[] A Warborn Warlord - Breakthrough The Movie + Build

First of all, I’d like to thank Armada Music & Blue Soho Recordings for their support with the music
I appreciate it very much

This film is dedicated to everyone who loves to smash monsters

>> A Warborn Warlord - Breakthrough The Movie <<


Over 600 hours from the idea to leveling and theorycrafting till the end result

A build for Hardcore Ultimate Grim Dawn
Can it run HC? - for sure (Shattered Realm safe till 55-60 i recommend all buffs & lotions)

Facetank 99.9% of all monsters in the game for everyday use
(with the exception of Mogdrogen & Crate of Entertainment - equipment / resistance need to be redesigned)

Some details about the build:

The Visor is crafted at Angrim for the additional +4% Armor

Below are some stats compared to unbuffed / buffed (Selfbuffs + Devotion-buffs)
unbuffed%20stats all%20buffed
unbuffed%20resist buffed%20resist
unbuffed%20ss buffed%20ss
unbuffed%20df buffed%20df

Another stats:
highest%20DMG modifier

With the medal we get our health replenishment via Shattering Smash & Overguard (only needed on really heavy income of DMG)

From Devotions:
“Tip the Scales” (+Energy Leech) (on SC you can spec into Assassin’s Blade instead if you want)
“Maul” (+ Armor debuff on enemy)
And also from “Dryad’s blessing” (and +Armor)
MedalTip%20the%20ScalesMaul Dryads%20Blessing

More Armor comes from Shield Wall (+Shield DMG Blocked)

“Inspiration” gives us Energy back + OA & DA buff + additional resistances

We get DMG-Absorb from following sources:

thats it

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Note: i will reupload the Video for better quality

if i had a wish free in Grim Dawn

Dire Bear Complete Constellation Bonus gives 2 instead of 1 and on Maul additional OA or DA debuff


No Assassin’s Blade and no Guardians in physical build?
No maxing Cadence?

And no ring of the black matriarch, non-full investment in break morale (warborn builds are the only ones which can achieve near to 100% uptime of war cry), no deathstalker relic, no celestial presence for more physical RR… even non-full synergy between veterancy and military conditioning, to max cunning dump…


Actual 100% uptime because the helm puts War Cry at 4,5 secs CD and both the damage reduction in the base skill and RR in break morale last 5 secs.

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Stating it is the easy part, but actually achieving it not so much. You need some extra points the build just doesn’t seem to have. I would probably build it like this, but you lose Menhir’s Bulwark: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vxwo4p2

For my part, I can say that I have tested many Devotion setups.

With Ghoul - With Behemoth - With Harvest - With Assassin’s Blade - With Rhowan - With Oleron
And so on - I compared it with use / gain and what you give up for it

Also the skills - like 26 Cadence - Break Morale - have all that stuff maximized in every possible combination with fighting spirit or squadtactics and so on

And many Ring combination aswell.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that in this combination it completely met my needs for myself - a hardcore farmer for 99.9% of the game content

And a build for people who also want to play hardcore but don’t dare to yet

At the moment im around 60 now in HC and a friend of me and i will test then coop
So the goal is also to tank everything possible away and doin a decent amount of dmg


apart from solo play, we would like to breath in a little flair such as in World of Warcraft with its classic role distribution. Tank - DD - Healer - Supporter etc

hence this build is not meant to be a “millionbrazillion lol i can kill Callagadra in -1 Minute and 32 seconds” Char
for the pewpew my buddy builds his characters purely on damage

but one more time - this build here can also kill 99,9% Bosses on his own - as shown in the Video
an that very safe :slight_smile:

hope that clarifies something hereby

and my statement should not sound like a protective wall, on the contrary, I am already looking carefully at what other thoughts and expressions are being made for skills and / or devotions / gear

in the end my knowledge expands through this

I thank you very much for that



Here is a little update on Hardcore


One Menhirian Ring and the Hammerfall Belt is missing + the Enchantent Earth Enchants on few parts of the Gear

When i finish getting the gear we going to kill Callagadra

So leveling was never a dangerous and every Encounter on Ultimate also

We did SR till 25 2 days ago and killed Ravager of Minds

Buddy is playin Sorcerer

leveling was pretty easy solo and coop and you dont need any specific gear to reach 100
Just use what fits halfway in the build and supports it - thats it

Easy Devotions Setup just use what Builds using it at the end - through leveling Characters Level you level on the fly your Devotions wich are used in Endgame Build/Content

Starting with Dryad -> Tortoise -> Thron -> Eel -> Dire Bear -> Harp -> Solemn Watcher -> Scales of Ulcama -> One Point in Blue Crossroads -> Obelsik of Menhir -> Targo the Builder and the last one then Ulzaad’s

Character Skills i have started with Soldier -> maxing Field Command - War Cry - Break Moral - Menhir’s Bulwark - every other Skills that are used in the Build first of all just one Point

When i reached Menhir’s Bulwark maxed i switched on Oathkeeper spending few points on Safeguard and on every used skill one point till you reach Clarity of Purpose
After that i have started maxing out Safeguard - Rebuke - Ascension & Clarity of Purpose then the rest on Soldier and Oathkeepr skills whats left - meanwhile you getting gear and combine the skillpoint that you come near the endbuild

No rr in devotions AND in skills? Bruh…