⭐ The fastest cleaners in the World


All speedrans are here.
Will be updated as new world records are received.


3:38 – Banana – – Morgo Iniltrator

3:46 – Banana – – Omen

3:49 – Banana – – Roh + melee Infil

3:50 – Banana – – Cold Reaper-caster

3:53 – Banana – – lee’s fantasy pierce Dervish

3:53 – Valinov – – Upheaval of Balance V2

3:53 – Betianu Alin – – AAR Binder

3:53 – Shoot – – Lightning Elementalist

3:55 – Betianu Alin – – Critt’s Vileblade WH

3:55 – Betianu Alin – – Critt’s Hellbringer

3:55 – Plasmodermic – – Spite Blademaster

3:55 – Banana – – Aether AAR double rares

3:57 – Betianu Alin – – Critt’s SS Breaker

4:00 – Михаил Маслюков – – KoS9K’s Ugdenbog Spellbreaker

4:01 – Михаил Маслюков – – Crittrain’s Shadow Strike Spellbreaker

4:02 – Plasmodermic – – Pierce Runebinder Infiltrator

4:03 – Михаил Маслюков – – Grey-maybe’s Dreegal’anore Dervish

4:04 – Betianu Alin – – Fire Cyclone Elementalist

4:04 – Banana – – Pierce DW Cadence

4:04 – Crittrain – – SS Spellbreaker

4:05 – Banana – – Pure melee Reaper

4:07 – Georgy Li – – Pseudo PseudoValdun

4:07 – Betianu Alin – – Greenvoyant Binder

4:07 – Betianu Alin – – Valinov’s Veilkeeper Druid

4:09 – Betianu Alin – – AAR Binder

4:09 – Betianu Alin – – Fire Cyclone Elementalist Omega Tweak

4:10 – Михаил Маслюков – – KoS9K’s Ugdenbog Spellbreaker



2.5 – Shoppig Im – – DW Chaos Witchblade

3.2 – Banana – – Rah’Zin DW With Hunter


5.6 – Shoppig Im – – DW Chaos Witchblade

6.4 – Ayfin – – Saboteur Harra SG

6.8 – Banana – – Rah’Zin DW With Hunter


4.8 – Shoppig Im – – DW Chaos Witchblade

6.3 – Еретик – – Eternal Shine (Heretic)

6.5 – Banana – – Rah’Zin DW With Hunter

8.5 – Еретик – – Eternal Shine (Heretic)


35 – AlexGoldFish – – Dark One Ritualist




4:02Cabalist pet Ghol
4:16Purifier Super Bomberman
4:27Purifier Lightning Mortar


4:11Burn Spam Canister Ulzuin Sorcerer

4:12Trickster Deathmarked+Korba

4: – AAR Binder

4:13 – – Crit’s Vietnam

4:13Lightning Ulzuin Sorcerer

4:18Cold AAR Mage Hunter

4: – Fire/Burn Shieldbreaker

4: – Vileblade Dervish

4: – Nadaan Infiltrator hybrid

4:24 – – Crit’s DM Infil

4: – Mad_lee’s Pierce Infiltrator

4:26Fake AAR Mage Hunter

4:29Lightning TSS Druid

4: – Rahbinger

4:30Lightning Elementalist
4:33Lightning Sorcerer
4:34Purifier Super Bomberman
4:42 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:44 – Dervish Venomblade
4:50Dervish Venomblade
4:50Ulzuin+Cyclone Sorcerer
4:55 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:56Shieldbreaker Pyran
4:58Trickster Bloodrager
4:59Sorcerer Hellfire Pyran
5:02Blademaster Belgo
5:03Nery’s trickster
5:06Sorcerer Burn Ulzuin+Cyclone
5:10Sorcerer Justicar+Invoker
5:11Dervish PB
5:12Justicar+Invoker Sorcerer
5:14Infiltrator Deathmarked
5:20Vindicator Lightdefender
5:21Spellbinder Aarmageddon
5:21Vindicator Ludrigan
5:23Shieldbreaker Ulzuin Bomberman


6:38Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
7:16Paladin Eternal Shine


