[] Malkadarr's EXECUTIONER - DW Reaper [5.24 c+] / Dummy 0.10 / MadQueen 0.05

A new patch and a new chance for builds. Malkadarr’s Dreadblade got a really nice buff and forms the heartpiece of this build. This guy kills really fast - i had problems taking a screenshot of the char screen. Most of the time my target is dead before Beronath’s Fury was fully charged.


=[ CONCEPT ]===============
Default attack Beronath’s Fury -also buffed in with 100% WPS and massive flat damage bonus via Soul Harvest/Lethal Assault. I pushed 450%-Weapon-Damage-Execution and Necrotic Edge to the sky (55% usage) and took 45% Reaping Strike/Whirling Death for adcth and aoe.

With all Procs/Passives/Actives

=[ OFFENCE ]===============

  • Up to 3.098 OA
  • Hard DPS throught a ton of flat cold damage
  • 115 Cold-RR -> 23 Rumor + 48 Veil of Shadow + 12 Silver Mark + 32 Elemental Storm
  • 100% WPS with Monster-450%WD-Execution and 270°-10Target-160%WD-FullCold-Necrotic Edge

=[ DEFENCE ]===============

  • Up to 3.122 DA
  • 26% Dodge
  • Ghouhlish Hunger / Arcane Barrier

=[ GEAR EXPLANATION ]===============


  • Head, Shoulder, Chest: The Silver Sentinel
    Support’s our damage types, give’s rr, damge-conversion
  • Neck: Ellena’s Necklace
    Flat damage, rr, +1 to all skills in Nightblade, look for “Theurgist’s” prefix with bonus to Soul Harvest and “of the Winter Storm” suffix to max out skills -> BiS
  • Weapons: Malkadarr’s Dreadblade
    Heartpiece of the build. “Frostborn” prefix and “of Shattering”/“of Voracity” suffix is BiS
  • Medal: Mythical Dreadchill Mark
    Flat damage, 8 usefull skillpoints and 2x good skillmodifiers! BiS
  • Belt: Gargoyle Waistguard
    +1 to all skills in Nightblade, vitality to cold conversion. Look for “of the Winter Storm” suffix to hard cap Night’s Chill. Choose prefix as you need/get it. BiS
  • Pants: Reaper Legguards
    Bonus to Soul Harvest is needed. Suffix “of Amarasta’s Flurry” is needed to hard cap Lethal Assault. Choose prefix as you need/get it. BiS
  • Gloves: Mythical Dreadchill Grasp
    Attack speed, vitality to cold conversion, damage and skill support -> BiS


  • Relic: I took Nemesis for human racial bonus, flat damage and attack speed. You can use Nidalla’s Outbreak, Serenity alternativly
  • Rings: I choose Alkamo’s Touch of Dread for speed/OA/skillpoints and Deathguard Sigil for hardcapping Soul Harvest. Alternatives are Mythical Lifegiver Signet and Alkamo’s Touch of Anguish
  • Boots -> I choose Stoneplate Greaves.
    With “of Amarasta’s Flurry” suffix Letahl Assault is hardcapped. A good Alternative are Mythical Wraithwalkers for more stun res.

=[ DEVOTION ]===============
Mandatory: Murmur, Ultos, Amatok, Viper, Rhowan’s Crown
Recommended: Solemn Watcher, Ghoul, Quill
Rest is matter of taste. I choose Hawk, Bard’s Harp, Crab

=[ CRUCIBLE / SHATTERED REALM ]===============
Farming Crucible is very comfortable with this build (3 Buffs / 1 Banner). I played shard 50 for the skill-point-quest with no problem so far.

=[ PLAYSTYLE ]===============
SS/Fly on Rylok Wings in and activate Soul Harvest/Lethal Assault (keep it up preferably without spamming for more WPS). Change target’s as soon as you can see that frostburn kills them. Thouger enemies get Ring of Steel/Mark of Torment. Keep Pneumatic Burst up.

=[ VIDEOS ]===============
[] Mad Queen in 5s
[] Dummy in 10s
[] Kra’vall in 7s
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in 5:24 -> my piloting skills are medicore at best
[] Lokarr in 12s


Friendship ended with Ugdenbog Chillstrife. Now Malkadarr’s Dreadblade is my best friend.

Seriously, cool build! I never thought I’d see Silver Sentinel get some real use.

Have you taken out Crate straight up with no potions or other buffs than what your build shows here ?Been looking for a build that can do that without too much piano play. That celestial seems to give me heartburtn no matter what type of character I build and play.

This build shows an easy way to clear main game content or making fast runs crucible gladiator 151-170. Lokarr can also be killed easily (added video). In order to kill crate comfortable and without potions you have to find another build. Last but not least, the Silver Sentinel Set is not known for its resilience (armor, HP, etc.) which is needed. You can simply farm Avatar of Mogdrogen and Ravager with this DW Reaper (facetanking and disciplined cycling skills).

A dual-swords-wielder accompanied by a black panther ? And no one has made a Drizzt Do’Urden reference yet ?


I’ve stolen his swords during a random encounter in Baldurs Gate II :wink:

I’m kind of new to the game. Are these greens hard to farm? is there a guide somewhere?
Thanks in advance :smile:

exactly those rolls are hard to get, but not the basic ones. You can only get the swords in crucible and Shattered realm because they drop from the “champion” of deths vigil and you have to side with them as necromancer.

I think @Nery has beginner friendly reaper guide

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All those double rare items you’re never going to get legit, that’s for sure. They’re GDstashed items. Maybe the author could post the same build but using realistic (single rare) greens?


I did a “cheap” and realistic stating point https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY1qpeN

Full silver sentinel set is probably worth it for the cold rr proc though: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR1Pw4V

Upgrades would be to get good reaper pants in SR / Crucible, Alkamos rings, better swords and amulet and belt. Also craft boots for CC resistances :slight_smile:

This axe is also interesting to use https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9272 but make sure to alter WPS chanes so you dont get over 100%


Thank you!

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@Ulvar1 - so I need to side with Kymon’s, then in ultimate I can farm the swords from Malkadarr, Champion of Death’s Vigil?

yes that is correct but you can not side with kymons if necromancer. If you wanna farm malkadarr swords in ultimate you need to play nightblade solo until you get to homestead in ultimate.

or just farm the swords in Shatter realm and crucibal

you can use ugdenbog chillstrife meanwhile :slight_smile: very good sword too (or rather dagger)

@Ulvar1 - I had no idea, thank you! Do you have the link to the alternative weapons?

Can I farm, Malkadarr with a different character? That way I can level this one up and not worry about the whole necro part.

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Yes you can farm with another char, just put in shared stash :slight_smile:

Ugdenbog Chillstrife

as you can see, very powerful weapon

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Edit, here is inspiration for another version of this reaper build @Sheiza [] DW Chillstrifes melee fantasy cold Reaper,!