[] Albrecht the Leech - super tanky aether AAR Spellbinder, 3 versions, Ravager killer, very easy SR 80+

I have updated this build to patch This build was hit hard. The no set version was hit for 17 % less RR (helm and relic) and the other two versions for 7 % less RR (relic). Also of readiness suffix is no longer available on off-hands. So all 3 builds lost some OA and DA. I changed the suffix to of the aether for more DPS. They are still tanky and can kill Ravager but killing Ravager now takes more time because of more disengaging from facetanking in his second phase. This is surely one of the most hit builds this patch.

It never was…

Grimtools showed is as possible. Who should know what drops and what not if GT shows it.

It’s very simple, you’d never see it in-game if you don’t create items with GDStash. :wink:

I don’t know what GT did to show it or how it parsed the table, I am telling you those items were not legitimate.

Yes, but I never try to do impossible things knowingly. Both GD stash and GT showed it was possible. But it doesn’t matter build still works.

Hmm. You sure about that? GT is good at showing affix limitations and GDstash is too (but you must make sure your config setting is on “Valid affix only”. Of Readiness is not possible for off-hand on both tools.

I am sure. I always create builds first in GT. And have default settings. The same with GDstash.

GT shows available affixes per item type, not per specific item. E.g. if there’s some shield affix that can be applied to all shields except for certain bunch of MI shields in game, this affix will still show up as allowed in GT for these MI shields. So don’t trust GT on that.

Hi there. Any idea how to improve build after 1.1.7 nerfs? I like to play AAR. Any idea what is best aar build right now for HC?

AAR is still good but I would not touch Ravager, Cala or Crate with it in HC. I don’t play other people’s builds, so I can’t say.

thanks for answer. I saw all of yours aar builds. Which one is strongest right now? Personally i think this one is best for hc. Do you have any experience with physical aar, inaskhor head get nice buff.

Aether AAR for sure. The no set version was but it was hit heavily in last 2 patches and now I would say just pick one of these three you like. But for SR it is still very fine. Celestials are tougher now, not for HC (the harder ones).

The nerfs were disappointing, glad to hear it wasn’t completely neutered since AAR is one of the skills I enjoy the most AND I just managed to completely level the clairvoyant version of this build to 100.

Can i ask please, why Harbinger of souls over Reckless power? It seems to me, that they both give same bonuses, but you need to unnecessarrily spend 18 more attribute points for Harbinger of souls. Cause (am i wrong?) attack damage converted to health doesn’t benefit Pulsing shard lifesteal to AAR.

On the no set version I use Reckless Power. Both masteries are at 50 points on all three builds for stats. Clairvoyant set uses vitality damage on AAR so I took Harbinger becuase it increases it. On the Clairvoyant with Conduit it is absolutely necessary because of the lifeleech.

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Thanks! Can i also ask, why 2x Seal of Corruption? Wouldn’t 1 seal of corruption + like wrathstone be better?

It gives OA.

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Hi, thanks for the excellent build! I got lucky with a Decree of Aldritch drop so I am putting together the non-set version and tearing up ultimate at level 80. Based on the performance I’m getting (and without the best gear) I can’t imagine how busted this was pre-nerf!

I have a couple questions about build choices:

  1. What is the importance of Chains of Ygraad for the non-set build? I understand the set versions have added vitality damage so the conversion is more important, but currently I am doing no vitality damage with AAR on the non-set build. Is the conversion to boost damage from devotion procs?
  2. Why did you decide not to use Siphon Souls/Sear Souls? Looks like it would be a nice AOE heal, but I’ve never played with Siphon Souls so maybe it’s not as good as it looks?

Learning a lot from this build, thanks again!

The no-set version was hit really hard.

  1. the vitality conversion to aether - both bat and scales do vitality damage. You have better healing if it is aether. Also for resistances and OA, DA.

  2. Because you want to interrupt AAR as little as possible. Better for both heal and DPS. Also you would have to take points out of the mastery bar - they are there for stats.

Okay gotcha, both points make a lot of sense to me. Thanks for the reply!