[] Loxmere-Style FAST'N COLD - DW SS Morgoneth's Reaper [c+]

A new patch and a new chance for builds :-). I love Shadow-Strike-Auto-Attack-Builds since the early beginning (B27)! My first build here was a SS Witchhunter: [Witch Hunter] 200k+ Poison ticks / 250k+ Crits. As i saw the new Morgoneth’s Set my first hope was to reactivate a SS auto attacker … and it worked really, really fine :slight_smile:
Playstyle is very fast due short intervals between every Shadow Strike. Crucible Gladiator (a good pilot will be much faster than my postet time in the video below), Avatar of Mogdrogen and Ravager can be easily farmed. You need to pot (mana) only in rare cases -> completly comfortable, one-dry-hand-playing with a smile in your face … guranteed.


=[ CONCEPT ]===============
Maxed out Shadow Strike every 1.1s with 90% WPS (20% Execution, 20% Whirling Death, 25% Necrotic Edge boosted by Mythicall Dreadchill Mark, 25% Reaping Strike) in the auto-attacking-phase between + Soul Harvest and Lethal Assault buffs. AoE-Damage is really nice. You kill default monster groups without attacking easily.

With all Procs/Passives/Actives


=[ OFFENCE ]===============

  • Up to 3.228 OA
  • Crit Damage +116% with Shadow Strike
  • Killing-all-default-monsters-AoE with Nightfall, Whirling Death, Necrotic Edge (+3 Target’s/70 Degree Attack Arc), Icechill, Night’s Chill
  • 119 Cold-RR -> 23 Rumor + 25 Ill Omen CoF + 46 Veil of Shadow + 25 Tip the Scales

=[ DEFENCE ]===============

  • 3.004 DA
  • 2.796 Armor
  • 27% Dodge
  • Awesome ADCTH -> 16% Dagger’s + 10% HoS + 5% Scales of Ucama + 4% Ghoul + Tip the Scales + Ghoulish Hunger + Nightfall + Bone Harvest + Reaping Strike + Hungering Energies
  • Ghouhlish Hunger
  • Really good mobility -> SS every 1.1s + Rylok Wings

=[ GEAR EXPLANATION ]===============

  • Head, Hand, Shoulder, Chest: Armor of the Eternal Knight
    Support’s both of our damage types, give’s rr, a lot of amor, acid to cold conversion + 0.2s for SS
  • Neck: Mythical Night’s Embrace
    Flat damage, rr, +1 to all skills in Nightblade and 20% Crit Damage to SS
  • Weapons: Loxmere’s Frostblade
    Since patch this weapon is competitive! For a SS auto attacker tailor-made. It is also a dagger and can role awesome prefixes like “Assassin’s”. Choose suffix and prefix as you can get ist. In my opinion “of Voracity” suffix is BiS. Optimal prefixes are “Assassin’s” with +3 NJE and “Theurgist’s” with +3 Soul Harvest.
  • Medal: Mythical Dreadchill Mark
    Flat damage, 8 usefull skillpoints and 2x good skillmodifiers! BiS
  • Belt: Gargoyle Waistguard
    +1 to all skills in Nightblade, vitality to cold conversion. Hardcap SS with “of Shadows” or Night’s Chill with “of the Winter Storm” suffix. Choose prefix as you need/get it.
  • Pants: Reaper Legguards
    BiS, thanks to Xervous. Hardcap SS with “of Shadows” of Night’s Chill with “of the Winter Storm” suffix. Choose prefix as you need/get it.
  • Relic: Belgothian’s Carnage
    -1s to all currently active skill cooldowns = one more SS every 4.5s, +1 to all skills in Nighblade (+1 NJE/Night’s Chill is optimal)


  • Rings: I choose Alkamo’s Torment and Alkamo’s Agony. It’s a offensive choise with total speed and a ton of OA. If you have problems capping your resistances or need for DA replace this rings. Alternatives are Mythical Lifegiver Signet, Deathguart Sigil, Mythical Band of Wandering Souls or Dread Sigils og Alkamos
  • Boots -> I choose Morgoneth’s Step.
    All in all fits good. If you choose different equipment form the above mentioned than use this slot to compensate.

=[ DEVOTION ]===============
Changed my original setup for a more cold oriented one (skipped Rattosh for Ultos).

=[ CRUCIBLE / SHATTERED REALM ]===============
Farming Crucible is very comfortable with this build (3 Buffs / 1 Banner). I played shard 50 for the skill-point-quest with no problem so far.

=[ PLAYSTYLE ]===============
SS in and activate Soul Harvest. Change target’s as soon as you can see that frostburn kills them. Thouger guys get Ill Omen und Lethal Assault on top. If damage comes in -> MoT and Rylok Wings to debuff. Keep Pneumatic Burst up.
Easy to play (“q u a l i t y O F l i f e” by jajaja).

