[] Weekend at Burnie’s - Pure Fire Sorcerer - Build in Progress, expert input solicited


So I thought I’d try my hand at an all-fire Sorcerer build…


Relevant screen captures below.

The build is founded on the Pyran set’s modifications to Devastation and a little secret sauce from the Vanquisher amulet for 100% Callidor’s conversion.

Method is as follows:

  • Charge in
  • Drop Thermite Mines
  • Cast Devastation
  • Hold down Callidor’s Tempest
  • Use Pyran’s Fire as a tactical nuke

It’s a hell of a lot of fun to play. Uses tons of procs so there’s just orange flame and rocks flying everywhere. Lots of RR stackage, too. OA is high enough for a decent crit percentage for a Sorcerer, and DA is high enough to take critical hits off the table (without certain mutators). Resistances are exquisitely tuned, IMO. The problem as I see it is that Callidor’s Tempest needs enemies within melee distance and despite the defensive equipment and devotions, the build still plays a bit too glassy for higher Crucible and SR shards. It gives out around 50-55 for SR and 150s for Crucible.

So, I’m looking for some advice - should I retool the devotion map for more offense with Ulzuin’s Torch in the service of nuking everything before it gets close? I’m using Herald of Blazing Ends primarily for its cast speed and the cool Meteor proc - is there a more recommended weapon? Notice I’m not really using Stormfire - should I use it in addition to or in place of something else, or should I use a different weapon component? Should I ditch Callidor’s for something else? Do I need Nullification if I’m using Ulo’s? For that matter, should I even use Ulo’s? Is this the best this particular build can do in highest content at this point? I welcome suggestions and improvements.