[] Asunder, Sweet - dreegal'anore dervish [SR90] [5.15 Crucible]


I've been wanting to update this build for a long time and the time has come.

About Well, basically - it's a typical caster, but with ABB (and not-the-highest %cs, because weapon supports retal), so it's not the most comfortable one. Then, build rely on scales, instead of ghoul, so it's less stable, but still tanky. And the last thing - biting blades should be thrown smartly, so they'll return to you and deal extra damage.
Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %phys and stun res

  • Dreegal’anore - core item, allows to convert all elem damage to acid, has a wonderful mod for Judgement, +2 to NB, phys resistance and OA. The only bad thing - no %speed whatsoever. Instead, it supports retal and RTA. Which is a bit nonsensical imo.
  • 2x pieces of Venomblade - the helm is BiS for any acid dervish, convertions are great, as well as the stats.
  • Vilescorns - they’ve got buffed in the recent patch, so now are a perfect choise for acid caster.
  • Mark of the Forbidden - BiS most of acid builds.
  • Meditation - the best acid relic in the game, when you have 100% conversion to acid.
  • Pestilience of Dreeg - very good offensive amulet and it’s craftable.
  • Grava’s Legguards&Zantarian’s Shoulderguard - BiS in terms of provided skill bonuses. And purple/blue acid shoulders are just bad. The rare affixes on those are compulsory.
  • 2x Shuroth rings and belt - 100% vitality to acid, which also allows to use S C A L E S.
Shattered Realm performance

SR90 full run, pretty hard.

SR75-76 is just brainless faceroll.

Crucible performance

The average run in my hands is about 5.15-5.20. The build is clearly not immortal, unlike phys templar, for example. Yet, it’s really fast, thanks to the new agro system and tremendous damage.

That’s how it performs in my hands (5.14 real time)

And here’s @mad_lee’s run (4.47 real time)

@banana_peel for advise on MI items.


Great first post!

I like the build and both SR and Crucible results are very good.

And BTW your English is fine. Lots of community members are not native speakers, so no worries there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Always nervous about proper use of language, when there’s noone to correct me.


That’s the build that I doubted would work when you first showed gt to me in Discord and I was proven wrong! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very solid Dervish, gratz!

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Updated for

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Unusual build, deserves more attention. When you look at it you’d think where the dmg would come from? But it’s there.


One more Crucible run


Added SR90 and SR75-76 videos.


my fastest run so far:

the next one was 2x poisoned (or how it’s called properly?) and still 4.59

I’m more than satisfied with this damage.

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My similar witch hunter is a blast too. I’ve done a bit better, but haven’t had time to upload

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I’ve also tried something slightly similar on WH, but it had crap survivability, so I decided to update this one. I went for acid sigils there.
Using converted chain lightning as a AA is a really interesting move.

It originally was winter kings might, and I swapped to chain lightning at @banana_peel 's suggestion. Both are good options. WK might version I’m sure has better Sr potential

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And they say judgment isn’t a viable damage source.

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Who are they to judge?
Heads out

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Dreegal is with the bois now (I guess): Dervish, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

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