[] The Raisin Cookie Cutter - Rah'zin Witch Hunter

because everything is better with raisins

The classic Rah’zin Witch Hunter, but with my special touch : no ABB and a hint of casting.
I hate having to keep Lethal Assault up, so instead I hardcapped Second Rite and converted it with a Bloodsworn Scepter. And with the scepter, I can hardcap Destruction, so add some sigils to the mix. Ah and I like AQC so I use it instead of Belgo’s, since it’s nearly fully converted and has crit damage, correct me if I’m wrong but it shouldn’t be a dps loss for once.

:arrow_forward: Grimtools link :arrow_backward:

  • 3 pieces are craftable, I used 2x stun res and 1x slow res. The CC resistances suck but the sigils keep us alive. The scepter is vendor-farmable in the Blood Grove so getting a good one isn’t too difficult ; the prefix is highly recommended, of Alacrity/the Cabal/Solael’s Malice are good suffix alternatives.

  • Less greens setup
    The DA is way lower, but it’s not an issue as long as you don’t get a Cruel mutator.


  • Slathsarr Aethergaze
    fumble fumble fumble
    At least he can’t fumble the sigils but he should be handled alone, a health potion is required under bad mutators.

  • Reaper
    The usual suspect, resists chaos, deals stupidly high damage. Always a touch fight under bad mutators.

  • Cruel mutator
    The DA is too low to avoid crits, the mutator can cause you to get gibbed by hero packs. I recommend using the camera trick in the boss room to avoid getting bursted down.


This is a respec of an old character I levelled with vitality Phantasmal Blades, so I have no guide to provide. Poison Shadow Strike or spam Dreeg’s Eye and other great options to level.


  • Shattered Realm

Consistently clears SR75-76, the non-boss chunks are actually dangerous because of the random CC you receive and the low hp + damage crystals combo.

Low quality gameplay video of SR75 with bad mutators (-attack speed, +mobs chaos res)

  • Crucible


  • Ravager

Did I even need potions


I like tankier DW melee not the glassy CR versions. Looks solid.


I could make it even tankier with the safe DG + Scales + 3-point Obelisk path if I wanted :stuck_out_tongue:
But the damage needs to be insane.

You have low stun and slow res. That can be a bit problematic sometimes. But not against Ravager :slight_smile:

You can fix the slow res by using the Timewarped boots, the stoneplates are just for the 22/12 Second Rite gimmick. But those aren’t a problem when you account the smith bonuses, cause guess what’s killing the build more ? Fucking freeze. Freeze everywhere in the trash chunks :frowning:

My DW chaos Warlock can do SR 80 boss rooms easily but it is crushed in first three chunks also.

Rather strange and, say, suboptimal gear choice.
Why not Demonbones, Sigil of Cthon (etc)?
Also OA is not that needed as you don’t have dots and high crits.
Taking Guardian’s Gaze would help with AoE, if needed.

Taking SoC looks odd as you need to disrupt your melee attacks and imo, it doesn’t cost that.

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I did have Demonbone + Sigil of Chthon at some point (see the less greens version), hardcapping Second Rite is quite a lot of flat and I felt the dps was higher this way, but I’d need crucible runs to prove it…

SoC fits pretty well when you pump so much damage into it, with 160% cast speed you only lose like 1 melee hit, which you make up for with the damage over time. In crucible it’s probably not useful but it makes the difference for survival in SR.

+1 for the GG aoe, I need it.