char. The blade barrier one is the second best for this build imo.

Kymon or DV? I’m working on leveling this build and it’s pretty fun!

Sorry for the way too late answer… :sweat_smile: Kymon or Vigil doesn’t really matter that much for this char.

hi. I’m working on this stuff but too hard to find items - have you some ideas where to find them ? Thank u

Added HC SR 65-66 on patch