[] TEAM STEAMROLL: Four Casters To Make Friends With

Here are four builds that collectively super power each other and cover each other’s weaknesses. They are each intended to provide significant team support in different and complementary ways, while also being playable as solo characters. Each build is a caster with a channelled attack that has a high crit damage (Obliterate, Flames of Ignaffar, Seal of Blight). This allowed me to focus on only two stats across the builds to significantly boost the overall team damage: OA and Crit Damage. The support from these builds comes in a variety of forms: Massive enemy debuff, massive team damage boost, incredible healing, and damage mitigation. It’s worth noting that even having just one, two or three of these builds in your team can provide significant boost to your team’s chances of success in high end SR. At a later date I’ll post a summary of the collective team benefits and debuffs to enemies. For now, enjoy these four builds. They’re a lot of fun!! :smiley:

Click on the “> Click here for Full Details” to see the full write up for each build. The details described for each build are when playing solo, and does not describe each character while benefiting from the buffs of others. For example, Warcaster’s Flames of Ignaffar has a crit damage of 175%. This is not including the +35% crit boost from The Fury Witch and other crit damage boosters.

From left to right in the image above, we have:

:: WarCaster: Ignaffar’s Fallen ::
Role in the Team: Damage, Damage Mitigation
GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m4mxzN

WarCaster: Click Here for Full Details

Key Perks of the Character:

  • Ignaffar’s Combustion crits for up to 236k damage each tick, casting ~5 ticks per second.
  • 10% Lifesteal on Ignaffar’s Combustion plus 22% Lifesteal (and Ignaffar’s dealing over 100% weapon damage each tick) gives you incredible healing, considering you can be getting anywhere from 5000-18000 health back for every enemy Ignaffar’s hits.
  • 175% Crit Damage on Ignaffar’s Combustion with all buffs going.
  • Good damage mitigation with: Stone Form, Inquisitor Seal, Possession, decent Armor
  • Quite tanky due to strong damage mitigation and incredible healing

Prime Benefits to the Team:

  • Incredible damage to take down enemies fast (the best form of damage mitigation over time)
  • Stone Form: 400 Damage Absorption
  • Hungering Void: 18% Crit Damage, 10% Total Speed, +370% Vit/Chaos damage

Secondary Benefits to the Team:

  • 27% Chance to Fumble and 18% Chance of Impaired Aim to enemies (damage avoidance)
  • Inquisitor Seal (12/12)
  • Word of Renewal Heal and Def Buff(12/12)
  • Blood of Dreeg Heal (12/16): +102 OA, +77 Acid Regen, +11% Phys Resist


  • Low Stun Resist. If the build gets stunned, it cannot attack and thus does not make use of it’s incredible healing.
  • Mediocre HP - Vulnerable to spike damage if caught outside the Inquisitor Seal and without Stone Form.
  • Low blood of Dreeg and Word of Renewal buffs
  • Damage fluctuates from “decent” to “epic” depending on which temp/proc buffs are running.
  • Short Ranged

:: Dark Wizard: The Reductionist ::
Role in the Team: Damage and Severe Debuffs
GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQL1g8Z

Dark Wizard: Click Here for Full Details

Key Perks of the Character:

  • Very High damage - 106% Crit Damage to Obliterate
  • Lots of proc attacks that proc often due to fast channeled and piercing main attack.
  • 100% Elemental Damage Converted to Vitality
  • About 100k DPS from Vitality Decay dots
  • Multiple circuit breakers: Mark of Torment, 4/12 Blast Shield, Serenity relic
  • Lifesteal and healing from many sources: Ulzuin’s Wrath, Vampire Fangs, Dryad’s Blessing, Mark of Impurity.
  • Incredible CC to enemies.
  • Long ranged, can assist from a distance
  • Very effective against groups or single targets

Prime Benefits to the Team - Debuffs to Enemies:

  • Obliterate: 35 Reduced Target’s Resistances (the highest flat res reduction in game)
  • Ill Omen: 30% Reduced Target’s Damage (highest damage reduction in game)
  • Flash Bang: 35% Chance of Fumble and Impaired Aim to all enemies in a 10 m radius (nearly the highest for these in game)
  • Flash Bang: 280 Reduced Target’s Defensive Ability
  • Blackwater Cocktail: 144 Reduced Target’s Offensive Ability
  • Siphon Souls: -194 OA, -75% Health Regen
  • Blackwater Cocktail: 18% Reduced Target’s Physical Damage
  • Morgoneth Set Procs: 15% Reduced Target’s Damage
  • Invocation of Yugol ring proc: 12% Reduced Target’s Damage
  • 8% Life Leech Resistance
  • AOE Confuse Procs: Ill Omen (skill), Ill Omen(boots), Flash Bang
  • AOE Knockdown: Ulzuin’s Wrath

Secondary Benefits to the Team:

  • Shambler’s Heart Necklace: +8% OA. This stacks with Damage Boost
  • Flame Touched: +157 OA, +165 DA
  • Inspiration: 110 OA, 110 DA, Energy restoration/regen, CC resistance
  • Hungering Void: 18% Crit Damage, 10% Total Speed, +370% Vit/Chaos damage
  • Chausses of Barbaros: +10% Total Speed, +150% all damage
  • Weaknesses:
  • Energy Management becomes an issue if you’re not careful, and may become dependent on Energy Pharma in solo play if you’re reckless.
  • Can lack sources of constant healing between Vampire Fangs and Dryad’s Blessing
  • Requires a lot of hard grind endgame gear.

