[] Korba's Ring of Fury (full set) - 4:44 min Cruci

Korba, a concept I loved almost as much as Belgo, left it behind in AoM. I wanted to see what it is capable of now with an aggressive build.

It has very consistent AoE with RoS spam and procs. The devo setup is pretty dmg oriented, no Ghoul or Bat, therefore it needs a Dreadlord affix on belt.

Thanks to @romanN1 for helping me find a good pic and supporting the build throughout testing it and pushing it

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRFY6cxVNFM - Crucible 4:44

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVv5nrm2

  • You can use Night’s embrace if you are short of a good green Necklace
  • Chillmane shoulders, so fitting here instead of sentinel shoulders. Dmg is roughly the same but you get another AoE proc and some converted Ultos proc. Worth it and in style
  • If it is difficult to play at first, take some sipirit and put into physique until you get used to it.


In closing:

Never Ever piss off Korba…


Ring of Steel works better for Cold than for Pierce ==> confirmed :smiley:
Well done, @Superfluff!

And here I thought you said the pet build was the final one before xpac.

I’ve seen the video yesterday and was waiting for this to be posted. Ever since I saw the buffs to full set Korba in the patch notes I knew this was bound to be posted, especially since even before the buffs Korba RoS was already producing good numbers. congrats for this fluff!

Thanks, It works like a dream yes

Thank you. It was so smooth and easy with minimal testing that I just had to honor this set. I just took my old korba, gave it a slight polish and that was it.

I’ll be doing the same for Deathguard with an update, another set i’ve been into since AoM launch that is also an excellent Hybrid between AoE bursts and complementary Auto attack(Loving Necrotic edge atm)

Deathguard is another case for me. It’s always been one of the hardest builds to play personally even though it should obviously work. But it’s you so I know it will work :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not as easy but the trick is again to lay off extra casts & bindings to only worry about the essentials. It’s basically Korba but with a different geometry, BH vs RoS, and different means of survival

Was there ever any doubt :cry:


Good one fluff.

RoS don’t suck anymore :omg:
Its time to test long forgotten full Venomblade, then =)(with 50% phyz resist on top of 3k armor and 3k DA :p)
Gratz on Kober.

Ring of Steel never sucked, what are you talking about? It’s been decent since Blademaster era. It’s just got OP with AoM thanks to skill mods

Full Vileblade will be suckier version of Korba

Oh, cobra provide 125% WD AND -1.5 sec recharge? This is madness :smiley:

cool RoS variant liked the idea :wink:

Thank you.

I also want venomblade to succeed but korba is brutal compared to it.

  1. Far less % wp dmg at th cost of having 1m extra radius
  2. Auto attack with venomblade cannot hope to complementSavagery from Korba. Acid in general as everyone know lacks good AA. Deathguard is fun cause the set as that good if you stack enough flat dmg
  3. Probably most important as far as RoS goes. The CD. Korba has 1.5. Imo Basilisk medal should drop the conversion and give it -1 sec or smth

@stoya thank.

@Chthon. Pierce is fine save for RoS that just needs that CD. I tried RoS based Belgo and while it doesn’t hit as strong, Belgo AA hits stronger so if RoS had less CD it would all even out

  1. Probably most important as far as RoS goes. The CD. Korba has 1.5. Imo Basilisk medal should drop the conversion and give it -1 sec or smth

That mod is just insane. Double DPS of RoS and perma Fumble :rolleyes:

Yeah the way it rips away Hp bar is very satisfying and smooth. The reach too. You can’t see on screen cause the mod does not affect the animation but it makes RoS really greedy.

As for the figh fumble+lifesteal, It’s rare that i’ve played a DW build (no mirrors, mot) and can be so relaxed facing 3x dangerous melee Nemeses at once, maybe Avenger cause he’s made of bark but he’s not DW

Dude come on

Pierce Spam PB is in a tight spot, it works cause PB is good. I tried it with 2x pistols (worse way) and with an incredibly exotic MI. It was still miles behind other PB builds

RoS Pierce is decent, heck I’d even call it good but it lacks CD. I would concur that my testing didn’t have good slicers so my compliments are all directed to Reaver’s Claw RoS

We have Pierce Caster skills that aren’t the best possible choices for Pierce Caster skills :confused:.

Pierce Hagarrad with Blind Ass that JoV came up with is the only good one

Wow I just happen to have Korba’s trickster lying around, but it felt like shit.

Sees RoS conduit with chaos res and two greens with “of Kings”

Welp, I guess it still belongs in dustbin.

I wanted one for Acid Venomblade :smiley: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/910172416589226401/749A7A0D98706EA211F1F9D0B2282C5A5E5981E6/
BTW anyone need Conduits with Blade trap modifiers? I have 12 of them :smiley:

Is one supposed to feel in any sort of way about this?:eek: Also Don’t use conduit? Pretty sure peerless Beronath can do it just not as well cause less radius. Try finding your own way, don’t go on a strike until someone comes up with all purple/blue build. I do that sometimes if the compromise isn’t too high and gear fits together

Ask crate to add Hp and phys res to more legendary items. And better overall resists.

Same for CC. Stun res and especially slow res. It is what it is

Yours doesn’t have chaos res, and the build in the OP caps the chaos res through the conduit (2.2% chance to craft, assuming no weighting on affixes). Without chaos conduit, some of the components/augments will have to be sacrificed, which reduces OA/DA and armor absorption. Less absorption means pants and/or shoulders slot has to be replaced with Scaled Hide, which further drops resistances and DA, which puts additional strain on augs and other components. So the build will feel like shit if you don’t have double-rare slots and the conduit ready.

It’s just a general pattern I see with most “ez gladiator 150-170” builds: the gear requirements means you have to pretty much farm gladiator 150-170 to get it, which kinda defeats the point. The highlights of your build is chaos conduit and two double rares, without them RoS is terrible with small radius and no damage even with Korba’s.

Where this armor absorbtion myth coming from? Why ppl think that extra 300-500 less flat dmg from phyz attack make a huge difference?
Heck, one can always drop Mark of night for Imbued silver and enjoy chaos resistance on top of racial dmg bonus.