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Are you suggesting that Crate should “nerf” John Smith instead? I feel like that could get ugly.

But then who is going to make my builds look good?

And Mercymaker is not that active.On positive side your builds might avoid nerfs:D.

That’s already been suggested.

Also it’s worth noting that this thread should not serve as Crate’s to-nerf list. Some of these setups like Fluff’s Belgo or my Stormreaver were put together for the sole purpose of maxing cruci times. They aren’t balanced. Some of these setups are overloaded with impossible greens. Some may have used potions. (BTW we should have rules about that in a thread like this)

It’s just a fun thread to give players who like these kind of challenges something to do. - the popular AI codenamed John_Smith’s hardware has been downgraded a notch. His average crucible timers are now at 7 mins instead of 5.

I honestly stopped caring about nerfs targeting my builds. Most of my builds still work very well (except couple of Nex and Ortus builds) despite the numerous targeted nerfs they endured, worst case scenario - they have lost 20-30 seconds off their crucible timers (in most cases it’s not more than ~15 seconds).

I think Inquisitor’s mastery nerfs were spot on but also long overdue.

I agree about rules. I think 3 blessings + 1 Vanguard banner and no potions except health and energy should be the golden rule. And doesn’t matter which 3 blessings by the way.

Weren’t the Bloodrager times tempered in the last hotfix?

Not by much I would think.

The very powerful Ulzuin surprised me during testing and I was pretty sure it would be nerfed, sadly based on crucible. In SR 75 it’s not as strong cause enemies are tough and Canister loses a lot of damage per fragment.

But the set is basically made to clear entire screens. It’s funny thtat in crucible Green rifle is better than full set. In SR you’d need the Canister lifesteal though

Every possible pharma in the game, every possible buffs, banners, greens and etc -that’s Heretic’s rules. He wont change it.
Only char should be valid, with affixes possible to gear and valid attribute/skill points/ devo points.

Another rule for the contest: your name cannot start with J. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW whats good pharma for better clear times? I’ve never ever dabbled in that…

Fourth buff = -15 s
Smear potions = -20 s
4 standards = -30 s
Lucky with modifiers = -45 s
Mobs do not get stuck in the gate = -120 s

Therefore, the rules go to hell if you’re not John Smith :smiley:

How do you like that, Zentai? :cool:

4:34Purifier Super Bomberman

Funny if they nerf it. Yeah, its the king for 4buffs/banner clearing, but the build has a lot of drawbacks.
1)Mana problems. Nope, not exactly. MANA PROBLEMS. You run out of mana in crucible with 4 buffs and Harp… as purifier. It should`nt be that bad on Shieldbreackers, but still. A caster set with 0 mana regen again? :eek:
2)No sustain. Its countered by inquisitor oupiness and dmg output in crucible, but in SR you will be toast realy fast.
3)Most of speed come from bombing spawn points for instaagro . Its not even dmg doing all the job.

You have sustain with fulls et to some extent.

It’s the green rifle that has to be nerfed.

I also did SR 75 with it an posted vidoe. I throves on circuit breakers. At leas that is the way I did it in a bit of a rush. But it worked out well. I only played it for SR not cruci and probably should have used a soul shard

This explains this phenomenon. Still a great build. Never thought I’d live to see Memester Bomb to be the strongest skill in the game. :smiley:

to be fair, the skill wasnt so bad if the CD wasnt so long it :eek: Trough, its unlikely that Crate would lover it to 5 seconds and compensate with some gear cd reduction reduction. Also, why, nou, just WHY it has to be a gun?

Oh that’s 4th buff difference :rolleyes:

The green rifle is seriously rare though. The monster is not abundant and the drop rate is low, so finding decent affix will be painful.

The rifle became a lot more powerful after patch that lowered canister cd. Still, for most builds canister cd is still not quite there yet to make competitive times (and it still has sustain issues).

That is exactly what is needed though. I would say a similar thing about doom bolt. The issue is that flat damage item mod on these skills are pants compared to what cd reduction can do (except harbinger doom bolt). Seems extreme cd reduction is the only decent way to make a strong end game build for both of these skills.

These long CD skills are a legacy from TQ, when you could stack CDR all the way to 100% making them viable in endgame. In current game they simply have no roum to exist. Leveling with CB is pure torture >_>
And DB is even worse, as it has horrible mana PITA on top of near non-existant DPS.