[Witch Hunter] 200k+ Poison ticks / 250k+ Crits

hello guys,

i’ve read a lot of threats in this forum with its strong community! today i’ve registerd myself to post a self created build.

grimcalc (incl. devotions; without +skills): http://grimcalc.com/build/CjnH5i

video: fabius kill: https://youtu.be/rUx8o2JLZpI

in therms of gameplay i favourise “quality of life” (introduced by jajaja):
lmb: shadowstrike
rmb: curse of frailty
midmouse: healpot
mousewheel up: pneumatic burst
mousewheel down: blood of dreeg
keyboard 1: amarastas blade burst
keyboard 2: gaze of beronath
keyboard 3: blade barrier

hold left mousebutton and point the next victim out. shadow strike hits really hard (26/12 + 20/12 NJE) for ca. 60k pre -resis. througt belgotians carange we double-shadow strike every 3s. throught using lmb (and holding it) shadow strike is used wenn ready (no wasted cd’s). when shadow strike is on cool down the auto attack occurs (20% belgotian shears with devotion acid spray, 20% amarastas quick cut with devotion guardians gaze, 20% execution with devotion, 20% whirling death with devotion, 20% standard attack). for better dpsing reducing the resistances (primary poison&acid) helps a lot:

  • mark of dreeg 15 (overwritten by acid spray 30)
  • veil of shadow -59%
  • curse of frailty - 36%
  • nidallas revenge -20% (33% when hit)
    (-agony -33% (20% when hit))
    145% poison/acid reduction!
    right after charging into a group of enemies tainted eruption procs (this and the dual blade skill with devotion procs is the aoe solution). the charged target is offline, all other targets in 10m radius are confused and mostly poisoned enought to forget them. thougher enemies get the curse + gaze of beronath + amarastas blade burst for lethal assault buff.


  • 12% damage absorbtion from possesion
  • 9% physical resistance
  • 25% dodge
  • displayed resis




head: deathmarked hood / sancified bone or leatherhide / needed resi augument
shoulders: chilldread mantle (don’t have deathmarked shoulderguards for maxing nje) / silkwatch / needed resi augment
chest: deathmarked chestguard / chains of oleron / needed resi augument
hand: viperfang grips / unholy inscription / needed resi augument
leg: nidallahs legwraps / mutaed scales / needed resi augment
relic: belgotian carnage
weapons: 2x basilisk claw / mark of dreeg + vitrolic gallstone / human damage + needed resi augument (agony, slithtounge, venomlash are also possible)
ring #1: stanching ring for bleeding resitance with good stats (attackspeed, hp, etc.(
ring #2: livegiver signet for vitality resitance
neck: peerless eye of beronath / focusing prism / -dmg augument
belt: blade breaker / dense fur / needed resi augment
boots: venomspine greaves / mark of mogdrogen / needed resi augment
medal: badge of mastery / arcane spark

i leveled with dreegs evil eye. at level 35 (ca.) i went for the build above.

-big mana consumption even with focusing prism and 2 devotion point owl

-huge dps -> poison ticks + skill dps with big reduction in resistances
-easy and fast to play

this is my first post here please show mercy with me (sorry for the low quality of the video and the images -> made them with my mobile). i would be grateful if you have advice for me to do better (build and presentation :wink:

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Looks pretty impressive.

How do you handle reflect?

Awesome, I’m just levelling a WH intended for a psn build, thx for doing the research for me.

until today i had no major problems with it. reflection is nasty but can be handled with this build (pneumatic burst, blood of dreeg, heal pot). i kill sometimes reflecting monsters without getting reflected damage (maybe dodged).

Looks really good. Not for me though as I absolutely hate potion addicts.

Is it HC viable? seems like it would be squishy.

Where did you find basilisk claws? Any alternatives to them? Haven’t seen such weapon in like 400+ hours of play.

Compared to Blademaster and Spellbreaker, what are cons and pluses here?

The build seems even more squishy than spellbreaker, but with a tiny bit more dmg.

nice one. i play something similar but with the deathmark weaponset and a lot more tankyness (up to 3k health regen, 20% phys resist)

you should reconsider your devotionskill setup because guardian gaze procs in your vid = 0 ^^

i think veil of shadow -59% overrides

  • curse of frailty - 36% and
  • nidallas revenge -20%

they do not stack or am i wrong?

The percentage resist reductions do stack. It is the flat number reductions that do not.

Other than me using the Deathmarked Shoulders, I am trying to figure out how he has 10k health in the video. The best I can muster currently is 7800. Add another 350 or so for the Chilldread Shoulders that I am not using, I am trying to figure out the other 2K. Leathery Hide in the helm will add another 4%, but Would still leave me like 2K short of the 10.3 he is running.

EDIT: Nm, seems to be a buff that is triggering for temporary health.

EDIT 2: Bah, this was a caster WH I had built early on, just realized that I have 30 points in spirit that he likely has in physique. Probably a good chunk of health lost right there.

its the abominable might proc that buffs the health.

Gotcha, ty.

i found a recipe. alternatives are:

  1. slithtongues (very easy to find -> http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36115 from Psyclown)
  2. venomlash -> https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8513

combine one of them with:

  1. agony -> https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8092-Agony

or use a combination of 1. and 2.

i’m not experienced enough with spellbreaker and blademaster. i think a spellbreaker has a better defence (maivens + 3s mirror). maybe one of the blademaster/spellbreaker experts in this forum can comment.

I run I poison melee witch hunter that gets about 150-175k poison ticks max but is much much more durable. I can face tank ultimate log full to dead in about 60 seconds and ultimate fabius in about 15 seconds. Definitely lesser ticks but I have a different devotion setup and gear designed for “quality of life” :wink:

i’m always searching for suggestions to advance the build. i want to keep tainted Eruption and acid spray in the devotion setup. which devotions would you choose with this preferences?
gear: maybe the gridle/badge could be exchanged with tinkers ingenuity/mark of divinity. i want to keep nidallas legwraps.

Can you please post your gear/devotion setup?

So far it seems like only Nightblade+soldier(Blademaster) is 10k hp+/
semi-tanky, all other Nightblade variants are too squishy unless you are used to panic smashing 1 ability at 10% hp.

I would like to know what you guys think of Abominable Might proc!?!

  • Does it actually change the killing speed of trash/heroes monsters?
    For exemple killing white monsters in one shadow strike, instead of shadow strike + attacking.
    How much DPS do you get out of it?
    Also, what is the duration/cooldown of the Abominable Might once maxed?

I’m not talking about bosses/Nemesis because it proc on monsters’s death. Unless there are monsters around those bosses, it’s useless.


Check out sfhobbit’s stream, it will answer all your questions. If you don’t want to watch, just take my word for it. It’s an excellent constellation for a poison WH.