[] Red Runecaster - Highly Powerful Black Scorch Covenant Oblivion Caster | Crucible 170

Taor of the Black Scorch


I made a Black Scorch caster that deals ridiculous damage and provides allies with up to +61% physical resistance (Aura of Conviction, Aspect of the Guardian, Prismatic Aura, Empowered Rituals).

The build primarily uses Oblivion relic and Sigils of Consumption to deal damage, with a range of other dot procs. The highest crit with Oblivion so far is about 170k, and casts 4-5times a second. Highest crit from Sigil of Consumption is about 60k, you can have three of them up at once. Plenty of other damage procs.

Here’s a quick demo vid of the build in 150-160 crucible (~4mins) . Buffs, no banners. As you can see, it really isn’t a problem due to the high physical resistance, damage absorption and healing abilities of the build.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


That looks cool, i like the red sigils :slight_smile:

But i dont see flat RR in the build, but it works :thinking:
No completed Condult Amulet (missing second res) and no component in the medal.

I would use the voidwalker footpads (max sigil) and Vestments of Severed Faith chest (conversion+bonus dmg), but i know that you want to maxout phys. res.

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Hah, whoops! Yep, did top end cruci without the medal augment…

Good thoughts on the other ideas for the build. The build as a ‘solo’ char would probably get better damage and general survivability with Possession instead of Aura of Conviction, too :slight_smile:

Max sigil and Vestments of Severed Faith are good suggestions :smiley:

Here’s my version of the build I did awhile back with full sigil focus + doom bolts. It is more of a solo build than group function though