[] "Dracarris Calling" - Ember's Calling Pyromancer - !>>>EVERYTHING<<<! - Celestial Killer, Compfy SR 75-76 Farmer, SR 80, Gladi 150-170 Farmer

:damage_fire:If ur looking to destroy mobs like this dragon soldiers & waggons you came to the right place!:damage_fire:

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Recently kinda been on a roll when it comes to making & posting builds… and here we are again.
This time I would like to share my most likely strongest build yet.
Strongest not as in the fastest or most damaging but most compfy to play & durable.
The character has been able to defeat :exclamation:EVERYTHING:exclamation: the game threw at me without the usage of any buff / debuff potions as I will show you later bellow.
Good piloting is required as well, so if you are looking for a brain-afk build this one isn’t it.
That being said the build is still somewhat forgiving, dont push your luck tho!

:left_speech_bubble:Gear, equiptment & skills explained::speech_balloon:
Ember’s Calling:

  • This set is the core of the build. It adds much needed skilllevels to DEE & greatly boosts it’s damage.
  • It provides good defenses, resi & other usefull stats.
  • It buffs VF so it gives more sustain in the form of adcth & skilllevels so we get more regen & speed.
  • +1 to Occultist & Demolitionist.

Conduit of Destructive Whispers (crafted with freeze resi!):

  • The VF mod here is chosen to simply give us more regen.
  • It ontop gives a good amount of hp, energy & resi.

Mythical Combustion Band:

  • Life, fire & burn dmg, casting speed, resi - overall very usefull ring.
  • It’s proc adds some minor dmg & most important fire RR!

Gollus Ring:

  • Skilllevels to VF.
  • Life, life regen, resi, % cs and spirit, damage.

Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards (crafted with freeze resi!):

  • Life, damage, resi, casting speed, offensive ability.
  • Needed levels to BWC & Mines.
  • Neat lil dmg. proc ontop.

Stoneplate Greaves (crafted with slow resi!):

  • Damage, stats, defensive ability %, resi, cc resi, phys resi, movement speed.

Mythical Tinkerer’s Ingenuity (crafted with slow resi!):

  • Damage, regen, constitution, great resi.
  • Reduced physique req. for gear so you can push more points into spirit for dmg. and energy reg.
  • A great proc skill that helps us stay alive, gives damage & phys. resi.

Korvaaks Deception (+1 Temper, +1 Agonizing Flames):

  • Good fire/burn dmg, much welcome CC resi against entrapment & slow.
  • Up to 4% OA/DA which is rly good.
  • +1 demo skills.

Grava’Thul’s Leggings:

  • Damage, da, resi, some armor.
  • +3 to Vulnurability & +3 to Agonizing Flames, very usefull!

Mythical Dracarris:

  • Tons of fire/burn dmg, good & much needed casting speed.
  • Oa %, phys resi & flat damage to FT, all very welcome.
  • A criminaly underrated proc that is basicly up 100% as long as you keep killing stuff.
    Adds a wooping 225% fire/chaos dmg. & 10% total speed which is needed for this build to reach casting speed cap!

Mythical Tome of Atonement:

  • Fire/burn dmg, damage conversions, oa/da %, casting speed, cdr %.
  • Further damage modifiers & QoL to our main skills DEE & BWC.
  • +1 to Occultistand +3 to Agonizing Flames.

Components & Augments:

  • These are picked to fill needed res, gain more hp, regen, casting speed, offensive ability % and CC.
  • Movement rune is Amatok’s Breath. It’s partly converted, has a chance to freeze mobs you rush throw and has a low cooldown - solid ms rune imo!


  • Will be added later!

Let’s get to the point where I show you what this build archived!
(With some minor added info)

:crossed_swords:Gladiator Crucible: Waves 150-170:crossed_swords:
Cruci is fairly compfy for the most part, watch out for Grava + Maiden spawns and don’t sit in Mad Queens face when she starts to fire her vitality barrage.

Video provided by Mad_Lee since my internet is very slow atm:

:skull:The Shattered Realm:skull:
If you are just out for some relaxed farming in SR 65-66 this build will easily carry you without any problems.
SR 75-76 is fairly compfy for the most part and so is SR 80, minus some bosses you should watch out for: Shattered Korvaak, Iron Maiden, Grava’Thul, Mad Queen & Fabius if he decided to spawn with an absurd weapon.

:skull_and_crossbones:Time for the big bois aka. celestial bosses.:skull_and_crossbones:

Clones of John Bourbon:
Very straight forward fight. Try to keep the clones together in ur Thermite Mines, Blackwater Clocktail & keep them cursed while showering them with Dreegs Evil Eye.

He is easy for this toon unless spawned with an absurd weapon. (which is extremly rare)
Just stay in his face, keep him debuffed and spam away.

Avatar of Mogdrogen:
The first phase is straight forward, keep him debuffed, spam Dreegs Evil Eye.
On the second phase you have to pay attention tho, keep him debuffed as well while using DEE. Make sure your debuff skills went off tho!
He will often stun you!
Also time your Blood of Dreeg heal & HP pot right!

