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Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I will be posting a new crucible video too that might break some record. It’s complete suicide an memeish but it’s for entertainment purposes only…as is GD i guess:)

Retal breaks crucible records still?

I said it’s suicidal. So it’s not retal;)

Retal is the suicide for the attacking mobs:)

Maxed offense Stormreaver (with the Box) and 5:20 Crucible

Feels like someone more adept at piloting vindicators, and with a spirit dump, could even go sub 5 on this.

I thought you were referring to that warlord that killed Calla in 2 min

After totem nerfs? If so,damn, totems stronk:rolleyes:

Meanwhile soulrend spellbreaker.

With the new Mavien and lack of RR on arcanist, also how squishy the class is in general, any reason not playing an infiltrator instead?

Sure mirror saves you and you vaporize the instant it ends.

Also infiltrator has such massive RR you arent scared of stuff like Kuba, with spellbreaker you run into Kuba you cry.

Cold infiltrator was nerfed like hell. 13% rr (Mageslayer amulet and Censure)and 16% total racial dmg less is a lot.

I’m glad they at least left acid alone for now…

Totems are alright. Build is strong because it can max 2 good AoE ticking ticking skills and almost max aa. Dunno if 24/26 Savagery is worth not using Ignaffar, though…

Wtf is that cold infiltrator :rolleyes:

Consider the front page was full of infiltrator rather than spellbreaker at one point im glad it got balanced, although rune of hargarrad was kind of over-nerfed. The damage reduction on top of resist reduction just seems so much better than the mirror spam that Arcanist offer.

Infiltrator is just seem so much more consistent and also you get free aether/chaos resist, more OA and crit damage.

Yes, all my vids in this thread are

Are you sure that 10/12 Maelstrom is worth it? It comes at a huge points cost (12 including mastery requirements) and I would rather spend those points into Inquisitor seal (and one point into Arcane empowerment) to get some stronger defense (and some nice offense too).

Maelstrom is very good at 17+, which is the four targets breakpoint.

Also, I prefer Ignaffar’s combustion for the nice RR bonus (11 including the extra point in censure) but I can see why you use EotS, the build is pretty skill hungry in the shaman mastery when going 2H with savagery.

Ofc I’d drop extra points in Maelstrom and probably also Storm Touched to get some Seal, get 1p-1p Wendigo Totem (great for SR where you don’t really move around much with aggro abuse), get more da, etc. This was made to max times in buffed and bannered crucible. Seal isn’t needed.

Ignaffar is usually better for vidicators, yes. But in this particular setup I wanted to get 24/26 Savagery for the last charge. For Stormreaver with Direwolf Crest, Eye of the Storm and Ignaffar are very close with Eye imo being slightly better.

Add new Crucuble world record 4:51

Puri Ulzuin (!)

Its interesting to note how much more powerful canister bomb gets by breaking the Ulzuin set. :eek:
Though as those items still stem from a time where canister had a far higher cooldown I expect this will no longer be possible after the next patch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude. Give credit to build authors and pilots. I don’t want to click on every link and guess from the youtube chanell who is who (but no1’s run is John Smith, which is not surprising :))

As a player and builder, John Smith is fucking insane.
Really nice to see another no Thermite mine purifier :p. And 1 sec canister bomb give quite crazy results.

It’s quite dangerous if crate basing their nerf from John’s run, as only small percentage of people can do what he does, lol.

Pretty sure if I played that build it would be 6 mins on average. John’s a monster when it comes to playing boss waves.

Yeah,I second that.Almost every build he’s testing goes straight to Nerf town:D.And some of the builds are not even OP,it just John’s piloting is very fast and creates stunning times.Just look his times with Agrivix CT binder pre FG…

That’s what has been happening tho during last few nerf waves. Last time me and John posted two builds: Bleeding Trickster and Ludrigan Vindicator, videos for both builds were provided by John. Nerf-hammer followed just few hours after that with some fair and also some inadequate nerfs (like Cataclysm set or nerfing Panetti’s part of Ludrigan set). Before that I posted Harra’s Infiltrator (wasn’t an easy build to polish), again, as soon as I added John’s video, Harra’s nerfs followed immediately. Not sure if first Cyclone nerfs were partly based on my Cyclone Vindicator builds, probably not. But everyone remembers Nex and Ortus craze that we started and that unfortunately lead to complete destruction of those two swords and death of many interesting builds.

But I am not even mad. Most of the times Crate listens to the community and a lot of changes are actually pretty good and competent. We could have it much worse.