Please tell me which build is the strongest and powerful,thx!

I wanna copy it,thx so much!

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what is BD?

My first guess was “Big Dick”, but I don’t know.

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JL in the TD “fastest cleaners” 4 FST PF BDs


Build is already a short word :smile:

yes,i know,in chinese GD forum we say BD,XD

nice try :zantai:

A year and half ago a group from chinese community frequently posted their builds here and they were rather strong, which resulted in some nerfs. But since then chinese community abandoned this forum in protest against nerfs.

Since you came here to ask for strongest build - would that mean you didn’t find one in chinese community?

Overall I’m interested how the chinese build makers are doing.

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Any idea wich forum they are on?

idk 10chrs

This one. :rofl:

I like the way they’re gathering all these builds together in one place ready for Zantai to make into “dead builds”. Go :banana:tai!

y all builds that go in there will end up in the patch meat grinder :rofl:

Ppl said that the strongest build is from warlord. However no one posting warlord after the new patch and rarely in the previous patch. I guess the strongest doesn’t mean the most interesting.

I think enough did Warlords the first FG patch and then got tired of the nerfs and abandoned them completely. No one wants to play with ded biilds

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Can confirm, it needs you to click on stuff now = :put_litter_in_its_place:

People love to post fast builds. Warlord is unkillable even if you do shit. But it’s not fast ever since the nerfs, tho idk how stoneguard is doing rn. Overall Warlords will still be one the strongest if you factor in everything instead of just cleartime

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In some sense, the patches in GD is like seasons in Diablo III. You figure out what build will be fastest and strongest in the current patch and then you do it. Some differences though, in D3 you can’t cheat create gear or char. In GD we can use previously found gear, we can create gear and toons

Maybe only EoR warborn is fast. Dunno after the EoR nerf though. Reduced WD will really be detrimental to phys EoR.
Stoneguard is good and very sturdy, but AoE is shitty. So cruci clear time might not be that good.
Dunno about octavius now.