[] Spellbreaker Melee aether DW. 150-170 5m 22s. 85SR

Hello everyone, I want to show my version of Spellbreaker Melee aether DW. Very comfortable build in the game, few buttons, good damage in solo target and aoe damage. The results are shown in the video below.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a8x0BN


150-170. 5m 22s baff timer and 5m 27s real time

150-170. 5m 23s baff timer and 5m 28s real time

85 SR

Avatar 2m 35s

Lokarr: 21s

Mad Queen:


Awesome! I’ve been wanting to start an aether melee toon that wasn’t a death knight. Thanks for sharing.

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if you took revenant for resist reduction isnt it useless because kriegs set bonus does it aniway
or is there another reason

That yes. But the points themselves give a lot for melee 4% AS, vampirism, -10% damage from the undead, HP

Bero shard goes on offhand because all %weapon damage procs use mainhand. Get the most out of that wrathstone, even if it’s at most a second on the timer.