[] The Big Bad: 5:45 Crucible Gladiator 150-170/SR 75-76 farmer no greens 2h-melee Physical/Bleeding Witchblade [c+][sr+][vid]

It’s actually both the RR and aggro + AoE clearing trash mobs on top of that. So you have 3 in 1 and even you can use 4 buffs if you like with minor setbacks.

Vanguard was nerfed some time ago and game became much more AoE centric since then. So all things add up and Beacons are significantly better.

i don’t disagree on the aggro. But those aggroed mobs are already 18 rr by the time you touch them so they work extremely work together. The build you show is an exception. Not every single build in GD will profit the same ofc. But so many do.

if you don’t care at all about rr then you will be happy to use it next patch. But the idea is to also force us to invest more in it. At least T2-T3 to get power like that…in theory

Crucible has always been Aoe centric but it just took us all a while to figure out that there’s other stuff out there.

What happened was that over time stuff that was used like blessings/vanguard got balanced (or nerfed…whatever you wanna call it :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: and the ones that weren’t getting used kept getting small buffs until storm beacon became a fat beast before patch

And the only reason Zantai even let it out like that in spite of any warnings was because for the first time in forever, people used new stuff and wanted to test the waters first to gather info. Can’t know until you try and get a large sample. And boy were they tested.

Didn’t say that. RR is powerful, no denying. But in terms of clear times aggro is much, much more important.

How much time do you usually spend runnning after some idiots stuck near spawn? How many good runs were ruined like that? It can’t be compared to the time gain you have from instant 18 flat RR to the map, especially on the builds with built in RR or RR already so high it has decreasing returns.

Vanguard is still better on struggling builds with low stats but decent flat rr and AoE spread. I’ve been playing some Valguur lately (all 3 classes) - which is a sad shadow of Dark One - and it’s slightly better on Vanguard due to miserable oa and global %dmg.

I concur with this. Aggro is king. Aggro basically rules endgame meta - getting it in Cr and avoiding it in SR.

Get one trash stuck in bottom-left, and it’s 5s. Let it happen 4 times, and your build seems to be a whole league worse than it is.

But I wouldn’t underestimate the power of good spread of flat rr even when you already have a higher value source of flat rr. Those skeletons don’t hit everyone on time.

some builds have a hard time with flat rr, like pierce. You use beacons and you are half God with pierce.

Anyway, only testing will tell. Hopefully the others get buffed enough

I used to be the advocate for 3+1 till the very end, long after Vanguard nerfs, but even I had to give in 4+3 meta. It’s just better. 99% of the builds are better off with 4+3 setups and all the top builders agree on that. I guess that will change in the next patch.

Community loves op stuff. When I made a thread suggesting base AAR skill should be nerfed almost everyone was against it. It was 2 or 3 patches ago. After some cosmetic nerfs to some gear pieces quite a few op AAR builds were posted AGAIN.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 4+3 meta, but I agree that it’s a bit too strong. But then again, I agree with Banana_peel here, strength comes from drawing aggro (which is still quite a bit bugged) in the first place and flat RR in the second place. I have tested a build that doesn’t have flat RR with 3+1 and later with 4+3 setup. Difference is not really that big and it felt like it was mostly due to additional freedom (being able to roam the whole map) and Beacons aggroing stragglers.

Well Tacticians might struggle with it. But Nightblades and Valdun Purifier have it for free. I think Pierce is insanely strong atm, even op strong. The only downside of Pierce is low build diversity.

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Anyway, have tested this build in SR 75-76. Turns out, pretty efficient farmer. Made three runs, managed 9 minutes (1 death), 12 minutes (three deaths to my stupidity and aggroing everything) and 12 minutes (4 deaths to Mad Queen together with Guardians). Impressive upgrade since the build was purely physical. My uploading speeds are pretty abysmal here, so maybe I will add my own videos later. But here is a video of player @grey-maybe making a solid (albeit cautious) 75-76 run:

@ABCbarbecue, another SR 75-76 farmer for your SR loving community :slight_smile:

They don’t even have to cast RoS any more with beacon or time it right for the purpose of rr

Within reason. I had a laugh with beacons in testing months ago and simply stopped using it soon thereafter

One more good run :oncoming_police_car:

Thank you inspector

Hi, gratz on the update what u think about that https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo7LzlZ replacing ulzaad with falcon + Maul it may be faster in CR ?

How are you planning to proc Falcon and Maul tho? I have streamlined the build in a way that you don’t need to press extra button like Bloody Pox and proc from relic.

I am not really sure maybe like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrWL83N

So Falcon proc once in 7,5 seconds? Pretty sure it’s not worth it )))

Same with Maul proc every 3,5 seconds (and you have to press spam Blitz).

Just try the build as I made it first, it’s fairly optimized, I assure you.

I dont understand something you put rend on curse, you dont have to spam curse to proc rend right ? so it should be the same for war cry since both are debuffs ?

As long as CoF ticks on the mob it has a chance to proc Rend, so no, you don’t have to spam it. You can watch it how effective it is in action in videos in this very guide.

War Cry has unreasonably long cooldown, and proc chance only counts once, as you cast it.

yes you are right then this cant be done without extra skills but it sucks that we cant associate all the devo with passive skills that limit our choice in terms of devo thx for explain.

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Beacon nerf wasn’t as impactful as for other builds.

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Thanks for that test! You even dropped Ulzuin’s blessing for 4th banner. What a gangsta.

Hi @mad_lee, love what you did with this build. I have been thinking of something similar since the skills and gear choices all point to supporting bleed. The devo path of adding Huntress and using Scales instead of Ghoul for healing was what impressed me the most.

How about Rune of the Dreadnought on your medal? I love this augment on bleed builds. Think of it as an AoE with a 6m radius instead of a move skill. Said augment also deals 260% wpn dmg and a strong flat bleed. I feel this build’s biggest weakness is AoE and this augment helps a lot with that.

Also Bysmiel’s Shroud augment on for your weapon for the extra 60 OA. This build is already pretty tanky and won’t get hurt much from the loss of HP. I personally went Seal of Might as my component but I think this choice is down to preference.

Hi, man, thanks! Scales was actually @Superfluff’s idea (I mean I thought about it earlier, with Gladiator’s Distrinction belt it was kind of obvious, but never believed in it). Hybridizing with Bleed was first done by @banana_peel on his Tactician. It works insanely well here.

Won’t make difference really, it’s up to player which rune to choose imo.

Nah, when I build I think in terms of value that certain item/augment/component offers. Bysmiel’s Shroud value is limited to its 60 OA, flat Aether is completely useless here, while Coven’s augment offers insane amount of hp and no useless stats. If you want a bit more damaging augment I would use the one with HP and flat Trauma.

But then again, extra tankiness is what makes this build consistent. Having huge hp pool is amazing on a melee build with Scales.