[] The fire ConeMan! Fire Flames of Ignaffar Purifier focused on conversion


After some break of not posting end game builds, time to return.

This build isn’t the strongest one for sure but it’s cool concept, which isn’t very popular. It’s fire FoI Purifier using Mageslayer set and focused on converting lightning and cold damage into fire. Also Fire Flames sounds thematically right.


  • permanent buffs only, standing on Inquisitor Seal. DPS for FoI.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1rd8zZ

Why Purifier?

Demo is natural fit for fire caster, also granting me cast speed boost. Mage Hunter with Olexra Flash Freeze or even Infiltrator are also options.


Core gear is Mageslayer set and items for conversion. Warpfire for cold one, also chest for lightning and rings for mixed cold/lightning conversion to fire. With good rolls you can get full cold to fire and almost 100% lightning to fire.

Other items/augments needs to cover the energy consumption of FoI, which is really energy hungry skill. Medals is also the MI one with attack damage converted to health to FoI.

  • Head is crafted with % slow.


Went for converted Seekers+Torch combo. Also Ghoul and Bat for defense, Elemental Storm for flat RR. My issue with this map is the lack of extra defense/damage absorb. Stuff like Phoenix or Turtle would’ve been helpful.


Build is kinda squishy, especially against burst damage. Key is to kite if you’re in trouble. This is perhaps the only kiting channeling skill build in the world :sweat_smile:

But 50% of FoI damage is burn and kiting is needed rarely, mostly against Mad Queen and Anasteria.

Times are around 5:35 on average, my best one is 5:16, video:


Is the off-hand worth it over Mythical Tome of Names with 22% casting speed and -20% Elemental Res debuff? And you don’t even need +2 FoI because you have 14/16 native in it. And lot of flat already. DoTs don’t matter for FoI due to 1/s application rate if I understand the mechanics correctly. It does have Crit though I’ve just noticed. Imo it might be worth trying to beat your time with it. Thanks for your FoI builds as I like the skill and play it sometimes.

Another thing. Why is the build not listed in Latest or Classes, Skills and Builds?
Is it because some privacy setting? But then again it’s listed in your profile.

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I am not sure of this off-hand, cast speed is nice but most of my damage is DoT, so it’s hard to fit it in. For utility Vanity is nice with -CD proc, also big chunks of OA/DA and +1 Demo. Guess I wanted to use the dedicated off-hand. But if it had cast speed, it will undoubtedly BiS.

On my PC is in classes and skills section, Idk what’s the problem :thinking:

Please upload your save so that I can make a dummy video tests :wink:
I will test if my intuition is correct or wrong which will be useful for future builds
I started using OBS instead of Fraps and I love it and make lots of videos :wink:
Doesn’t hurt my FPS as Fraps did.
Also watching records helps you a great deal with understanding deaths.

This is getting exciting!

_Eon.zip (1.2 MB)

I had to finish SR in my minimized game to have level saved for waystone before I could switch to your character.

Test video
(1st off-hand Agrivix is shown before the 2nd kill)

Test results
(I was not biased. I measured times in the same way)

Interpretation of results
1s for Mythical Tome of Names and surprisingly the same pattern X, X+1, X but I would say they’re equal. I expected a clear difference.
And Mythical Tome of Names drains energy faster.

Since there’s no clear winner. The choice off the off-hand should be based on player’s preference.

PS You can see GDAutocaster in action. Two buttons were used to cast skills. 1st when casting all the permabuffs before burning down the dummy. 2nd RMB was during the fight.

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Thanks for the tests!

Similar results, yup. Btw how you can see anything with these particles? :wink:

Also how you made this cursor red? What mod is it?

It’s a famous Yolo Mouse:

Not aesthetically pleasing but at least I never lose it. You can set different colors, shapes and sizes.
You can also set different cursors for different game elements, for example

  • grass

  • enemies

  • npcs

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Until you find a high fire resistant mob to face off.

Some cheesy green idea. Let’s go back to Nightblade and dual-wield the FoI daggers :wink:
(just showing it because I’m too drained by clunkiness and energy consumption of the skill to test it)

It’s a shame these daggers don’t have -%Energy cost like the Chaos ones: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28b00DZ

I think I’ll make myself some Mage Slayer Infiltrator with just Flames of Ignaffar and Inquisitor Seal (FoI proccing Eldritch, Blade Spirit Elemental Storm, Seal Meteor Shower) to cast because these types of builds feel really nice with few buttons. This would the the Flames of Ignaffar build with the lowest number of buttons.

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Damn seal…

Inquisitor should be balanced so that taking the stupid seal wasn’t mandatory for every endgame build.
Play an Inquisitor means sitting on a seal. If don’t sit on it, you’re gimping your build.
Basically you’re crippled if you go Inquisitor

You stand still while you channeling Flames of Ignaffar anyway.
This is the price for Inquisitor Seal to be this tanky (Censure + Seal) - to have to cast Inquisitor Seal.
If you don’t like it just make a build that doesn’t use the Seal. Make it more tanky to compensate for the lack of Seal if needed.

Btw if you want to see what it means to be ‘crippled’ try swapping Inquisitor to some other support class in various builds that use it :slight_smile:

Actually for channeling or ranged build, Seal is fitting. DW Infiltrator usually is played without it.

Amen for that, I hate channeling build with too many buttons. Just check Lee’s chaos AAR Mage Hunter :cold_face:

As for DW, I am not sure. Loss of CDR is pretty noticeable on casters, even if you’re spamming one skill and also energy is concerning.

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