[] Strike from beyond! Aether Shadow Strike Reaper


As big fan of Shadow Strike, wanted to try the aether version. So result is the least damaging version of SS but perhaps the toughest one.

Build’s meant to use also new Blaze Herald weapons. And greens… lot’s of greens.

Also cool procs. Disclaimer: my build is not meant to be 100% optimal. Credit to very old SS Reaper posted by @Superfluff


  • pic with perma buffs and Soul Harvest. DPS for Shadow Strike.

  • damage breakdown for Shadow Strike, CD is 1.8 seconds.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQLjJpZ


Key is to use aether SS conduit, 2x Heralds (not named Nery) for their mods to Veil of Shadow. Also rings, helm and belt are important for conversion. Rest of items are for SS skill line bonuses. Relic is Impurity, Belgo is also an option.

  • in campaign I suggest to use Arcanum Dust augments for energy regen.


Spear+Aeon combo. I bound Aeon to SS, sometimes is possible to get 2x straight Shadow Strikes for quick burst damage. Ghoul+converted Bat for defense.


Build is really strong defensively, Necro’s skills like Harbinger of Souls for life steal, absorb from Torment and damage reduction from Omen are supplementing Nightblade’s defenses extremely well. So tough to die.

Most mobs have low innate aether resistances and quickly die. Problem are aether resistant Nemeses, which really slows me down. Average Crucible time is around 6:15, video from run of 6:03:


a difficult build to make work well :slight_smile: very nice nery

I want to ask a couple of things which you probably already tested

  1. Boots. Krieg boots giving 220% aether dmg and improving the overall build isn’t better than 2 pts in NjE? Same for Wraithwalkers extra %dmg and flat dmg from spectral binding. Or even timewalkers rr.

  2. Mindwarp is grabo these days after nerfs?

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You gotta use Belgo relic here, mate and get that last NJE point. A lot of damage hidden in that last point of NJE.

I didn’t want to use Belgo relic but yes it will be nice fit. Also check Gildam Arcanum suffix, I have. It can reset SS as well as Aeon.

It’s just the jump from 20/12 NJE to 22/12 is whopping 0.2 seconds. That’s a huge damage boost for an SS build.

I had gotten a Blaze Herald like this, and wondered how the heck am I going to use this. I think I’ll keep wondering because it’s not relevant in this build either!

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Why it’s not releveant? It’s perfect and also double rare MI.

Or you can make something like aether Purifier caster :thinking:

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I think aether Purifier caster will be a pain, too much unconverted DoT damage. I tried Dreadscorcher already and there was just so much damage wasted I couldn’t support. Now I leave aether to Arcanist and Necro builds.

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However, with the Bonemonger set just getting buffed, aether Paladin? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25kn0EZ

Might also be worth shifting points to work in RoK.

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I would want to see Apostate with weapon +set. Unfortunately weapon is blocking Decree of Five’s granted spam skill.

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