[] Empyrion's Chosen - Augur Set Physical AAR - Tanky Healing Caster

Empyrion’s Chosen


This is the most powerful Augur set build I’ve made so far. It may be able to do 160-170 Crucible without cruci buffs, but I’m yet to test it (and it will be pretty hard). Empyrion’s Chosen has ridiculous healing and survivability, and provides your team with constant healing and regen boosts. Albrecht’s is critting for around 100k vs many enemies, and the max Albrecht’s hit so far is 169,000 damage. This is NUTS.

So it chews through most enemies. The build has a nice Healing Increase of 25% or 45% if Resilience triggers. This combined with the Augur set bonus, Augur gloves, Healing Rain and the 6% Attack Damage Converted to Health on Albrecht’s, this build heals very well, quickly and often. The build also has 2,100 regen. Tip the Scales with 100% vitality to physical damage conversion also provides a significant heal once per second.

The build has around 19,000 resting HP which goes up to 21k if Spectral Guard (offhand) procs.

Damage mitigation comes from Maiven’s Sphere of Protection and Light of Empyrion, for a combined ~39% less damage from all nearby sources. A very low level Ascension gives 30 damage absorption ‘just to take the edge off’ in fights (mainly used for the modifier buffs), and Mirror of Ereoctes serves as a fine ‘panic button’ if it’s needed for full invulnerability for a few seconds, allowing those great heals/regen to fully heal you.

As a support, this build provides 203 OA to nearby teammates, 26% crit damage, energy leech per second, 14% Healing Effects increased, 19% HP bonus, 540+60% health regen, and 20.3+120% Energy regen, and three heals - Apothecary’s Touch, Empyrion’s Touch and Healing Rain. Battlecry gives a 150% boost to all damage, and +10% total speed.

Light of Empyrion reduces enemy damage by 24% to help protect your friends a little, too :wink:

This build provides -107% physical resistance reduction.

Enjoy :wink:


This looks awesome. I love the idea :slight_smile:

I am not sure that your math is right. You have 20 % on Maiven and 24 % on Emyprion. That makes 0,8*0,76=0,61 therefore 39 %

Thank you!

Hm. You’re right in that I’m mistaken, but I thought I had the formula right - Maiven’s is 20% (I thought it was 24%), but because Maiven’s is Damage Absorption and Empyrion is reduction to enemy damage, I thought it was additive math? Or am I mistaken? I know it’s multiplicative with multiple sources of % damage absorption.

Even two damage reductions would be multiplicative.

I thought for damage absorption, it was multiplicative, but for damage reduction only the highest source of “reduced target’s damage” is considered.

I thought that a combination of 1 damage absorb and 1 ‘reduced target’s damage’ would stack additively, but you’re probably right and it’s really a just a 39% reduction in damage to the build

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Yes you are correct. It is too late and I should go to sleep :slight_smile:

But reduction and absorption are multiplicative between each other.

Ok! Thank you for clarifying :smiley:
Sleep well!