[] Albrecht the Leech - super tanky aether AAR Spellbinder, 3 versions, Ravager killer, very easy SR 80+

People are WAYYY too sensitive these days /facepalm

Based on what is ahead of me, just killed the warden. Leveling maxed inferno and flash freeze, that way hit them with 3 elements. Can this carry me to the end of normal?

It will be a lot slower than just using another skill until you are around 50 and can swap to AAR. even if you spec just a bit into Trozan’s, you will be in a much better spot.

I have leveled AAR builds SSF a few times, but not recently though. I just switch to AAR once I get a pulsing shard as soon as I get to the amalgamation (to get that off-hand) so around level 35ish. Energy I solve with ectoplasms like everywhere, bone talisman relic skill and some “of insight” rare suffix items (and of meditation magic suffix). Getting mental alacrity up and 2nd node owl also helps a bit too. Message is, if you want to use AAR asap, you can do it. I think personally for me it was worth the “hassle” but might not be that for someone else :slight_smile:

At level 28 or 29… did go Aar and energy is the issue I am having. As a controller player I can’t use sky shard because it never hits enemies.

And you have the things i mentioned?

Nope actually just clicked 29 in the Crucible testing out Grim Internals and rainbow…

Pulsing shard off hand has energy cost red, and the bone talisman relic skill works as almost a second health pot. Ectoplasms gives energy and energy regen. Mental alacrity gives energy cost red and so does 2nd node in owl. Aslo you can be conservative about points spent in disintegration at first.

Got the bone talisman and bumped up inner focus with 2 ecto components and energy isn’t bothersome any more.

So off topic question is it rainbow or grim internal that places an MI in front of monster infrequent name? I ask because MI and S make since but I saw a DR and can’t puzzle that one out.

Great! Hope you get to farm amalgamation soon for a decent pulsing shard, it should become even better in the energy then :slight_smile:

its Rainbow mod. Afaik.

I understand MI and S but DR?? means what?

Double Rare. No idea how it counts for that, if it is rare tier base and one rare affix it is DR or just single rare. Perhaps better if you read or ask in the rainbow mod thread.

Hello there!
Rockin your build on HC, works like charm (-amulet and ring)
Have little question
How important adcth on shard for SR? Cause i have DR Flashwraped Codex with almost perfect rolls (Aetherfire/of Abomination), flat aether damage to AAR and 100% vitality to aether (belt+codex) just looks to juicy with those devos(or am i missing something?) and good shard just doesn’t drop.
Thanks in advance)

3rd version with finished scales for base

vendor farm abuse the vendor in port valbury, you can do that in normal and he still sell items around your level. And yes, one of the MIs that he sells is pulsing shard. Hands down the fastest way to farm it, if you are prepared to spend some time on it.

Oh right, thank you! I forgot about that vendor!
Edit: Actualy had 2 vendors spawn near each other on last run, would like to see it more often now :sweat_smile:
I still would like to understand why Shard is better compared to Codex (with same “sandstorm+aether” combo for example). Guess 6% heal on shard is realy big deal?

It is big deal yes. Bat is not enough.

Ulvar since you seem to be answering the questions, is there no way to get stun resistance over capped? Per earlier answer vendor farming? I assume you have to reset your game session to do it right or wrong? I know I was farming MI off the vendor in Blood Grove. Got a couple of nice ones too.

You can reset vendors by just portaling to another place (like Devil’s crossing for example), check a couple of vendors there and then return to the one you wanted to reset, his inventory should have changed then. In rogue dungeons you just need to go to a different lvl and wait 15-20 seconds there, then go back to the level where the vendor is, the inventory should have changed then.

Resetting vendors doesn’t work well in Port Valbury (which is where you can vendor farm the off-hand, incidentally) if you have the bug where two vendors appear in the same place, no idea why.

Bummed that this seems to be the most recent viable AETHER-based AAR build and yet it’s seemingly perma-dead while being well over a year old.

What do you mean?