[] - Prototype: Chaos Damage Augur Support

Hey guys!


Here’s a quick build for Chaos Damage support. The support offered is healing/regen/damage mitigation.

4 active heals (Apothecary’s Touch, Menhir’s Bastion, Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal), and the Augur proc set Empyrion’s Touch.

The build has strong phys resist and damage absorption (Possession, Menhir’s Bastion, Inquisitor Seal), and reduces enemy damage by 20% while shooting at 'em. The combination of these will make the build very tanky.

The damage looks mediocre - not bad for single targets, but poor AOE damage. The build shoots a little slowly for my liking, but for a support build it looks kinda fun to be honest. :smiley:



Man you keep pumping these out, i cant keep up. Looking forward to when my buddy gets his PC running again so we can use these support builds youre sharing!


Ahaha! I spend too much time on GrimTools :slight_smile:

Always good to have your support @Knife!! :smiley:

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Youd have a lot more of it if i had more time to play lately but things have been nuts with corona. Hopefully things start calming down.