[] Poison Ivy MUITO TÓXICO - DW 4k OA Sentinel poisoned Ravager fatally

If you want make a DW-melee poison/acid build, the Dervish/Witchhunter seems to be the best solution … may be correct but not the only option. The Occultist in combination with the Oathkeeper also have a lot to offer (rr, +damage, default attack, physical res, flat damage). Keyword flat damage. This is what you (can) get :slight_smile:


=[ CONCEPT ]===============
Righteous Fervor spam with 27% Smite and 32% double Burning Void WPS. Heartpiece of the build is Ascension buffed by Basilisk Claw. Uptime is ~69% (20,4s with CDR -6s Time Dilation -> 10s uptime with 14,4s recharge). With Virtue’s Gaze uptime goes up to ~97%. Ascension provides a moving Inquisitor Seal with 290 damage absorption, 330% to all damage and 15% OA. Furthermore 112 flat acid damage and 16% IAS. With flat damage from hardcapped Blood of Dreeg and converted Solael’s Witchfire (up to 60% chaos to acid and 90% vitality to acid conversion) Poison Ivy is stabbing her victims furiously.

With all Procs/Passives/Actives

=[ OFFENCE ]===============

  • 4.006 OA
  • Ascension!
  • 132 Acid/Poison-RR -> 31 Vulnerability + 37 Celestial Presence + 30 Rumor + 24 Raise the Dead + Plague of Rot

=[ DEFENCE ]===============

  • 3.001 DA
  • 37% physical res
  • Ghouhlish Hunger / Prismatic Rage / ASCENSION

=[ GEAR AND ALTERNATIVES ]===============

=[ DEVOTION ]===============
Mandatory: Ghoul, Murmur, Aeon’s Hourglass
Recommended: Solemn Watcher, Sailor’s Guide, Eye of the Guardian, Affliction, Revenant
Rest is matter of taste. I choose Hawk, Hound, Eel and Jackal

=[ CRUCIBLE / SHATTERED REALM ]===============
Farming Crucible is very comfortable with this build (4 Buffs / 1 Banner). I played shard 50 for the skill-point-quest with no problem so far.

==[ CONCLUSION ]==============='
Lack of skillable fumble/damage reduction is uncomfortable in celestial fights (use components/arguments/runes to compensate).This is not the full-sceen-AOE-caster but AOE in a 3m radius is quite good. You need movement (yes, my movement is highly improvable) for fast Crucible times. Turn Ascension on (maybe it’s up forever) and have a nice time :slight_smile:

=[ VIDEOS ]===============
[] Mad Queen
[] Dummy
[] Kra’vall
[] Kubacabra open air
[] Ravager of Flesh overcap vitality/bleeding res by 55% and use Rune of Murmur’s Kiss for damage reduction/oa shred
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170


Really cool to see a build showcasing DW Basilisk Claws, especially with these results!

A couple of naive questions for you stemming from my own attempts to fiddle with the weapon:

  1. Did you experiment at all trying to build this spec as a Dervish? Obviously the Blade Barrier mod for Basilisk Claw isn’t going to be aiding clear times at all when you’re not specced for retal, but I’m curious to know, if you did try it, what kind of offensive price are you paying for the privilege of adding a low cooldown Blade Barrier into the mix with Hourglass and Ascension?

  2. Do you feel strongly that Affliction is optimal here? I feel like whenever I try to build with it, I lose a lot of flexibility in my other devotions. I guess the cost to access it here is a bit lower if you’re already set on using Eye of the Guardian, since you get those 3 purples, but with acid damage, it seems like there’s a strong temptation to equip a second Ring of Shuroth and start using converted vitality devotions. Scales+completed Murmur with a point to spare is possible over Revanant+the Affliction points, as is Scales+Bat+3 extra points over Revenant+Affliction+Eye of the Guardian, for example.

Transformed the build to a Dervish: GRIMTOOLS
Gear changes:

[ Dervish ] =============================== [ Sentinel]
Acid damage -------- screenshot13 screenshot14
Poison Damage -----screenshot11 screenshot15
IAS ----------------------192% ----------------------------------- 195%
Physical res ------------ 21% ------------------------------------ 37%
Dodge ------------------- 32% ------------------------------------ 11%
OA ----------------------- 3547 ----------------------------------- 4006
DA ------------------------3203 ----------------------------------- 3001
HP ---------------------- 11741 --------------------------------- 12145
RR ------------------------- 131 ------------------------------------ 132

Res are nearly similar overcapped. Both builds feel comparable in Crucible (cleartime). Shredding the dummy took 3s longer with the dervish. I don’t like Blade Barrier -> standing around and doing nothing. Defensive wise its the same for me (Dervish looses phy res but has dodge). Using the rr is much more pleasant/efficient with the dervish. The Sentinel scores in terms of oa/da.

I prefer Revenant because of the IAS. One can argue about affliction. I like the OA/Crit-Bonus. Furthermore you get a Celestial Power, flat damage and a bit +damage. Your suggestion is also good. The Eye of the Guardian works pretty well for me (damge and ADCTH support). I wouldn’t take it out.

Thanks for your input!

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Wow, I was not expecting a full write-up here, so to get this level of detail over choices you opted against in your build is truly a treat! The alternate Dervish spec especially offers some really valuable context for both the build and the Basilisk Claw weapon, and it’s nice to see that the choice of Occultist or NIghtblade here appears to be as much about flavor as it is about performance.

It’s pretty hard to argue against OA+Crit bonuses on a build like this, particularly when Affliction(+Eye of the Guardian) offers a good amount of extra synergy on the path to these bonuses. I suppose if someone really wanted to try Scales over Revenant, then it should be noted that the Crit from Panther fits in easily there, but otherwise, there’s just not really additional access to Crit damage without totally straying from your devotion path. I think you have me convinced on Affliction.


You’re welcome!

Update -> nothing :wink:

Very cool idea and application. Big like :slight_smile: Cheers

in GT i see 3,8k full

In GT it shows the average values, by saying 4k it means he got above average rolls for OA on his gear. :slight_smile:

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