So what is the current best Damage type in game?

I am just curious I have been doing little research on lot of the types of damage with RR and I know allot of people like Physical since its pretty good vs every boss and kinda hard to get resist for.

I’v heard bleed too, although some would argue its merits vs undead. I think bleed has the lowest resist vs bosses. And I guess you can make arguments for certain types of damage that have high amounts of resist reduction, since you can take an enemies resist negative and it becomes a more multiplier which is insane way to increase dps.

what are your thoughts? Discuss please.

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Bleeding is kinda strange, since its full DoT. Also can be tough to sustain your char. Bleeding is not resistant often, but also it’s hard to stack it. Further down, you have very few working build concepts and basically one set.

Internal trauma is better, cause its bypass armor and it’s less resistant by mobs.

In current meta, piano casters can achieve crazy times with good piloting. Often thy are fire or lightning. Lightning have strong RR and fire have powerful DoT like burn.

On bottom on the list is easy to put chaos. Chaos is bad as usual :damage_chaos:

I’d vote for lightning. But I’m only talking fullg decked out shit here so don’t expect to build a lightning char with nothing and expect to stomp the game without any effort.

Check out this topic to see what different damage types can achieve. But it is very high end-game.

what is definition of best?


  • lightning for caster
  • cold & acid for DW melee
  • Physical for Shielded Melee
  • Physical for 2H Melee
  • bleed for DoT melee
  • fire for ranged and ranged DoT
  • chaos for pet

EDIT: more detailed list

Chaos imo is the worst for pets atm. Witching Hour + DG combos nicely with Skeletons if you can keep them alive, sure. But that works only for Crucible.

My vote would be Elemental or Poision.

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how’s aether, pierce, elemental & vitality compared to this list? are they okay, near bottom or hard to measure?

Unfortunately all those timings were made invalid post 1.1.4 and probably many of the builds there (since quite a few are glass cannons - kill before getting killed) are unable to consistently run Cruci anymore (judging from personel experience.)

Tri-elemental is always good, but not easy to assemble and may always require inquisitor, that’s why I don’t put it in the list.

Others are OK, except chaos. I thought it’s still the best in pet, but maya said not anymore. Maybe it’s time to put chaos RR in CoF? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I feel that some of the damage type has lost their characteristics and uniqueness. Especially aether.

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i remember once upon a time zantai might’ve said if CoF has chaos rr then it will be named curse of everything.

what do you mean by their uniqueness? aether damage have close affiliation with fire, lightning and vitality afaik. and a suffix called insanity gives +racial damage to aetherials and chance to confuse enemies. but i don’t know what you mean with that.

ALL types of dmg work if you have good items with the correct skills , not to mention nobody is totally immune to any dmg type BUT ofc. some bosses have higher res. versus some dmg types. Bleeding is not a good thing IMHO, I have the feeling many pros talked about physical being really cool somewhere around the forum.

Back in AoM aether damage is characterized having so many conversion. Make sense because aetherial beings in cairn is originally a normal or magic being, so they can convert almost anything to their damage type.

Now as the game mature, so many conversion is given to other damage type, making aether lost their uniqueness. Well, previously there are conversion too here and there, but aether conversion was the most plenty. Nowadays I think aether conv is not as much as others and the power is much less due to so many rounds of nerfs.

Oh well, uniqueness in damage type is actually lacking in GD and I hope it will not be the case in GD2.

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You may have point, but still most of the damages have unique features. Vitality for example have insane life steal and even casts have inherent AdctH. Pierce conversion is working as armor piercing and no DoT. Bleeding is DoT only. Physical is less resistant, but have to go through armor. Internal trauma bypass it.

Yes it is. That’s why I dont mention vitality, Pierce, bleed, and phys. All of them is unique and has their own strength.

Elemental still got uniqueness, acid too. Chaos is characterized by how bad it is :slight_smile:. Only aether that got no uniqueness now imo.

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I need to put that about chaos in golden frame :rofl:

Aether is than characterize as damage type that screws you in Crucible if you don’t reach that gazillion overcap. Also devastation is cool. Maybe aether should distinctive feature, but idk what.

Lol. So true! Don’t forget port Valbury!

speaking about best damage type makes me wonder… what’s the best damage type combination?

i’m pretty sure its physical+internal trauma, but we should know how other combination performs compared to physin.

It’s hard to only say one as they have their own play style that they are best in. That’s why I mention so many.

Though tbh physical maybe my least favorite. As it’s blocked by armor and always need a big fat WD to compensate.

New player question related to the different damage types: On the grim tools monster database it seems like vitality res is commonly a little bit (~7%) higher on monsters than other resistances. For example, most heroes have a baseline 18% res to most elements, but 25% vit. Is there a reason for it?