Ravager (of Minds):
This is where things get more difficult.
As with Mogdrogen you want to keep him debuffed as much as you can.
The trick here is, to micro kite him within your Blackwater Cocktail/Mine area while throwing in DEE’s while also trying to avoid his attacks.
Same thing for phase 2 of his fight, things just get alot more hectic and the window to attack is alot smaller plus his damage alot higher and can kill you quickly!

Callagadra, Scion of Sands:
Now things get really dangerous.
This boss can make very quick work of you if you don’t pay attention and even quicker work of you in phase 2 when she goes berserk!
You want to keep her away from you as much as possible while debuffing her with BWC, Mines & CoF while throwing in DEEs if time allows it.
This is a fight of patience, paying attention, proper repositioning with movement skills and timing your skills/pots/heal right.
Not for the faint of heart!

Crate of Entertainment:
This is the most troublesome and most dangerous celestial boss for this build by far.
While Crate himself might not be the most durable of bosses his damage is absolutly bonkerz!
Great attention and focus is required for this fight, especially without the use of buff-potions.
You want to kite the boss towards the beginning of the area while keeping him debuffed as much as you can and fire DEEs that hopefully dont get blocked too much by the boxes he spawns.
Said boxes you want to avoid at all cost!
Once at the start of the area you want to use an Aether Cluster and rush past the Boxes & Crate so you can kite him again in the area where you 1st met.
Main issue is the boxes often blocking DEE from hitting Crate.
This might take some attempts, I won’t sugar coat it, Crate is rough for this toon but doable.

:+1:Pro’s and Con’s of the build::-1:


  • Fairly durable thanks to his good hp pool, cc resi, phys resi, regen & da.
  • Good sustain from VF ontop of the regen.
  • Solid damage in the form of DEE spam & easy debuffs with CoF, BWC & Mines.
  • Can beat all celestials WITHOUT the need of pharma. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Compfy CR & SR farmer.
  • Easy to level thx to it being part demolitionist. (BWC, Canister, Mines will carry for a long time! Just make sure to grab MIs for said skills along the way to make the process alot easier for you!)


  • The Ember’s Calling Set is required to make this build work for endgame! There is no way around that!
  • Uses greens. (even tho all you need here are items that fit the need of ur resi & cc)
  • Despite how durable it looks this toon is far from being an immortal tank! Don’t push your luck too far!
  • Even tho it provides respectable damage the toon is slow, lack of DEE passthrough really shows.
  • :musical_note: Please :zantai: don’t nerf me, don’t nerf me… no more… :musical_note:

And with that we’re at the end.
Shout-out goes to Mad_Lee for providing a cruci run vid. for this build. :+1:
Thanks for reading and if you have any further questions, suggestions, constructive criticism or anything else please feel free to make a post! :partying_face:

Cheer’s Mergo! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


You gonna make regen even more dead

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I dont see a reason for a nerf here.
Sure, the build has a fair amount of regen but as said, if u think u can facetank shit 24/7 with it ur in for a rough time & a world of pain.
Plus it’s a slowpoke in cruci.

I hope Zantai sees it that way as well, if not I gladly send him my save so he can see for himself as well.

There will be no nerf… surely… please… :eyes:

:zantai: right now:


Great job @MergosWetNurse on the build!

And thanks for the reminder about Dracarris - my Fire/Chaos DEE Pyromancer was using the Hellrune Carver instead. I was ignoring Dracarris as a pet weapon and passed over it! :+1:

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Thanks man!

Means alot! :partying_face: :clinking_glasses:

…and ur welcome once more!
Ngl, Dracarris was a weapon I slept on until now as well. :eyes: :rofl:
Glad I gave it a try + it did fit this builds needs almost perfectly. :partying_face:

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Time to respec my long dead Darkblaze pyro? Yes I think so. Build looks great!

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Thanks alot! :partying_face: :clinking_glasses:

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A lil update for yall:
Just did some testings on the current beta cuz of the removal of the VF conduit.
I’m happy to say that the build is still doing fine!
Replaced the old VF conduit with a (res prefix) kaisan eldritch eye of destruction & the extra ele rr to CoF occ conduit.
Either of the two is a fine replacement.
Another option could be the mythical thread of mortality if you really wanna keep the extra regen.

Cheers, Mergo! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


Hi, is this build still viable? Are there any leveling guides???

need to change the amulet around and some augments, but otherwise should still work

as for levelling you can use the pyro in the beginner compendium

or just do any regular Demo or Occultist levelling approach, RektbyProtoss should have levelling videos on YT for the individual classes i think

also has various guides for speedlevelling a pyro


As I said above ur question:
Yes, the build is still doing fine with listed changes. :wink:

Gnuffi also already posted some very good general leveling advice you can follow. :+1:

You could also support yourself with this relic skill (available at Port Valbury by resetting Agarrad if playing from scratch)

Skill (link to YT) Item (link to GrimTools) Damage types Item type Level
Conflagration Conflagration Fire, Burn transcendent relic 35
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