[] BleedSquad: Ravager's Elite - Four Complementary Bleed Builds

BleedSquad: Ravager’s Elite
Hey guys :slight_smile: I’ve made four bleed-based builds which complement each other’s resistance reductions and abilities in the hopes to make a bleed build dreamteam. Here are the four builds, a list of their team benefits and their damage ouput:

BloodRanger: 2h Ranged
+146 OA, +25% crit damage
Has Nullification
+30% Health to the team
+50 regen + 33% HP Regen
Wendigo Totem+Blood Pact
Unique Bleed RR: 44 (highest Devouring Swarm)
Bleed Damage Ticks: 510,000 per second when soloing

Aryeth: Dual Wield Melee
45% Fumble to enemies
This buld provides the least benefit to the team aside from it’s raw damage output. This build gets the most damage benefit from the team, with bleed damage nearly quadrupling with the team’s buffs and debuffs.
Bleed Damage Ticks: 515,000 per second when soloing

Lifekeeper: Tank and Support
720+60% Health Regen
14% Physical resistance
+19% Health
+14% Healing Effects Increase
+321 OA
Taunt for Aggro control (Judgment)
236 Reduced DA to enemies
400 Damage Absorp (Stone Form)
Five heals:
-| Blood of Dreeg
-| Bysmiel’s Authority
-| Apothecary’s Touch
-| Empyrion’s Touch
-| Healing Rain
Summon Familiar for additional healing
-72 Unique Bleed RR
18% Reduced Damage to Enemies

Undeath’s Bloodlust: 2h Axe Melee
This build doesn’t have as much raw bleed damage as Bloodranger or Aryeth, but provides more unique bleed RR than any other character in the team, and thus provides the strongest overall damage boost to the team. This build debuffs the enemies significantly.
25% Reduced Damage to Enemies
-100 DA
-218 OA
-105% Unique bleed RR (check Siphon Souls and Summon Guardian of Empyrion)
Devouring Darkness (Heart of Yugol Bleeding Damage buff)
Bleed Damage Ticks: 350,000 per second when soloing

Other Things To Note

Other bleed damage RR includes Raise the Dead (24 RR) and Rend (-32 Bleed RR) devotions. Rend also lowers enemy OA by -150, which stacks with other OA debuffs to enemies.

The total bleed resistance reduction of this team is -277%.
This means that when Aryeth, who deals 515,000 bleed damage with only 72% RR when soloing, will now be dealing the same damage versing enemies with nearly 4x the RR, thus dealing closer to 1,800,000 bleed damage per second against an enemy that has the full team’s debuffs on it. Bloodranger’s bleed tick damage get about a 2.4x damage boost, making it deal closer to 1,200,000 per second, and Undeath’s Bloodlust will get about a 2.2x damage boost from the team’s collective RR, allowing it to deal closer to 680,000 per second. The collective bleed damage per second is likely to be between 3-4m every second, which will allow the team to do drastic damage while kiting if need be.

This is BEFORE calculating the added Bleeding Damage % buffs that various team members give (Aryeth doesn’t use Blood Pact, for example, and Undeath’s Bloodlust uses Heart of Yugol armor providing another +75% bleeding damage to all teammates). It is also before calculating the added Crit Damage from Bloodranger or the total bonus OA from all team members.

Lifekeeper’s raw regen buffs combined with the +% regen buffs of the team will ensure all team members have a minimum of around 1,400 HP regen, while some of the team will have closer to 3,000. Lifekeeper’s regen as a solo build goes up to 6339.

Enjoy. :slight_smile: