Must be good, as it’s similar to a few other builds - especially the one posted by @Duchy.

Have you noticed that you have 5 excess points in Albrechts Aether Ray?

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Wow I haven’t. Thanks bro

erm. Lacking elemental and acid resist, as well as too little aether overcap ?
Sry for the choice of words, but with that headline, I feel permitted to be picky.

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Put the buffs on Bro

they are. /10 cars

I had a little bit of fun with your link and tweak up your character defensively. From really minor changes:

  • 550 more DA (from Sailor, Wolverine, components, a bit more Physique, augments)
  • unplanned 110 more OA
  • 30% Elemental resist overcap
  • 38% Aether overcap
  • 9% Poison overcap

I lost some %Damage (not much) but since you have over 3500% it’s fine a think. You won’t notice damage difference but you will notice defensive difference that’s for sure. Again, OA is higher to compensate and you have tons of Crit Damage on your skills to use it.

(these pants may seem pulled out of ass but their resistances fit perfectly and give insane flexibility with the rest of the setup + the previous pants were whatever anyway)

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Thanks brooo, cool changes