Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods)

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Slight reform.

  • I feel like with vast majority of builds being tagged as (c+) that plus lost it’s meaning as an above average build for crucible, so I’m removing that plus.
  • Since there’s a problem with (c) turning into ©, I decided that the crucible tag will be (cr) from now on. Some people already preferred it anyway.
  • Former (c) and (c-) tags abolished. Builds that were tagged as such lost these tags. There were about 15 builds like that in the whole compendium. This type of an entry is too exotic to have a special category for it.
  • The (cr+) tag is now for builds that can go below 6 minutes with the same rule of max. 3 buffs + 1 banner. Going with the assumption of pre-1.1.5 builds being affected by the patch in some way I decided that builds before 1.1.5 won’t be handed out (cr+) tags retrospectively.
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This is Update of my Infiltrator

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So it doesn’t have to be consistently a sub 6 mins, just that it can farm cruci and can go sub 6 occasionally?

There’s literally no way for me to determine whether it’s consistent or not.

I’d prefer if builders used average run times, but I’m ultimately leaving it to builder’s discretion.

hello, pls add this build:

  • [DW] [] (mi) (c+) (vid) Loxmere-Style FAST’N COLD - DW SS Morgoneth’s Reaper (poisonman2)

    • Damage: Cold+Frostburn, Vitality+Vitality Decay
    • Active Skills: Shadow Strike, Bone Harvest, Pneumatic Burst, Ill Omen, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Rylok Wings, Mark of Torment, Icechill, Blade Spirit
    • Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding, Whirling Blades, Void-Ward
    • WPS Skills: Execution, Whirling Death, Reaping Strike, Necrotic Edge
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Hi Stupid Dragon, new builds for submission!

[DW Melee] [] (mi) (cr+) (vid) Morgoneth DW melee Reaper (Nery)

  • Damage: Cold
  • Active Skills: Beronath’s Fury, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Shadow Strike, Ring of Steel, Ill Omen, Mark of Torment, Bone Harvest, Pneumatic Burst, Displacement
  • Passive Skills: Veil of Shadow, Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding
  • WPS Skills: Necrotic Edge, Reaping Strike, Execution, Whirling Death, Belgothian’s Shears

[2H Melee] [] (mi) (cr+) (vid) Savagery 2H Bleeding Archon (Nery)

  • Damage: Bleeding
  • Active Skills: Savagery, Devouring Swarm, Wendigo Totem, Ascension, Vire’s Might, Displacement, Summon Guardian of Empyrion
  • Passive Skills: Primal Bond, Presence of Virtue, Mogdrogen’s Pact
  • WPS Skills: Feral Hunger, Upheaval, Smite
  • [Ranged] [] (g4) (cr+) (vid) The Frame Killer - Elemental Fire Strike Purifier (Plasmodermic)

    • Damage: Elemental (mostly Fire)
    • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Thermite Mine, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal, Amatok’s Breath
    • Passive Skills: Aura of Censure, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Flame of Gar’Dal
    • WPS Skills: 2x Lucky Shot, Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds, Storm Spread, Burning Void, Shadowflame
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  • [Caster] [] (g5) (cr+) (vid) The Apostash - Pure Vitality Piano Apostate (Plasmodermic)

    • Damage: Vitality
    • Active Skills: Chillspikes, Rune of Hagarrad, Ravenous Earth, Bone Harvest, Word of Pain, Inquisitor Seal, Word of Renewal, Mark of Torment, Amatok’s Breath
    • Passive Skills: Harbinger of Souls, Spectral Binding
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This is Update of my Ritualist

  • [Pet] [] (sr+) (vid) Allison Taylor | Ritualist | Ghol’s Poison Pets | Celestials | SR 90 (omnitrio)

    • Damage: Pet | Poison
    • Active Skills: Devouring Swarm, Summon Briarthorn, Conjure Primal Spirit, Wendigo Totem, Bone Harvest, Summon Blight Fiend, Ill Omen, Call of the Grave
    • Passive Skills: Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Spectral Binding
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Hey, Stupid Dragon, could you add this one, please?

  • [2H Melee] [] (mi) (c+ (sr+) (vid) Reap What You Sow: Crucible Gladiator 6:20m, SR 75-76, Vitality SS Reaper (mad_lee)

    • Damage: Vitality, bit of Cold
    • Active Skills: Shadow Strike, Bone Harvest, Wendigo Rush, Amarasta’s Blade Burst, Pneumatic Burst, Ring of Steel, Ill Omen, Mark of Torment
    • Passive Skills: Harbinger of Soul, Aether-Ward, Veil of Shadow, Spectral Binding, Blade Spirit
    • WPS Skills: Necrotic Edge, Reaping Strike
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Hello, can you please add this build to Compendium? :slight_smile:

Bleeding Vindicator

3 questions though:

  • There are no “g-tags” anymore, right?
  • Should “Deadly Aim” be mentioned at “Passive Buffs”?
  • I tagged it…I started my thread in, but this build really shines (and is updated) in Didn´t know, what tag I should use. I can change the tag in my Build Thread, if that helps.

Thank you! :upside_down_face:

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  1. Correct, no more g-tags. They were replaced by (mi) tag.
  2. Yes, Deadly Aim and all similar skills go into Passive Skills.
  3. I take the most recent patch version if two are mentioned, whatever the reason for it was.
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Thank you, changed/added it.

I was kind of unsure because things like Seal of Blades shouldn´t be mentioned anymore. Many thanks.

Mastery skills need to be mentioned regardless, item skills should be mentioned if it’s an active skill you’re actually using or a WPS. Passive skills that come from items may be omitted since I’ll purge them anyway. This is my current practice. The compendium’s state and rules didn’t catch up to it yet.

  • [2H Melee] [] (cr+) (sr) (vid) A Knight of the Round Table - 2H Pierce Blademaster (afanasenkov26)

    • Damage: Piercing
    • Active Skills: Blade Arc, Blitz, Ring of Steel, Nadaan’s Strike, ABB, Pneumatic Burst, Blade Spirit, Blade Barrier
    • Passive Skills: Field Command, Oleron’s Rage, Veil of Shadow
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[2H Ranged] [] (cr+) (vid) Harbinger 2H Ranged Purifier (Nery)

  • Damage: Chaos
  • Active Skills: Fire Strike, Inquisitor Seal, Storm Box of Elgoloth, Word of Renewal, Word of Pain, Termite Mine, Displacement
  • Passive Skills: Aura of Conviction, Flame Touched, Vindictive Flame, Flame of Gar’dal, Severed Faith
  • WPS Skills: Bursting Round, Chilling Rounds, Storm Spread, Burning Void, Shadowflame

[Caster] [] (mi) (cr+) (sr+) (vid) Biting Blades Lord Opressor (Nery)

  • Damage: Vitality, Vitality Decay
  • Active Skills: Biting Blades, Ravenous Earth, Bone Harvest, Judgement, Ascension, Mark of Torment, Displacement, Summon Guardian of Empyrion
  • Passive Skills: Spectral Binding, Path of the Three, Presence of Virtue, Blood Rite, Azragorian Tactics, Eldritch Ruminations
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It’s Conj Up

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@Stupid_Dragon I got 2 (two) questions:

  1. Why isn’t the thread stickied as it used to? It’s kinda silly to go looking for the most important thread in the forums under 20 threads like “Are my negative resistances really the reason why I’m dying all the time?” or “I don’t know I can refund devotions so whatever shall I do.”

  2. What if I want to post two different setups or variations of a build in one thread? For example green and no-green. Is there a way to make a note out of this in a compendium entry?

Because all 3 compendiums are stickied here

Or just bookmark the compendium.