Please tell me which build is the strongest and powerful,thx!

It’s not +2 but +1. Stormreaver already had +1 to inquisitor.

And yes, because of that, too. But mostly because:

  • Octavius went long ago (but still getting some farcry nerfs like that less phys res for some reason),

  • Deathmaked went (death by thousand cuts)

  • It took two punches, and the first kinda missed, but Venomblade went beautifully with the follow-up

  • Pyran just took one and went down

  • Demonslayer is taking it like a pro but for how long?

And Stormreaver just took his first feeler jab - in the form of that Box nerf on LD set - but after this well-executed faint (+1 to inquisitor) I already see them follow-up heavy blows to the body.

There’s nothing to be surprised.
In most of the patch, we always have a condition of good items become shit and shit items become good.

I’m now treating this as crate’s way to entertain their long term player.

Yup, I see it as seasons/leauges

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more like, something deemed too powerful, every non-set build using that skill gets nerfed cough totem, then every other skill used alongside it cough box cough wind devil

get it right please.

somehow, i think this thread title should be changed into “Please tell me the strongest builds that will be nerfed by Zantai, thx!”

I thought that was this one. :rofl:

Actually, Belgo might be a strong contender to the as he’s the only one on that list that went untouched for a couple of patches now (except Notched Bone).

But no, I vote for Stormreaver. You’ll be begging for -2 to inquisitor after the real nerfs start rolling.

Seriously Stormreaver buff was just bullshit. I get that it’s for standardization so next patch we might see that transferred to another class. Demo or maybe Occultist

Sorry to ask, but I am totally out of the loop. How or why was the buff bullshit and which builds were using it to make their builds OP? I feel lost here.

Ever since like 10 patches ago Stormreaver Vindicator was already a top tier build. Like top tier of all top tiers. Popularized by ccsenn, one of the chinese guys we were talking about in this thread. While most of the top builds were nerfed. Stormreaver got buffed. It’s part of a universal 2h buff but still it doesn’t feel right buffing an already OP build.

+2 Demo, Occultist or Soldier instead of the support to the already strong Vindicator would be really nice. It’s also a lightning cadence weapon after all.

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Dismantling archetype builds is really nice?

yes, it is, especially on guaranteed drop weapons. nvm mistook it for stormheart

Would you really call removing +2 to Inquisitor from stormreaver “dismantling”? Lmao

I don’t see why they couldn’t nerf both :smiling_imp:

Beside as a non-competetitive player which plays almost only in campaign, i don’t fear nerfs that much. dead builds are only deads in SR 60+ and Cruci 150+ most of the times.

They aren’t even dead for that content most of the time. They can still do it, just a little slower.

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But most of the players, that write often in the forum are playing almost exclusively SR 65+ or Gladiator 170. So that’s the reaction you should expect.

When I was playing only in campaign and mostly just leveling builds, don’t really read patch notes, cause I don’t care about changes.

I’m exaggerating a bit but look at this like this. Until recently all I did in GD is optimizing my own builds and other people’s builds to the last skillpoint and speedrunning. I like the sense of achievement it gives.

Now, someone posted an update of Stormreaver lately that had lots of potential. Actually, after I optimized it a little it looked like it could even beat my own Stormreaver record from the last patch before the crucible buffs. But why should I even bother putting it together when it’s gonna get nerfed next week?

As a matter of fact, why should anyone bother with any kind of achievements in GD when everything is getting nerfed all the time. Why should anyone bother making great builds when everything is turning mediocre and irrelevant.

It is part of the game, play seasons in Diablo III or PoE and you know that your build is valid in that patch/season and then you have to make a new one in the next.

Perfecting builds you can do when Grim Dawn is finalized. That is a major reason why I do not min/max in Grim Dawn (at least not at the level you other guys are doing it), it’s just waste of time at this point. (when Grim Dawn gets finalized, I will just wipe my stuff clean and start all over, again lol)

The funny thing is Belgo went untouched but deathmarked got nerfed nerfed nerfed again.
The only reason is ppl keep update deathmarked set builds and let alone Belgo?
Invoker’s Elements set got nerfed? Demonslayer set got nerfed? They’re not imbalanced, they are not even strong, but the developers :yum::yum: