[] Oppressor , obliteration + Earth + 4 Guardian. 150-170 baff time 4m 32s, real time 4m 39s. 90 SR

Hi, everybody. I want to show a build option for Oppressor in Blightlord. This build plays on Earth + 4 Guardian and I decided to add here the obliteration auto attack from the book, which has full vitality damage. The damage has increased significantly, and the results have improved. All videos of the game with this build are below:

GT more damage: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVl5aGoZ
GT more tank: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9R9LPZ

More damage build:

150-170 baff time 4m 32s, real time 4m 39s

75 SR

More tank build:



Mad queen:

90 SR 0.5 x speed. Since the video shows that we were attacked by 3 bosses at once, which is 90 SR of the problem, we had to slow down the overall speed in order to have time to run and press the defensive abilities.


Wtf is that offhand damage :scream:

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Good old Vitality Obliteration. A match made in heaven.

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Obliteration’s problem is lack of leech which vitality builds have tons of. Vitality builds usually lack a strong filler spell. They just complement each other well.

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This is how much of a crap this build does not give. Magi on a Vitality devotion map. Your Guardians get to go around casting Devastation while you laser beam, are you sure this isn’t an Arcanist?

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Vitality damage strikes again :rofl:
Very nice build and good piloting!


Converting elemental damage opens up the highest number of constellations.