[] Pierce Brosnan: 5:00m Crucible 150-170, SR 75-76 resilient pierce caster Infiltrator [c+][sr+] (+bonus build inside)

It used to be 100% before the current patch and it was nerfed just a few days ago. It’s not even going to be 90% due to the way conversion works in this game, and cold>pierce is the most important conversion which is now removed in the sword. You can still get around 90% max if you swap belts to pack of treacherous means but it’s not gonna be as potent as the previous iteration unless a huge overhaul is done.

So that means this build doesn’t work anymore?damn…

The current iteration does not work anymore. There’s an emphasis cause I’m sure there are some fixes but I’ll leave that to @mad_lee.

I will roll out an update version a bit later this weekend. I will have to change the belts as x1x2 pointed out.
It is a shame that Nadaan’s conversion was made this ugly.

Update - Builder’s Rebuke

Sigh, Crate completely ruined conversion on Nadaan targeting this build among others. Pretty sad.

Oh well, had to rework the build and make it a bit stronger than before. And it’s easier to gear now.

@vheissu @Ericberic @Violetls In case you guys were wondering what to do after Nadaan’s nerf.


Thanks man, love your work! Ya brought me something nice to look forward to. :nerd_face:

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Edit: Nevermind it seems like grim tools is just displaying incorrectly now that I look at your screenshots above.
Great job with the retool of the build, I can’t wait to take it for a spin.

Test run of the new iteration. Consistent at 5.00, safe and fun to play if you enjoy piano!

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Thanks for the vid! Will add it to the op.

Updated to

Old man is back and Brosnan is still alive and well:


some more videos of build’s performance:

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Can this build do Celestials? Or is Infiltrator generally to squishy for those?


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Less than 2 minutes for a Celestial?
Ahahahaha, I’m quitting this game. It’s the time I take to kill a single Nemesis in vanilla. This is insane! (Positively insane, but still insane)

What about CoE or Callagadra?

@Stupid_Dragon thank you, that is impressive indeed :slight_smile:

Didn’t even break a sweat :smirk:

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Show off. :wink: