[] Is the Vitality Cabalist still viable as a beginner build?

It seems @malawiglenn’s beginner build guide link is broken. I did a search and it seems he removed his content from the forums. I got my Cabalist to level 69, on normal difficulty, and made it into FG content zones. Is there a replacement build guide?

Have a look at Nery’s Cabalist variant on this

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Thank you. :grinning:

Cabalist is good class for leveling with Ravenous Earth and doing vitality damage. It’s similar to my Opressor guide.

And with physical resistance provided by Occultist mastery should be one of the easiest leveling classes. One day maybe will redo Malawiglenn guide. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you explain your statement further?

Which one?

So vitality casters usually offers nice sustain and you have access to even more sustain via devotions. You can take Sigil of Consumption from Occultist for healing. Occultist can have physical resistance from Blood of Dreeg second node and it’s also a heal. And that’s great supplement for Necro class.

Ravenous earth is quick trash cleaning skill even without items support. And when you can farm Bonespike around level 30 it will become even more fun!

Why Oppressor and Cabalist are similar? They’ll have the same damage.

@ghoultek I noticed that, my bad, didn’t mean to write sad :sweat:

I don’t understand why you say Cabalist is a sad class for leveling Ravenous Earth for doing vitality damage. How and why is it bad compared Oppressor?