[] Barrelsmith DW Pistols Lightning Fire Strike Purifier


So after seeing ranged discussion topic by @eardianm wanted to try few ranged builds and see how they perform. So how about Lightning DW purifier using Barrelsmith WPS granted skill, attack speed with fire to lightning conversion? I haven’t put much effort in making polished build but doesn’t look bad. Actually I noticed this idea’s made long time by @x1x1x1x2 credit to him!


  • permanent buffs, standing on Seal. DPS for Fire Strike

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zQRmjN


Key items are these guns and 2pieces of Dagallon set.

I’ve used also two pieces of Light Defender for the extra DA bonus and because lightning don’t have good generic shoulders/gloves. Astral Ruminations rings are good fit here, wish there were lightning rings with +skills to Fire Strike, cause I am swimming in points in Static Strike.

Relic is Bane, attack speed, life steal and OA. Kaisan ammy to help with this skill hungry beast. BS set don’t help me with +skills at all.

Boots are for slow resistance. Final March and pants also boosts my mediocre physical resistance. Worth mentioning that I use 1x Seal of Blades in GT/pic but double Hell’s Bane is life… or death!


I used Abomination for extra flat in my lightning Dagallon build but here decided to take more classical approach with Spear/Ultos, Revenant for flat RR and also Hydra. Ghoul is also here for defense.


Did few runs in Crucible, build is decent there, although plenty of key enemies are resistant to lightning. So times I guess will depend a lot of RNG, but my times are 5:35 on average, video of a run 5:23:


Hmm, those results and that flat have me rethinking some builds I didn’t bother making in game. Nice work!

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Yes surprisingly good result. You can try building something range but ofc not the pierce Tactician :smile:

For instance I tried this one but is not very good:


Awesome build and video! I’m very surprised as well.
Maxed out Static Strike probably contributes well to the damage.
(does it go / is it multiplied by weapon damage or is added last on top of everything?)

One thing though - throw out BWC :slight_smile:

How Storm Spread procs Raise of the Dead

6 skellies created in 10 seconds.
Probably even half as good would still be ok due to their long life and invincibility.

And interesting idea (having a cake + eating it at the same time) worth testing is also

  • BWC to Arcane Bomb

    • 70% / 91% for 1 / 2 ticks on 1 enemy
    • 91% / 99% for 1 / 2 ticks on 2 enemies
    • Storm Spread is too random for Arcane Bomb and may take some time
  • Hand of Ultos to Fire Strike

    • because let’s face it, Inquisitor Seal to Hand of Ultos is crap
  • Raise the Dead to Storm Spread

Hand of Ultos procs on Fire Strike

(the second parth of the video shows attacks without Hand of Ultos to show where the lightning come from)

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  • Good idea about Storm Spread.

  • Rule of thumb, always bind the RR devotion to your auto attack or channeling spell.

  • Static Strike is the core of this build. I think the damage should be added to Fire Strike, pre Explosive Strike or Brimstone fragments. That will explain why the build works, despite low weapon damage.

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Applying that damage on multi-projectile WPSs is also gonna be godly. Getting Static Strike’s 262 Lightning damage on multiple Storm Spread projectiles or the other multi-shot WPS is gonna lead to bigger damage than it looks, it even gives me an interesting idea :thinking:.

Great to see an updated version of this build again Nery :+1:.

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It gave me an idea too, I’ve already updated my Flame Keeper for testing this time with almost full Lightning to Fire conversion and as many points in Static Strike as possible :wink:

If there’s a GD hell, i probably belong in it for coming up with this :neutral_face: : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVL13q6Z (Wish it had a few more skill points though).


You forgot about the Sacrifice relic which is a flavour of the month :slight_smile:

But my 22/12 Static Strike! Sacrifice would work really well, probably even better, i just like round numbers.

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I fully understand. I also like round numbers that’s why I have +5 to Fire Strike on Kaisan :rofl:


@tqfan @Evil_Baka I smell something interesting is gonna come from this discussion. I am interested in how Static Strike will interact with Jaxxons, cause they are bonkers. Now imagine if there was mod for FS with RtA :heart_eyes:

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@tqFan and @Evil_Baka following the Static Strike route did a Purifier with SR set and Sigils pistols, it’s 6 on average in Crucible, WD is too low for better clear speed but sheet DPS is exactly the same as this build.