[] Beginner's Scorching Ray Templar

I see you did what I told everyone who asked me how to level it. Fireball and Conflagration. Although I would add OFF to it to level 94. Nice one :slight_smile:

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sorry not good with acronyms…what does OFF mean?

I love the theme - nomadic illusion, Fire Ray, Vire’s Might, Guardians… I need to make myself something like this one day.
Btw a very enthusiastic Nery’s comment incoming!


Olexra’s Flash Freeze. Freezes the whole screen and applies huge fire RR. Without The Mageslayer set it is not good in endgame. Vire’s Might is great as well.

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I think there is a missing hypertext link to Compendium.

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I admit I underestimated Conflagration a bit. I mean I knew it’s a very good levelling tool, but it felt OK to use even at levels 90+, until I got Hexflame. It’s biggest power though is that it saves 16+ points that could go into something else, you prefer OFF while I chose Vire’s Might instead. Also it makes gearing up much more lax since you don’t really care about pushing skill level of anything.


You are doing God’s work, Dragon. I hope players who use your beginner’s guides can trully appreciate it because the amount of work and tedium that is required here is insane ))


I love your beginner builds!

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Another terrific build from you!

Again big credit for the amount of work you have put and leveling this build and fitting all the essential information in a guide.

Also interesting decision to go for Empyrion devotion.


The most interesting thing about it is it’s also used in phys AAR, so you don’t have to level this one from scratch once respecced. Same applies to Scales.

Thanks for encouragement!


Thanks Stupid_dragon this is an awesome build! I just started playing and I am following this guide and I am flying through levels so far and its really fun to play! This is a top starter for sure!

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So the only part I am not clear on is the devotion point spread, this is essentially my first character so its all pretty new. The list of like 3. Spider do I put all the point in spider and fill that? then my next step is to remove all points from scholars light?

Yes, always assume full constellation unless I specifically mention otherwise.

No, you’ve skipped step #4

Okay so when I go to the spirit guide to remove scholars light it says, dependencies’ Magi so how do I keep magi while removing scholars light?

You shouldn’t have problems removing Scholar’s Light if you did everything right. Check if you have all stars in Magi and still have Crossroads green.

Thanks for this guide!

I just started completely fresth as I lost/deleted my saves. I never leveled to 100 before, but have done up to Log in Ultimate on a couple of characters.

I wasn’t planning on following this, cause last time I played AAR I hated it, plus I wanted to be mostly VM focused (zoom zoom). So I leveled with VM (and a bit of CT) through all of Normal (including AoM and FG). I finally got all the required recipes for Conflagration around level 50 I think, and figured I’d try it out. And it’s nothing like I remember AAR to be. I dunno if channeled skills have changed since I last tried them or what, but I hope AAR feels about the same.

Anyways, I kept my VM and CT focus until lvl72 in Elite. At that point I was just reaching Malmouth, and feeling really demotivated, cause I had died about 7 times in Elite, and kept dropping to 20% HP every time I charged into anything other than white monsters. It was just super hectic all the time. And my plan of farming Vanquisher gear on this was definitely completely gone in my head.

The build I was kinda following had very offensive devos I guess (picked form a Chinese build, that probably require much better gear). I was about to just call it a quits, and start a Vit caster instead to be honest. But I figured I’d try a respec to this build first. And I can safely say I should have just done so ages ago. It’s so much tankier it’s unbelievable.

I went from this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyL1pAV
To this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYW05lV (only exported it after getting a couple more levels)

What I don’t get is why this is so much tankier?

It’s not just the Bat, that’s for sure. I feel like a billion times tankier just zooming around with VM as well, and Bat only procs when I channel Conflag.

The resists and OA/DA don’t seem that different (considering +2 levels as well). In fact with procs up my Phys Res went down a lot to.

Tip the scales don’t look very defensive to me, but I guess it provides some sustain? So that leaves Empyrion. That 24% damage reduction sounds good, but is it really up that often that it explains this insane difference in tankyness I’m feeling?

I’m really struggling to understand how I can go from ping pong HP (literally 100->20->HP pot->100->20->Mirror->100->20->dead kinda) - to hardly having to pot or use Mirror ever now.

Anyways, thanks again for the guide! I should have just followed it (especially the devos) much earlier. I’ll be following it to 100 now for sure - although real life and work is gonna kill my progress a bit now, so it might be a while.

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I’m currently on mobile only, so I can’t check your GTs, but there indeed shouldn’t be that much difference if you had proper gear-up on your original build.

The yellow-blue devotion path does beef your character quite a bit due to freebie armor from Solemn Watcher + hound combo, which is super effective during levelling, especially if you can’t use heavy armor for reasons. Don’t know if it’s your case but a lot of new players vastly underestimate the importance of armor.

Less so because of Eel + Solemn Watcher defensive ability combo, it does help but generally I don’t find DA a terribly important stat during levelling.

Scales are in fact a defensive proc. I didn’t highlight that because it’s more difficult to convert vitality to fire early on, so the most sustain would come from bat, but even unconverted Tip the Scales does offer some minor sustain, which coupled with more defense due to armor bonuses and extra hp and resistances might had been enough to change how it feels.

Empyrion’s proc is 24% only maxed, you start with something like 7 or 9% IIRC, but it adds up.

Anyway, glad my build worked for you.

I am level 87 on Ultimate following this guide brilliant thanks, have one query I am using medal Mark of Ulzuin
level 84 but on checking grimtools I couldnt find a listing for a Mythical one.

Ouch, my mistake. There’s no mythical version for that item. The one you’re using is the one I meant in the guide.

I’ve been following your builds for a while now and want to thanks you! All this effort, hundreds and thousand new players came to the game and playing because of you :heart:

So. I made a switch to Conflagration on lvl 35 and fully buffed averaging 35k dps :open_mouth:

Melting thru normal like a champ!

Is there a benefit to complete all DLC on normal? I’am thinking going to elite after main campaign.