[] 2H Fire Bone Harvest Oppressor | 4 Guardians | No-set Meme


Nery’s Vitality Bone ‘Appetit’ Harvest Opressor’s weaker cousin and his friends. Unfortunately these Fire Guardians pale in comparison with fully buffed Acid / Vitality ones. Not a top performer, treat it as a fun concept test although it can manage Crucible or SR.


  • Fantasy recommended
  • Farmable
    • no impossible prefix on Death’s Whisper
    • no completion bonus on Serenity
    • no suffix on the Gavel

global conversions to Fire:
75% (60% - 90%) Vitality (needed for Bone Harvest, Bat and Scales)
60% (53% - 67%) Physical (needed for Guardians)
50% (40% - 60%) Acid (not needed)

I Crafted for Movement Speed to ensure 135% instead of 130% the build has.

Alternative armor: Severed Faith for OA if you’re lacking it
Chest with Lightning to Fire conversion.

Alternative pants: Reaper’s are good but I prefer Grava’s with it Aether Res and Celestial Presence.
However compensating for that Aether res is not a problem at all, it’s just gives a little bit more flexibility

Components: I had Prismatic Diamond first but I really like the 2 x Sacred Plating + Living Armor + Ancient Armor Plate combo.
It’s not necessary for resists though.

22/22 Soul Harvest is easy with Reaper’s Legguard’s and Necromancer’s prefix on Helm or Chest if you have OCD.

I feel like Hourglass is mandatory because it affects: Mark of Torment, Resilience, Ascension, Ghoul
(credit to @grey-maybe for the strike-through)

Warning: Stormfire keeps unbinding itself from Eldritch Fire when you do something with your setup.
Not only in Grim Tools but in-game as well! Even if you don’t touch the weapon.

You can bind Eldritch Fire to Guardians if you’d like because 4 Guardians have ~50% to proc it with their 4 hits which occur every 1/1.2s if I remember correctly. And Eldritch Fire spreads so it doesn’t matter if Guardians are focused on just one enemy.



  • Mad Queen (I don’t remember if you can afford to stand still every time)
  • Crucible

I’m rusty with this character, haven’t practiced in Crucible much and recently so you might see me waste Time Dilation here and there or incorrectly approach enemies. How I did 169 & 170 was a joke, 160 not pretty either and what saved me is the build’s kiting abilities with 2 movement skills and not needing to stand still while dealing damage. Sorry for quality but I lowered it considerably for FPS and YT processed it badly. I’d say you can pull off 7:XX if you practice, land BH precisely on multiple enemies, manage cooldowns properly.

“The Guardians? They’re here. I’m they. We are one.”


That’s one of the most unique and creative builds I have seen!

Nice mix of the 2H weapon for Guardians and Bone Harvest, which is primarily 2H skill. And Aeon is hood fit, especially for defense.

You’ve added Scales, which uses your ring conversion, but unlike some builds, you use the skill bonuses as well.

Btw, is this your first posted build in separate topic?

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Thanks. I’ve posted a few generic GT links / build checks here and there but it’s the first thread I’ve considered, titled, framed as a build and thought as something different to at least some of the players. I should have tested it more in Crucible / SR but I prefer to practice with a different build at the moment and wanted to free my mind from it. Obviously I learnt a lot from your guide.


As far as I know, hourglass don’t affect resilience. Same for Fightning Spirit and Arcane Will


I’ve just tested it and you’re right.
What’s bad too is that the cooldown of resilience starts after its duration is over
which is what I didn’t assume to be the other way round but I hoped for.

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