3.9Elementalist Light Defender
4.9Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
5.2Infiltrator Harra
5.5Shieldbreaker Pyran
5.9Infiltrator Harra
6.2 – Archon Cyclone
6.4Purifier Jack Defender
6.5 – Shieldbreaker Mortar
6.6Dream Infiltrator
6.9Spellbreaker Harra
7.1Saboteur Nex-Ortus
7.2Spellbreaker Winterking
8Paladin Eternal Shine
8Purifier Dagallon
8Archon Cyclone
8 – Sorcerer Grenado


7.5 – Shieldbreaker Pyran
8.5Shieldbreaker Pyran
9.0Purifier Jack Defender
9.3Elementalist Light Defender
10Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm
11 – Archon Cyclone


1:18Purifier Jack Defender
2:04Shieldbreaker Pyran
2:12Ritualist of the POWERgamer
3:10 – Archon Retal
3:57Blademaster Belgo


1:39Belgo Blademaster

0:25Retal Witchblade

0:35Retaliation Sentiel with fevered rage

0:49Phys Feces Retal Witchblade

0:54Retaliation Sentiel with fevered rage

1:23Conjurer (Vitality Dark One)

1:30Loxmere-Style FAST’N COLD - DW SS Morgoneth’s Reaper

1:42Ritualist of the POWERgamer
1:44Dervish Venomblade
2:13 – Archon Retal
2:27 – Trickster
2:46Blademaster Belgo


0:31Retal Witchblade

0:47Retaliation Sentiel with fevered rage

2:22 – Warlord retal
3:54Infiltrator cold
4:05Blademaster Belgo


43Shieldbreaker Ulzuin Bomberman


12Paladin Catharsis of the Cataclysm


111Infiltrator cold
105 – Paladin Physical Retal
103Purifier Jack Defender
96Conjurer Pet
93Archon Cyclone
93Shieldbreaker Infernal Knight


Impressive display! :cool:
What’s up with the letters in the 6th one?

I have a stun jack that can do 3.9 sec madqueen.

Also great job in preparing a list for Zantai to work on :wink:

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Only one thing. Change title color to green :slight_smile:

UPD: Thnx

Nice thread, but give credit to people behind the builds, maybe link their builds too. Personally I am very interested to see whose builds are those (except those that I know that are mine obviously).


Pls add this too:

If you google it there is a build that can(could?) mogdrogon in around 30 sec.

May I suggest a naked crucible category? :rolleyes:

This one?

Shall I explain you the difference between one and four people, or will you surprise me and show the real deal?

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If someone rolls back to 1.1.1, DE Oppressor should be able to do sub 5 minutes with bis gear. Mercymaker came close on a 4x 170 run, and it wasn’t optimized for maximum damage (belt could have been changed). I did multiple 5:20s without bis gear and I was playing semi-safe on HC.

So, I am curious. What is the fastest Crate kill?

Both my Cabalist and Conjurer can do it in 2, but I spend half the time resummoning pets and running like my head is on fire. So, I am assuming other builds can do it in 1 minute or less?

Not that one, was a build guy said was made specifically only for that fight for maximizing it, it’s what i remember from the comments. I do believe it was single player. I’ll search a little see if i can find it. Don’t think i’d have been that impressed if i had seen 4 players, but maybe it’s this one. Looked like lightning build, found it on google while searching for bosskilling.

EDIT: can’t seem to find it, probably just my brain then.

Btw, can you reset mogdrogon somehow in files? wanna kill him more :confused:

Green setups count?

Even setups with 4 buffs 4 banner and all pharma in the game count.

Also should include naked crucible.

Also, got 5:40 on vid here https://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82300 by acid dw dervish. But this setup was made for sr and I only did 2 runs in cruci. Could easily go below 5:30 if tweak it for strictly crucible and practice some. Maybe better. My point is this concept deserves a place on this list as it’s imo second best after this new trickster (also deals a shitton DoTs).

John Smith ran my lights Vindi for 5:22.

Tweaked green dw derv a bit.

GT (GDSTASHER offensive setup with Meteors) and 5:22 Crucible (CoD, 4b/VB)

Ravager in 2:27

Calla in 2m22

Add new world records Lokar, Avatar, Cala, SR