:: The Fury Witch ::
Role in the Team: Damage Booster, Hybrid Damage/Support
GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZedmevV

The Fury Witch: Click Here for Full Details

Key Perks of the Character:

  • 3703 OA
  • 32.8% Damage Absorption from Maiven’s Sphere and Possession and 12% reduction to enemy damage makes for good survivability despite low physical resistance and armor.
  • Weirdly high damage between Obliterate, Black Blood of Yugol, Tainted Eruption, Twin Fangs and poison procs. Crit damage on Obliterate is 121%.
  • 90% Elemental damage converted to Acid
  • 100% Vitality damage converted to Acid
  • Long Ranged support caster
  • Mirror of Ereoctes for Circuit Breaker.

Prime Benefits to the Team: Wide Mix of Support

  • Persistent +16% OA from Hat and Necklace
  • Persistent Crit Damage +35%
  • Blood of Dreeg with Modifiers: Active Heal, 14% Physical Resistance, +300 HP Regen, + 8% Attack Speed, +250 Offensive Ability, +40 Defensive Ability,

Secondary Benefits to the Team:

  • 8% Defensive Ability
  • Great damage
  • 35 Reduced Target’s Resistances
  • Familiar with Mend Flesh for extra healing.
  • 12% Reduced Enemy Damage from Black Blood of Yugol
  • 12% Chance to Fumble
  • Focused Gaze: 18% Reduction to Enemy’s Physical Damage
  • Nullification

Side Note:

Using a low level Familiar with low pet resistances, you would think that this pet would disappear instantly in most fights. However, it doesn’t. Because you’re a ranged character with high damage, it’s rare that you are surrounded, and even in that instance, it’s uncommon that the Raven is right next to you if that happens. It does die from time to time, but I find it weirdly uncommon to be without the pet. Often by the time it dies, it is off cooldown and available to recast.


  • 3 MIs. These do NOT need specific prefix/suffixes, but the ones chosen are mainly to bolster out resistance overcaps for solo play.
  • Limited forms of healing - This build relies on Raven, Blood of Dreeg and Vampire Fangs
  • Low physical resistance (24%) and armor (1400). High damage absorption % helps to balance this.

:: The Healing Witch ::
Role in the Team: Healing, Energy Nourishment, Damage Mitigation
GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2J31JEV

The Healing Witch: Click for Full Details

Key Perks of the Character:

  • Tanky due to epic healing and high HP
  • Dark One Set, uses Seal of Blight for damage
  • 100% Acid to Vitality damage conversion
  • Low cooldown Wendigo Totems
  • Incredible healing support, but not useless as a solo character. Can solo up to 160 glad crucible, but the low solo damage becomes an issue.

Prime Benefits to the Team:

  • Two buffed Wendigo Totems healing for 2x: 14%+1650 HP
  • Resting Regen bonus of +143% to the team, which goes up to 203% when Healing Rain procs
  • Healing Rain Heal: +180 and 60% HP Regen, +12 and 55% Energy Regen
  • Mogdrogen’s Pact: +56 hp regen, +7.1 Energy regen
  • Word of Renewal Heal 17/12 : +175 DA
  • Menhir’s Bastion Heal: 20% Damage Absorption
  • Inquisitor Seal 13/12: 210 Damage Absorption, 94% all damage, 16% Crit damage

Secondary Benefits to the Team:

  • Aura of Conviction: +15% Physical Resistance, +155 OA
  • Health Bonuses: 31% +815 HP
  • Blood Pact: +194% Vitality Damage
  • Wendigo Totem: 12% Reduced Enemy Damage
  • Rune of Hagarrad Debuff: 250 Reduced DA to enemies


  • Damage fluctuates between lowish to decent when soloing, but it is never amazing; Fights are usually easy enough due to healing, but sometimes slow. The build lacks wide AOE damage.

Team Buff Summary
Here’s the results for all of the team buffs of these four casters combined (considering only buffs that stack, and only the ‘strongest’ of each buff (The Fury Witch has Blood of Dreeg 26/16, so the stats from that are chosen for this summary). Here are the combined results, click on each one to see the working out. :slight_smile:

