[] 2H physical Elementalist, with tons of HP regen

Apologies if someone has tried this before, but I wasn’t able to really find anything to credit anyone, so here we go.
Wanted to make a strong HP regen build and what I came up with turns out works way better than I had hoped. Figured I’d share in case there are any other regen enthusiasts out there.


Key for build is the health regen, obviously. With Natures Avenger running pretty much perma now, I wanted to see how well it would perform, and chose Elementalist due to both trees supporting the concept. I love Avengers set, and wanted to push the regen, and I had some greens sitting in stash that fit the build, but Mark of Divinity and Boneweave Leggings will do just fine.

Build runs 6.7k HP/sec with Avengers proc, which is pretty much all the time when you facetank everything. With all procs up, 11.0k HP/sec!

Combined solid overcaps and +all resist from conduit, as well as Primal Bond absorption, Blast Shield, Dryad, Decree, and Golemborn procs for armor, high physical resists, and ADCtH, and its incredibly difficult to even get Ghoul to proc. Couple times in SR, but other than that, it just doesn’t happen.

For a test, I tried Avatar of Mogdrogen with only a lighting pot. And while its not the fastest kill ever, I never had to do anything other than facetank and autoattack.

Which by the way, autoattack and movement is all the build can do. If you want complicated buttons and timing, this build will not be for you.

Farms 75-76 shards with ease. Haven’t pushed it yet as I just finalized the build concept, but looking forward to how it will do.

Anyway, just wanted a quick share as I don’t see many Elementalists running physical damage and regen quite like this. Thanks.


Simple and cool. I really like the idea of this build :slight_smile: gratZ!

Looks very solid, but I wonder did you pick demo just because of the conduit bonus? I tried warder in grimtools, which I thought would have as good health regen but it’s only 2k with permanent buffs (while yours is 2.8k) It seems that the flat health regen bonus is more important.

I do have a Warder, (which is my all time fav build). Flat regen from Vindictive Flame and conduit bonus outpace Veterancy by a lot.

Warder does put out more damage though. It just doesn’t hit the level of regen Elementalist does, which was the concept I was going for.

I did forget to mention that Salvation relic can also be used to push regen up to 12.5k HP/sec.
I just prefer the increased damage output of Eye of the Storm.