[] Cold SS Spellbreaker ( 5:31 Crucible, SR 90, Ravager of Minds)

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you my cold Shadow Strike Spellbreaker. It doesn’t use Morgoneth’s Set or Bane of the Winter King, but Self-found Loxmere daggers and SR set instead. It’s not the fastest crucible cleaner nor the deepest SR pusher, but it’s a fun build nonetheless.

Glassier Crucible version
craft for physique

Shadow strike tooltip with Lethal Assault


Pretty simple, spam Shadow Strike when it goes off cooldown, use Ring of Steel to proc Whirpool. Use Amarasta’s Blade Burst as a default attack replacer. Shadow strike also enables hit and run tactics which are used for deep shards.


SR 90 Bosses

5:31 Crucible run

Ravager of Minds with some pharma


Check out Rekt’s Solo self found playlist on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7HuL5PyGEIMdjN1mRt4TN-yaRtz21Wu


To @ya1, @banana_peel, @thejabrixone, @Nery for their cold SS (Infiltrator/Spellbreaker) variants and to @RektbyProtoss for his leveling guide.


I have one very similar to this one :slight_smile: Also killed Ravager :slight_smile:


Killing Ravager with a breaker is really impressive, the piloting was top tier for this kill :+1:

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A nice dw melee cold damage. Thanks @Retal_Abuser .

Btw, have you tested the performance in

General performance should be the same, the build lost some OA but that’s it, crucible performance should be worse though due to Blade spirit nerfs.

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