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Any change that you can upload this char? Would love to try it out.

[] Cyclomentalist (Crucible Max) should be in the opening post. But it’s been nerfed.

What does it mean? You gotta be better than the worst build on the list? Or than the best?

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I’ll just leave this here @ArchHeretic

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Any chance you’d add in a “naked crucible” section

Now the record bar starts at 4.30
When 5 records accumulate - there will be an update

Avatar of Mogdrogen in 2:49min. Please add me.

Here is also a Ravager Video. Killed him in 2min with the same build as mentioned above.

Here is a new record for Ravager (1:30min):
Build is linked above.

New minimum requirements published. Who will be the first?

Tempting… but the nerf :bat: is near. :grin:

So the new list is up, nice :grinning:

Ravager, 2H Meele vitality conjurer 1:23 (0:04-1:27 in the video)

I think 2:30 for Callagadra may be very hard to achieve, at least variety will not be big but let’s see how it is going to be. Just my opinion, more reasonable could be something like 3:00-3:30.

Btw. Not shattered realm anymore?

I agree. Calla requires very specific gear checks. I don’t think there are many builds that can take her down in under 2:30 today. Maybe none at all?

Probably. Try 3.00

I saw something around 2:30 with retal warlord tweak specially for her but I think it wasn’t under this time. You are right, it’s very specific boss and pure dps glasscannons may have hard time vs her.

@ArchHeretic Yes, 3min seems better, let’s see :grinning:

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Is post under post allowed? If not then sorry and please scale it.

Ravager 54 seconds :sunglasses: 0:04-0:58

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M9Xpr2 retaliation sentiel with fevered rage

Edit: Callagadra 1:24

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Mad Queen 3 sec:

Dummy 6 sec:

edit: dummy is closer to 7 than 6. about 6.7 sec

great record

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What a sick max damage setup, damn!

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Hello again!

Lokarr under 7 sec (about 6.8 i think). This guy is a pain to get a stable result with his constant movement.

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I guess it’s time to unveil this travesty. 3:55, new crucible record with the most broken items in the game.