[] Blitz Krieg - 2H melee aether Death Knight using Blitz and Krieg set, easy SR 80+

I always try to create funny builds. Gaming is about fun after all :slight_smile:

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Also with pharma and good playing skills you can kill Ravager with this build. It is quite fast actually. Most of the time he can be facetanked.

Cadence hit overrides WPS

Not on the first two hits.

I know, just wondering if you knew since it’s 33% loss of damage. Not telling not to pick them, I just often see people unaware of it.

No one get the blitzkrieg invasion joke I guess lol :smiley:

Nice build btw I was going to try that weapon with oppressor, aether righteous fervor but lacking aoe and not being able to bind arcane bomb to GoE was scared me so I never tried. If I use double band of the eternal haunt does the proc stack? If it does I can use bonemonger and double eternal haunt and get another devotion to bind righteous fervor.

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No the resistance reduction proc does not stack.

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Will be changes in this build for ?

No or at least I didn’t noticed anything that needs changing.

I could easily be misinterpreting things, but there was a change to Conduit of Undying Whispers that may have a substantial effect.

I see that all conversions are to aether in the GT link on the Conduit. In the game it is the same as well. So no problem there

I guess I didn’t understand what was meant by

as I am looking at GT and see 2 different prefixes related to Bone Harvest.

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This is for sure fun build, thanks to Duchy.

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I am retesting my older builds for SR 80. I revisited this build and it can do SR 80 easily.

I don’t like to play SR much but SR 65-66 and SR 80 are easily accessible. So I will from now on test my builds in SR 80 as well.

Is this the strongest DK build?

I don’t know. I don’t play other people’s builds.

Nice build. It is a lot of fun. I’m hoping to have a build for each class combination. It looks like you are well on the way.

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