[] There's some light in Virtue! Aegis fire Sentinel CR+/SR75


My first ever Forgotten Gods content builds was fire Virtue Shieldbreaker. And it was my first SR farming build. After that both Virtue set and Aegis were nerfed and were really bad for long period. After serious buffs, time to present my new Aegis build.

Why Sentinel? Sentinel have nice flat damage sources for conversion, heal, OA and physical resistance even. I’ve played before SB and Templar. Even Warlord will be option, mind lot slower. And of course Paladin for extra bulkiness. But Sentinel is fine option. I saw @banana_peel did non set Aegis Sentinel with MI shield, credit to him. So Virtue Sentinel…


  • pic with permanent buffs, Ascension and Absolution. DPS for Aegis

  • damage breakdown for Aegis of Menhir fully buffed

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYWK1XV


Key is full Virtue set, which is mono Oathkeeper class set, boosting Aegis skill. Weapon and medal also have nice mods to the skill. Absolution relic is basically made for Aegis builds. Rings gives me full vitality conversion (with weapon) and also allows me to go 3x Guaridans. Belt for extra +1 Oathkeeper and conversion helps with Blood of Dreeg flat damage. Pants and boots are up for personal taste, mind OA/DA are problematic, so both items are nice fit.

One problem of gearing is the shortage of overcaped resistances and medal giving innate acid doesn’t help either.


Caster oriented, Magi+Torch for fire damage. Also Scales for passive healing and flat RR. I took Ghoul and Turtle for defense as well. In SR you can sub Fiend with Bat for extra healing.


In Crucible build is safe and fun to play. Some enemies might burst you, so some caution is needed. Iron Maiden is definitely the slowest Nemesis to be killed. Times around 5:15 on average, video from my fastest run of 4:56!

In SR 75/76 should be possible for farming, but I still wouldn’t push my luck against multiple Nemesis in boss chunks.

Here’s video from full 76th Shard. Mad Queen is really nasty opponent in SR, had to kite her :weary:


Another great build, I’m going to be busy. I have a Paladin using the Virtue set and it’s very strong, this looks really good too. Thanks for posting.

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Thank you!

Paladin with Censure and Seal from Inquisitor looks mighty and is better suited for deep realms. Especially if you add Phoenix to it and stacks damage absorb, which is powerful defensive mechanism.

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Yes, I never play crucible, but do a bit of SR. This build looks very easy to level, just right for a fumble fingers like me. I rely on you builders because I’m terrible at making my own.

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Slow down with the neat builds nery i can only level so fast! xD

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Hey, I thought Grenado was the flavour of the month. I assume everyone’s made Grenado build faster and you were left with Aegis :wink: But made 5min build anyway. Hmmm I might do 5 x Gildam Arcanum fantasy version of it (4 if using the set) for fun and longer Aegis combos.

PS You have the same problem as in my Fire Oppressor GT - Stormfire unbinds itself from the devotion (watch out because it happened to me in-game as well without touching the weapon). Tip - for Grim Tools to save it binding Stormfire to devotion has to be the last thing before generating the link. I once had 2 skills that kept unbinding themselves so binding them had to be done at the end.

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Ha, that’s so true :smile:

Grenado? I think you mean Canister bomb, that’s a strong skill!

Gildam Arcanum is great suffix, especially if your main skill is CD based.

I removed Stormfire to take the screenshot with Aegis DPS, so must’ve removed from bindings.

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Are you playing Grim Dawn on a calculator? Geez…

Nery plays on a laptop. You need to have a very good one to ensure the best FPS which influences clear times and record at the same time.

Which do you think is stronger then? I mean super crazy optimized green non-set version or maybe the :banana: version you watched.

That’s tough question. Non set version with good rolls like CDR one from shield can dish some incredible damage but Virtue should still be slightly better all-around perhaps :thinking:

@banana_peel of Aegis opinion?

Both Virtue and Aegis were buffed, so now are in good shape. Also since it’s mono set, you can make it work in multiple classes. Only problem will be that you’ll lack +skills to the second mastery.

I was back and forth on full Virtue but decided against in the end cause i wanted to focus on Aegis solely and custom items afford lower cd and hence better clear speed.

1 Like buff to Weapon Damage to Aegis of Menhir.

Not sure if/when Virtue was buffed. Also medal after FG initial release lost it’s crit damage bonus, I think at some point had fire to acid conversion. Also Absolution was first nerfed and then buffed back again.

I watched the video more carefully:

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Perks of playing in Crucible. :smile:

Shield bouncing is cool. Both fire and acid are great damage dealers. Banana of Menhir have acid non retal Sentinel and I’ve tried hybrid. Acid retal version have almost double the sheet damage of Aegis but higher CD and no procs, so it’s slower.

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Nice build, have you considered putting more points in Heart of Wrath for extra fire dmg? At lv 17 it has 200 fire dmg + 438 burn /2s.

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I don’t have free points for better investment in Judgement an since Aegis damage is so huge, it’s worth investing in passive flat damage to boost that skill.


I’m very interested in trying this out.
Besides the main skill Aegis, what talents should I prioritize while leveling?

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Why did you decide to go 15/16 Guardian of Empyrion? Is it worth it?

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  • Guardians 24/16 gives you extra summon!

  • For leveling Aegis will be your main skill, I will take Vulnerability and Blood of Dreeg as well, then Celestial Presence and exclusive skill. Also one point in Vire line.

  • Also worth saying you need some filler, either Righteous Fervor or spam Greater Fireblast from component.

How did this hold up from ? A couple minor nerfs but still good? Would you still go sentinel for a fire shield throwing build?

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