[] War Priest - Themed Paladin - Healing, Support, Tanking | Cr vid 160-170 | SR 75+

War Priest Delkyra

The build is packed with healing and team buffs. Here is a video of soloing 160-170 Gladiator Crucible (buffs, no banners). The fight is slow but it is easy.

This build is intended to fit the theme of ‘War Priest’. It is not intended to replace damage classes (clearly) or retaliation tanks, but is intended to provide strong healing and protection to the team while being able to hold their own in a fight.

This is a physical damage Paladin that uses a combination of runic magic and her hammer to deal devastating blows to the enemy.

Considering this is intended to be a support / warrior hybrid, I feel like it is shown here - The sheer amount of regen/healing/damage absorption from this build is nuts. It does enough damage to get through everything, but it’s certainly not going to be breaking any speed challenges. Still, for a build that can sustain a team, I’m really happy with the thematic-yet-functional nature of this build.

If you’re looking for a new War Priest for your ranks, consider this build :wink: