[] Team Concept: Heavy Assault Squad: 18 Mortars, 9 Storm Totems, Healers and Tank

Hi guys!

I’ve been coming up with a Heavy Assault Squad concept for a 4 person team. I’ve created four builds which complement one another. I am yet to test these builds, but am keen to hear what you think of the idea :smiley: Each build as a solo character will have strong deficiencies, but the team is designed so that the deficiencies of each build are covered by the other builds in the team, hopefully resulting in an incredible team that is both powerful and durable.

The goal for this is to create a scene of four incredibly powerful heros holding their ground against ridiculous odds while their traps and totems obliterate waves of enemies in seconds.

Here are the links and the key points of each build, let me know what you think:

–Heavy Artillery Squad –

Tank - 5x Mortar -| https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9D86v2
: 2x Taunts to keep focus off squishy teammates
: Flashbang (30% fumble/impaired aim, 210 DA reduced to enemy)
: Menhir’s Bastion for healing and 20% Damage Absorption
: Light of Empyrion for 24% reduced enemy damage
: Stone Form for teamwide damage absorption
: Presence of Virtue for OA, Health and Healing Effects Increase to team
: Guardians of Empyrion for -30% unique fire RR

Strengths: High damage mitigation, decent health.
Deficiencies: Poor damage in short fights due to high cooldown on Mortar Trap, low healing - May struggle to solo at higher levels of SR.

Augur Healer - 4x Mortar, 4x Storm Totem -| https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR8LQB2
: 540 + 93% Regen to the team
: Bonus heals: Empyrion’s Touch, Apothecary’s Touch, Healing Rain, Wendigo Totem
: Plenty of damage
: Inspiration buff (OA/DA)

Strengths: High AOE damage, Inspiration, lots of healing and regen to the team. Decent health.
Deficiencies: Poor damage mitigation - No damage reduction to enemies, no damage absorption

TurretMaster - 5x Mortar, 5x Storm Totem -| https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EaKdJ2
: -2s cooldown to Mortar Trap, -1.5s cooldown to Storm Totem, Eternity Relic for extra -1s every 4.5s, and 20% Cooldown Reduction

: Plenty of damage (high crit damage ( 106% on Mortar Traps)
: Additional AOE damage (Reckless Tempest, Fissure)
: Healing totem to team
: Inspiration (OA/DA buff to team)

Strengths: Very high AOE damage, Inspiration, Wendigo Totem
Deficiencies: Poor damage mitigation - No damage reduction to enemies, no damage absorption

Pyran/Bysmiel Healer - 4x Mortar Trap -| https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPj6Og2
: Heal 1 - Blood of Dreeg - +15% Phys Resist + Regen
: Heal 2 - Bysmiel’s Authority (additional heal)
: Two healer birds with a little bit of bonus elemental damage
: -30% unique Elemental RR
: Wide mortars (6m) with burn damage (Pyran’s Set) plus Meteor (relic), Meteor Shower (devotion), Fissure for added AOE (burn) damage.

Strengths: High AOE damage, physical resistance buff to team, lots of healing through birds and active heals
Deficiencies: Low health, low regeneration - Birds will help, but not enough to solo with. Birds may die if not managed well. The Augur Healer plus damage mitigation from Tank will help to keep them alive.

If anyone’s keen to make these builds with some friends to make this happen, I would so love to see a video of it!!

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