OA Buff: +24% +808
  • Highest Blood of Dreeg with Basilisk Mark: 210+40
  • Iskandra’s / Overload: 146
  • Aura of Conviction: 155
  • Inspiration: 110
  • Flame Touched: 157
  • Myth. Eye of Beholder Hat: +8%
  • Iskandra’s with Putrid Necklace: +8%
  • Flame Touched with Shambler’s Heart: +8%
Crit Damage Boost: 69%
  • Hungering Void: 18%
  • Inquisitor Seal: 16%
  • Blood of Dreeg with Putrid Necklace: 10%
  • Elemental Exchange: 25%
Total Speed: 20%, Attack Speed +8%
  • Hungering Void: +10%
  • Chausses: +10%
  • Blood of Dreeg + Viper Fang Grips: +8% Attack Speed
DA Buff: 8% + 490:
  • Highest Word of Renewal: 175
  • Inspiration: 110
  • Temper: 165
  • Blood of Dreeg with Basilisk Mark: 40
Damage: 244% All Damage, 625% Vitality Damage, +370% Chaos
  • Inquisitor Seal: 94%
  • Chausses: +150 to All
  • Hungering Void: 370% Vitality and Chaos
  • Hungering Pact: 198% Vitality
  • Aspect of the Guardian: +107% Vitality
HP Regen: 536 + 193%
  • Highest Blood of Dreeg with Ugdenbog Venom Launcher: 300
  • Healing Rain: 180 + 60%
  • Word of Renewal + Mark of the Voracious One: 50%
  • Mogdrogen’s Pact+Heart of the Wild: 56 + 36%
  • Inquisitor Seal: 47%
Energy Regen: 120% + 19.1
  • Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange: 65%
  • Healing Rain: 12 +55%
  • Mogdrogen’s Pact: 7.1
Damage Absorption: 400+20% or 210+20% (Stone Form or Inquisitor Seal + Menhir’s Bastion)
  • Stone Form 400
  • Menhir’s Bastion 20%
  • Inquisitor Seal 210
All Sources of Healing
  • Wendigo Totem x2: 14% + 1650
  • Healing Rain: 10% +700
  • Menhir’s Bastion: 15%
  • Blood of Dreeg (Fury Witch): 30%
  • Blood of Dreeg (WarCaster): 24%
  • Word of Renewal (The Healing Witch): 12% + 1250
  • Word of Renewal (WarCaster): 18% + 850
  • Raven’s Mend Flesh: 15% + 635
Resistance Buffs
  • +29% Physical Resist : Aura of Conviction + Aspect of the Guardian
  • +31% Elemental Resist: Inquisitor Seal
  • +125% Poison and Acid: Blood of Dreeg
  • +80% Aether: Word of Renewal, Oak Skin, Overload
  • +30% Chaos: Word of Renewal
  • +36% Pierce: Oak Skin
  • 76% Bleed Duration Reduction: Heart of the Wild + Stone Form
  • 76% Poison Duration Reduction: Heart of the Wild + Stone Form

Here’s a list of the total debuffs applied to enemies:

OA Debuff: -605
  • Blackwater Cocktail : 144 Reduced Target’s Offensive
  • Siphon Souls: -192
  • Rumour: -96
  • Wasting: -120
  • Seal of Annihilation: -55
DA Debuff: -410
  • Flash Bang: 280 Reduced
  • Vulnerability: -75
  • Seal of Annihilation: -55
Damage Reduced to Target: 30%
  • Ill Omen
  • Other sources of damage reduction are around 12-15% but do not stack.
Fumble/Impaired Aim: 35% of Each
  • Flash Bang
Health Regeneration Debuff: -175%

Black Blood of Yugol: -100%
Siphon Souls: -75%

Resistance Reduction Breakdown
  • Vitality Resistance Reduction: 268
  • Physical Resistance Reduction: 88
  • Aether Resistance Reduction: 98
  • Pierce Resistance Reduction: 50
  • Chaos Resistance Reduction: 128
  • Elemental Resistance Reduction: Lightning: 86, Fire: 117, Cold: 131
  • Poison/Acid Resistance Reduction: 110
  • Bleeding Resistance Reduction: 108

Good to see Team Build. and buff look very strong. :+1:
the High SR problem is

  1. Ping / Host crash
  2. Build HP low, will die by one hit :sweat_smile:
  3. No tank and Taunt controller

Wish u gays can pass 200, good luck :clap:

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Good thoughts :smiley:
The healer build has 19k hp, and the others in their presence should have around 13k hp… it’s not massive, but hopefully not too low?

Regarding taunt vs trash mobs, I was hoping that the Confuse from Flash Bang, Ill Omen (and procs), Bloody Pox and Tainted Eruption would all help to disperse crowds, as would knockdown from various procs (Ulzuin’s Wrath, Aether Blast on pants etc). It’s not the same as taunt control ofcourse, but seeings as many bosses are quite resistant to taunt anyway, I figured it might be useful?


The situation you have to face is that after entering the map, 4 bosses attack at the same time, if no tank control 2~3 Bosses, no matter how strong your buff or debuff is, you will be kill by seconds (I mean after level 150 boss)

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Fair enough! In that case, perhaps Healing Witch, Fury Witch and Dark Wizard plus a tank would do very well. Dark Wizard provides massive debuffs to help with damage mitigation (especially with 35% fumble and 30% reduced enemy damage!). Healing Witch and Fury Witch helps to keep everyone alive. Fury Witch and Dark Wizard bring damage, and the tank tanks?

give u some reference resources post

v1.1.5.2 120 - 160 Passed

v1.1.5.2 200 Test

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Awesome, will check it out! :smiley: Thanks!