RMB: Bone Harvest
M4: Healpod
M5: Pneumatic Bust
1: ABB
2: Ill Omen
3: Icechill
^: MoT

=[ VIDEOS ]===============
[] Mad Queen old
[] Mad Queen in 6s
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 with 3 Buffs/1 Banner old
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 with 3 Buffs/1 Banner in 5:48min
[] Avatar of Mogdrogen in 2:49min
[] Kra’vall old
[] Kra’vall in 10s
[] Gargabol
[] Ravager in 2:00min old
[] Ravager in 1:43min
[] Ravager in 1:30min!

Special thanks to ghoul and Xervous!


Added videos (Avatar of Mogdrogen, Kra’vall, Ravager).

Grim Tools has been updated, so you should be able to upload your character correctly now as well.

why use spectral wrath?

Can’t check devotions on mobile but I gather it’s due to a (presumably misguided) split damage focus.

It’s curious to see three MIs in obvious spots but an absence of the more damaging alkamos rings. Also absent are nemesis pants for 3 soul harvest. Flat damage beats out points in SS since forever

Grimtools link updated. Thx.

Stackable attack speed reduction + vitality rr + a bit damage. I’m going to support cold and vitality damage. I reduced it from 11/10 to 8/10.

Yes, i’m supporting cold and vitality damage/rr. Maybe you’re right but this works fine at least you can kill Ravager in 2min. I’m open to suggestions for another devotion path.

No absence -> presence of Alkamos rings. Or are the blue ones no ones?

You are right, flat damage beats out points in SS. The Slithscale Legwraps also deliver 2 point’s Nidalla’s Justifiable Ends and i miss 1 point to hardcap it. This one point reduces the skill recharge by 0.2s from 1.3s to 1.1s (=15,5% more Shadow Strikes). This pants have also a sweet racial bonus and dodge. It’s a question of philosophy.

With ‘more’ being a comparative term the purple rings are more damaging than their blue counterparts. Generally the blue rings have been used as budget options or when the build was absolutely thirsty for shreds of OA (some tricksters). Sitting on an excess of points there are few reasons to not consider maxing out dual blades. This amounts to roughly a 22 flat gain over blue alk rings. Tomodak and others have been experimenting with Anubar rings for increased AoE coverage via the orbital proc and from what I hear it’s a valid sidegrade on purple alk rings if you desperately want more AoE.

I don’t see how this is even a vitality build when you’re converting half of all vitality and your vit % doesn’t even come close to 2k. Comparing this setup to a more aggressive design you have literally half the flat cold. Retooling for pure cold, getting cold stones in both weapons, etc you could still manage the higher degree of durability you’re aiming for while also pocketing a 30% damage increase at the least. If high adcth is a desire Dread Lord’s is a serviceable belt prefix plus likely devotion paths can include ghoul and/or revenant.

If we’re at the point of assuming double rares for each slot why not put an X Reaper pants of Amarasta’s Alacrity for 35+ flat? Beast racial is only of supreme relevance for kuba, reaper of the lost should be dying quickly. The same question might also be extended to the boots but that’s a slippery slope.

Set bonus from the blue Alkamos is useful. What do you mean with “more damaging”? In this case the main damage stats are nearly even (flat damage, damage bonus, attack speed). The blue ones misses the conversion which is not a big thing here but give 5% OA set bonus.
I’m not searching for more AoE.

Found a way to spec more to cold (skipped Rattosh for Ultos, changed weapon components), push Soul Harvest (as you suggested … i tried Reaper’s Legguards -> thx; and use “Theurgist’s” prefix with +3 Soul Harvest) and max SS (with suffixes/prefix on weapon/pants/belt).
Soul Harvest is now at 21/12. Sheet DPS increases (with all buffs) from 261k -> 304k. Ravager kill time goes from 2:00min to 1:43min.

Please help me with that suffix. Flat damage on pants?

Amarasta’s FLURRY (named similar to another affix, I keep swapping the two mentally) effectively provides flat damage via +2 Lethal Assault, just like the pants are effective flat through Soul Harvest.

My apologies on the blue alk rings, it was not fully clear you’re optimizing this for single target performance.

For maximum single target durability you may want more points in Ill omen for higher % reduced targets damage and possibly boost mark of torment to 6/10 to take advantage of the big jumps in duration up to that rank.

Physical resist / armor is likely going to be a final hurdle for durability if you want to get full defensive coverage. If you’re not having issues with physical damage then it’s clearly not an issue. I should warn you that while rattosh wasn’t ideal for damage it was possibly a big contributor for your Uber boss sustain due to the life leech -%RR. Increasing overall damage and padding adcth with appropriate devotions will likely leave you in a good spot anyhow.

Is this good dagger?)

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Yeah, quite a lucky find.

Above average, you would want at least 1 rare prefix like frosborn or glacial or assasin, suffix is optional (frostbite, spellweaving with cold dmg, rare…)

Any replace for relic? Maybe nidalla outbreak will be good? or belgo better anyway

First off, sorry to necro, but I am new and very interested in this build, but I heard high-end Night’s Chill got hit in the last patch.

Does this build still do well in the final version of Grim Dawn? Thanks!

Sorry, i’m not up to date withe the last patches

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I’d like to use this build, but i’m new to the game. Should i start another build then switch for this build in the late game ou should i start right from the beggining? i get confused about the order which i should levell my skills and such.