⭐ The fastest cleaners in the World


All speedrans are here.
Will be updated as new world records are received.

CRUCIBLE (4:30 min)

3:44Morgo Iniltrator

3:53Lightning Elementalist

3:55Spite Blademaster

4:07Greenvoyant Binder

4:11Burn Spam Canister Ulzuin Sorcerer

4:13Lightning Ulzuin Sorcerer

4:18Cold AAR Mage Hunter

4:20Morgo Infiltrator

4:26Fake AAR Mage Hunter

4:29Lightning TSS Druid


MAD QUEEN (5.0 min)

3.2Rah’Zin DW With Hunter

LOKAR (10.0 min)

6.8Rah’Zin DW With Hunter

AVATAR (2:00 min)


0:54Retaliation Sentiel with fevered rage

1:23Conjurer (Vitality Dark One)

1:30Loxmere-Style FAST’N COLD - DW SS Morgoneth’s Reaper

CALAGADRA (3:00 min)

1:24Retaliation Sentiel with fevered rage

CRATE (60 min)

35Dark One Ritualist

DUMMY (15.0 min)

6.5Rah’Zin DW With Hunter




4:02Cabalist pet Ghol
4:16Purifier Super Bomberman
4:27Purifier Lightning Mortar


4:30Lightning Elementalist
4:33Lightning Sorcerer
4:34Purifier Super Bomberman
4:42 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:44 – Dervish Venomblade
4:50Dervish Venomblade
4:50Ulzuin+Cyclone Sorcerer
4:55 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:56Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:58Trickster Bloodrager
4:59Sorcerer Hellfire Pyran
5:02Blademaster Belgo
5:03Nery’s trickster
5:06Sorcerer Burn Ulzuin+Cyclone
5:10Sorcerer Justicar+Invoker
5:11Dervish PB
5:12Justicar+Invoker Sorcerer
5:14Infiltrator Deathmarked
5:20Vindicator Lightdefender
5:21Spellbinder Aarmageddon
5:21Vindicator Ludrigan
5:23Shieldbreaker Ulzuin Bomberman


6:38Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
7:16Paladin Eternal Shine


3.9Elementalist Light Defender
4.9Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
5.2Infiltrator Harra
5.5Shieldbreaker Pyran
5.9Infiltrator Harra
6.2 – Archon Cyclone
6.4Purifier Jack Defender
6.5 – Shieldbreaker Mortar
6.6Dream Infiltrator
6.9Spellbreaker Harra
7.1Saboteur Nex-Ortus
7.2Spellbreaker Winterking
8Paladin Eternal Shine
8Purifier Dagallon
8Archon Cyclone
8 – Sorcerer Grenado


7.5 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
8.5Shieldbreaker Pyran
9.0Purifier Jack Defender
9.3Elementalist Light Defender
10Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
11 – Archon Cyclone


1:18Purifier Jack Defender
2:04Shieldbreaker Pyran
2:12Ritualist of the POWERgamer
3:10 – Archon Retal
3:57Blademaster Belgo


1:42Ritualist of the POWERgamer
1:44Dervish Venomblade
2:13 – Archon Retal
2:27 – Trickster
2:46Blademaster Belgo


2:22 – Warlord retal
3:54Infiltrator cold
4:05Blademaster Belgo


43Shieldbreaker Ulzuin Bomberman


12Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm


111Infiltrator cold
105 – Paladin Physical Retal
103Purifier Jack Defender
96Conjurer Pet
93Archon Cyclone
93Shieldbreaker Infernal Knight


Impressive display! :cool:
What’s up with the letters in the 6th one?

I have a stun jack that can do 3.9 sec madqueen.

Also great job in preparing a list for Zantai to work on :wink:

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Only one thing. Change title color to green :slight_smile:

UPD: Thnx

Nice thread, but give credit to people behind the builds, maybe link their builds too. Personally I am very interested to see whose builds are those (except those that I know that are mine obviously).

Pls add this too:

If you google it there is a build that can(could?) mogdrogon in around 30 sec.

May I suggest a naked crucible category? :rolleyes:

This one?

Shall I explain you the difference between one and four people, or will you surprise me and show the real deal?

If someone rolls back to 1.1.1, DE Oppressor should be able to do sub 5 minutes with bis gear. Mercymaker came close on a 4x 170 run, and it wasn’t optimized for maximum damage (belt could have been changed). I did multiple 5:20s without bis gear and I was playing semi-safe on HC.

So, I am curious. What is the fastest Crate kill?

Both my Cabalist and Conjurer can do it in 2, but I spend half the time resummoning pets and running like my head is on fire. So, I am assuming other builds can do it in 1 minute or less?

Not that one, was a build guy said was made specifically only for that fight for maximizing it, it’s what i remember from the comments. I do believe it was single player. I’ll search a little see if i can find it. Don’t think i’d have been that impressed if i had seen 4 players, but maybe it’s this one. Looked like lightning build, found it on google while searching for bosskilling.

EDIT: can’t seem to find it, probably just my brain then.

Btw, can you reset mogdrogon somehow in files? wanna kill him more :confused:

Green setups count?

Even setups with 4 buffs 4 banner and all pharma in the game count.

Also should include naked crucible.

Also, got 5:40 on vid here https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82300 by acid dw dervish. But this setup was made for sr and I only did 2 runs in cruci. Could easily go below 5:30 if tweak it for strictly crucible and practice some. Maybe better. My point is this concept deserves a place on this list as it’s imo second best after this new trickster (also deals a shitton DoTs).

John Smith ran my lights Vindi for 5:22.

Tweaked green dw derv a bit.

GT (GDSTASHER offensive setup with Meteors) and 5:22 Crucible (CoD, 4b/VB)

Ravager in 2:27

Calla in 2m22

Add new world records Lokar, Avatar, Cala, SR