[] Cataclysm+Augur proc based Deceiver, CR+/SR75


Since Apothecary set got mythical version wanted to use it in end game build. So this is mix with Cataclysm set creating build made from ‘‘bits and pieces’’. So this is Pain , Rune of Haggard build, Chain Lightning but more importantly lot’s of offensive procs to deal damage. Since Deceivers tends to be glassy Augur set provides nice supplementary defense. And since this builds lacks single target damage decided to take cold Rune. Also Chain Lightning for the big WD% base.

The most bizarre thing about this build is the lack of ANY skill mods. Most end game builds focus on that but here no modifiers.

I know @valinov tested different Augur setups, credit to him.


  • pic with permanent buffs and Deadly Aim, DPS for Chain Lightning.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkww0DN


Key is to have all pieces from both Cataclysm and Augur sets, also:

  • Relic is Ignaffar, I like the RR proc on it, also DA and %DoT damage. Bane will be a fit as well.

  • Helm is Korvaak for +1 both skills and some proc. Ravager’s helms are also good.

  • Chest is Fateweaver for physical and other forms of resistances.

  • Pants are also Fateweaver - OA and Word of Agony bonuses.

  • Shoulders are Ascendant for their aether to elemental conversion, which boosts the damage of Serru’s proc.

  • Second ring is Living ring, fit for Pain builds, Eternal Band is fine option, especially without Horns of Korvaak helmet.

  • Boots are Spellsage for elemental damage and +2 to Censure.


Going in that purple and green corner to take Serru and Sage. Also Elemental Storm for flat RR and Hyrian devotion. Ghoul is there for extra defensive layer. Also it’s possible to focus more on % damage boost. Hydra is also fine option, since Augur set uses a pistol.


In Crucible build is decent defensively, you have multiple heals and can cast Seal to protect you from harm. Most lesser enemies dies in a flash, Nemesis tend to live longer, especially the ones with more health and two decent separate elemental resistances. Times are all similar, average is slightly under 6, video from 5:44 run:

In SR build can do 75-76 depending on the Nemeses spawns. It’s not really fast and Runes need some time to be deployed in non-boss shards . Video from full 75th shard:


Nice use of the blue set. I have also attemepted a proc Deceiver but was never satisfied with the results so never posted it:

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Why you’re not happy with the results?

But Cataclysm is cool set, maybe I should make more builds with it…or not.

I don’t know, didn’t find it particulary special or worth posting. It was also pretty shaky in SR 75-76. Yours at least got that blue set, so that’s unique )

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Love to see my favorite blue set on an endgame build! Thanks for sharing this, its great to know it holds up under preassure.


I know you like this set. Also it’s multiplayer oriented, that’s why it was interesting idea to use it in end game build.

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