[] Korba's Ring of Fury (full set) - 4:44 min Cruci

Most 170 farmers rely on double-rares for exotic res and da, that’s just the way it is. Doesn’t mean the build is poor, it will do 150 without them which is still great in my book.

Wonder if someone will manage to make Venomblade RoS work good as well. Mine is utter crap in cruci with full set.

I only play casually these days, farming blooms to make that conduit with the right prefix and suffix… that will take hundreds on average. Ew.

Would like to echo fluff’s request for more exotic resists on legendaries. This is a bit silly isn’t it?

I’d say the pattern has vastly improved since DA crap was fixed. Korba always had 2x greens since jajaj posted. In fact Jajaja had 2x more MI’s. Zantarin shoulders and Chillstrife. I’d say the current gearing is easier? This one has Conduit cause it’s relevant to the build

As for Dmg on RoS I think you misunderstand why is it it does so much dmg. It’s not Conduit it’s the vast % weapon dmg and low CD.

If you replaced conduit with Heart of the mountain flat cold and %cold dmg you would do roughly the same dmg. Same for peerless eye on a crit. Conduit adds the range so it’s more comfortable. You are much too focused on the thing that bothers you and depriving yourself of a fun build if you think no conduit =falls appart.

What if I told you I did crucible with full set before 0.6 set/crucible buffs and with heart of the mountain? Wasn’t as easy because RoS hadn’t received 0.6 buffs but I did it. With the buffs one should have a far easier time than I did before

I love the build, and I think everyone who is complaining is overreacting. Crafting conduits is not that hard compared to Badges of Mastery. Yes, double rare of kings is impossible to find, but this build has a leeway in a form of a shoulder slot. You are going to loose some dps, but green ring of steel shoulders can patch a lot of resists and can let you use Chausses of Barbaros for example.

Something like this

And this build is more effective and cheap than your usual multiple insane greens (including weapons) Korba Trickster.

Fluff, one question, why blue rings? For OA?

You`re loosing 70 Flat cold from LA with this setup. Blue rings for OA and better skill point distribution.
I think If you can find some OA for this build somewhere Elemental balance rings are BiS or close to BiS.

Yeah, I know, also from lack of acid to cold conversion. I just showed that build can be replicated with a cheaper gear with just a slight performance loss. Because it’s a solid build and it’s power actually comes from the full set itself (plus the rings/amulet/gloves), not bunch of impossible to get mi’s (like “classic” Korba"

Yeah same reason Jajaja used blue rings in the first place. Tricksters are OA hungry. Be it campaign or crucible, being RoS based you want OA even more than pure savagery based cause RoS does not hit DW so ensuring it crits more is best.

An interesing idea but it makes resistances an abolute bitch. You can replace Ancient affix with Menacing for chaos+OA but vit res suddenly becomes a pain. Probably doable if you give up survivors for sylva(thus winning back OA) and replace venomguards with soulscent and lose 6% DA.

Like so: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyd8wnV. Could work due to ulzuin blessing and all the fumble (I put 2 more points in CoS)

GT paper cold dmg went down from 19500 to 18900 though. That has a negative cumulative effect on all the RoS spamming…I like RoS sapmming :smiley:

2 Sanctified bones FTW . https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeORxr2 . I wonder if you can critshot Reaper in Crucible with this setup? Belgotian should work somewhat better I think? Extra RoS every 4.5 seconds. =)

Probably, But that OA:( It would be ok in crucible for a DW exclusive build. Idk. Also while the fumble is godly idk if 78% armor absorb is a sound idea. You will get hit eventually.

I did test Deathguardwith Harbinger over MoD cause it’s way better in crucible, leaving it with low OA. I think in the end they would come out kinda the same ~7 min mark or even under if mutators are favorable for more dmg

I touched on Belgo Relic in the guide. It doesn’t work as well as you would think. Most of the time it procs while RoS on CD. Personally i wasn’t feeling it.

This is because they made the CD on it so long it’s very unpredictable. when using a very low CD spell. It’s more like extra RoS every 9 seconds IF you are in a place where you actually need it. At least Nemesis destroys Aleks/Maiden/Fabius

Probably, But that OA:. ( It would be ok in crucible for a DW exclusive build. Idk. Also while the fumble is godly idk if 78% armor absorb is a sound idea. You will get hit eventually.

You`re barely taken extra 200 flat dmg from every hit. Do you think these 200 dmg would make a difference? I tested absorption stacking on low-armor characters multiple time, cause everyone seems to tell its important, but haven’t noticed ANY difference between 100% absorption and 70% absorption.
With 33% phyz resist and huge lifesteal in crucible it dosent matter, rly. I run my bone charmer with <1k armor on shoulders slot and phyz dmg is the last thing I care :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed the extra OA on this char and made efforts to keep it as high. You crit very often with RoS and this adds up over time.

With my lag i don’t know if I would get conclusive different results using balance rings instead of Alkamos. My estimate is ~7 min. It would take someone with a good PC to take the time and try both setups while estimating the different mutators as well.

Kinda agreed on absorb. These days i don’t mind under 100 absorb on low armor chars either. But anything over 2500K i’ll take at 100%

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EAkJ32 Swaped boots and redistribute SP to push OA near original build level. You can compensate for lost %crit dmg by crafting bonuses on rings.

One can but I won’t at this point:D. I do have 3% crit on Helm. It looks better. But it can’t test it again for hopefully a 25 sec or so improvement on total kill time(at least with my lag).

Anyone who enjoys this build and wants to give this version a try i’d be glad to know how much under 7 min it went. Otherwise i’m trying other stuff atm

Trickster’s OA problems remind me why I love playing Belgothian Infiltrator so much. 3600 OA before Deadly Aim :slight_smile:

Yeah and that DA shred too. You should give this guy a spin though if you haven’t. One of the easiest plays you’ll ever do

I might, but I have this problem where I can’t play someone else’s build :).

But Korba’s Trickster was very appealing to me because how insanely powerful that char is tho. And your build made it very accessible in terms of gear.

I have this problem too. But you can change stuff to your liking. It’s just full korba as a standard. You can use other devotions too

The RoS spam is retard fun really.

Deathguard is close behind but they messed up conversions by not giving pierce proper conversion too. Then they moved on to BK and pampered it. I think it’s because DG was made in beta when they were still unsure how some of the new more daring mods would turn out and by the time they made BK they had a better idea on how it would turn out

BTW, what’s the cooldown on RoS with your setup?

Well if they put 100% pierce to acid conversion (to BH) on deathguard then it’ll probably be a lot stronger than BK. The old deathguard builds do just around the same damage as 2h harvest BK (dunno if DW BK is better but most likely it’s not). Add pierce conversion and it’s gonna be too strong. And yeah I’m biased towards BK.

Well, at least make the DW component stronger then. As it stands Korba berforms 20% better. It won’t be stronger as far as BH is concerned. If you put the mods side to side they even out until you get to the pierce part

I also suggested a +2m RAdius to VoS for DG. The reason for this is that Korba RoS radius is in perfect synergy with VoS while for DG, BH goes far outside it’s radius and DG is way more RR hungry than Korba. Also the Geometry is easier on Korba close-mid range with better, more consistent coverage.

A -10% rr to acid wouldn’t hurt either

@Lee it’s 1.5 sec CD