[] 2H Spinning Chaos EoR Shieldbreaker - SR65-75+

My first build post… I’ve always wanted to do a Wrath of Tenebris EoR build and this one worked out better than expected so I thought I’d share.

Grimtools https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXLPvkN

Stats with permanent buffs only:

Offensive Highlights:

  • 250k+ DPS before Ascension, Hungering Void, Abominable Might. Lots more with whichever combination of them is up.
  • Big crits: 75% Crit Damage with >3000 OA before Hungering Void or Ascension
  • 90% Chaos RR plus 15 Flat RR

Defensive Highlights:

  • 14.5k Life, >2800 DA, ~2K Armor, 26% Phys Res, Overcapped Resists
  • 27% Life Steal plus Bat
  • ~70% Stun resist, 40-60% other CC resists depending on crafting
  • 3x Circuit Breakers

Build Tactics:

  1. Spin
  2. Win
  3. Repeat

Build Performance: I can do SR65 and I’m new/terrible, so I assume a competent player could do SR75 or better. I haven’t tried Crucible yet but I will update when I do.


  • Weapon and Amulet are obviously Mandatory.
  • 3pc Rah’Zin is BiS
  • Rings are BiS to get to 26 EoR.
  • Medal is good for flat RR, but you could adjust the Devotions to pick up Revenant and go with a different Medal. Trouble is you don’t have a convenient skill to Proc Revenant and you really want to maximize your Spin time, not stop to cast random stuff.
  • Legs and Boots are flexible to maximize your Resists and CC. Gloves too just maxmize Attack Speed and take whatever. If you find good Reapers Legguards (+3 Eor) or use the Fire gloves (+2 Eor) that would give you some room to experiment with different Rings and still hit 26 EoR.
  • I use this helm for the automatic 100 OA/DA debuffs, basically a double Seal of Annihilation. Frees up Amulet Component slot. You could go with another helm (Ravager).
  • Build is very energy hungry, hence the 2x Arcane Sparks.

Note: This build would likely be better done as a Sentinel. Less RR but better Survivability. But I did Shieldbreaker because of the following logic:

  1. My Sentinel is already set up as Physical EoR. Chaos EoR would be a downgrade (because everything is a downgrade from converted Physical damage). Why would I downgrade such a fun class?
  2. My Shieldbreaker was already set up as Fire EoR. Fire EoR is rather painful to play. Too much Fire Resist and too litte survive. I wonder if Chaos would be better even on such an obviously Fire-based class?
  3. Holy moly.
  4. Chaos Shieldbreaker it is!