Need assistance for building the most perfect glass cannon build with the HIGHEST SINGLE TARGET dps

Thanks but a few seconds in analysing this build and i can see flaws, first is that all the stats points are in physique ? :thinking: second is that the boots he is using give no damage, there is better choice i think. The list goes on and on, so as i said i would like a build that is min max on everything not some parts. that’s why i said a GLASS CANNON build, no defenses, all in damage.

The build with chaos damage looks the right way but is it really the best of the best ?

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Nobody has probably even done a true glass cannon. I mean 100% DPS focus in devotion, skills, gear (no phys res, armor absorption, DA) etc. Because such characters are bound to be dying constantly.

Is that valid even in multiplayer ?

Probably in MP you would have better chance to survive some fights but I guess it would need a specific character to support your defences.
So in the end two Dps oriented (but not neglecting defences) builds would perform better IMO

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Even if my character is bound to die constantly, i choose this. it will be my own problem to find a way to support it. So if you know how to make the true glass cannon with no defense at all, i’m listening.

You may find some info here. There are not class 100% glass cannons but some more damaging builds should appear here I suppose

Thanks for your help, i will try to see how i will do it, if you have more info i’m here.

Just use that rhazin witch hunter as a base and then go all in dmg on it.

I asked builders and they also say Rah’Zin.

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DW Chaos Witchblade


Okay now i know at least the base of the build, for the weapon is it better to have double Naren Kur’s blade or Fang of Ch’thon ? And what do you mean when you say ''go all damage on it", wich stats i should put all my points in ? Thanks

such a build might have blade trap/ fevered rage in it.

If someone can send me the perfect glass cannon of the Rah’Zin DW Chaos Witchblade on grimtools, that would be perfect, i mean everything should only count for damage, stats, skills, devotion…

This one seems to have more dps but 30 stats are put in physique and that is not good for damage,

You need 662 physique to equip the chest armor and pants. That build has 5 crafts, I guess if you’re going to hope a MP character can

  • provide 87%+ aether res
  • provide 82+% pierce res
  • provide 56+% acid res
  • provide 80% stun res
  • provide up to 62% slow res

then you can burn all of those crafting bonuses on physique and move any skill points past 662 physique to spirit. I’d be concerned with the level of questions coming up when these builds are posted if this is going to end well, but have fun!

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Can’t you just toss around some items/augments/constellations/etc for “moar damage” yourself?

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My knowledge of the game is too poor for now, that’s why i’m asking help but i see why eardianm

Is witchblade better or witchhunter for single target dps ?

Well, when I saw the title I thought of Rah’Zin WH. But if your knowledge is poor, how do you know builds provided “won’t cut it”?

I theorycrafted Rah’Zin WH a few days ago and just shifted some skills/gear and made some sick greens for more punch. On paper it should deal slightly more damage than Witchblade provided by Shopping, but I’m not sure if it’s glass-cannon-y enough.

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Seems not enough glass cannon sorry :\