[] Chaos Ravenous Earth / Oblivion Apostate | Crucible of the Stars 5:27

Very nice!

I haven’t crunched the numbers, but how does Pandemic https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8535 compare to Bonespike in the build?

Great job, it’s very similar. You must have spent a lot of time in Grim Tools like me. You could call it a version for normal gameplay whereas if you want to get the best time possible in Crucible you need to use every trick possible:

  • a filler

    • Oblivion was the only one I could fit in.
      No Ignaffar’s Combustion is painful though.
  • Abomination + Dying God for that damage

  • greens for the final touch / filling the gaps you made by going for DPS

I think that Pandemic has too many flaws:

  • no %Chaos damage
  • no casting speed
  • base damage I don’t convert to Chaos (I don’t have Acid to Chaos)

Yes it took me like 2 hours in grimtools to create this build btw i don’t play crucible only main campaign and some SR

…aaand I’m blind. Totally missed Oblivion for some reason. As an aside, I think the eyeball math should put Bonespike ahead of Pandemic even on raw Ravenous Earth damage via Bonespike’s %chaos damage and duration modifier advantages.

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Thank you for reminding me about abomination I ended up including it as you suggested way stronger offensively but a bit weaker defensively which is fine because seal compensate for that. www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4mKmQ2


Great builds, both of you! :smiley:


Very interesting build👍can you send me save file? Would like to try it in crucible

Sure, thanks for checking it out.
There’s one unassigned skillpoint I got from SR - don’t assign it.
_Twister.zip (413.1 KB)

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@tqFan Sorry to bother you man, leveling up a necro, fresh install, no stash. I am contemplating between your build and this one: The curse of Cain (

I have not really played a lot since the release of AoM so very rusty and not sure which build will suit me better. I don’t really care about how fast I do crucible since both builds can do it no problem. But more in terms of just general gameplay. Could you point out some pros and cons between these two if you’re not too busy? Thanks a lot, and I get it if you’re not super keen on doing it, no worries :slight_smile:

First I’d like to ask if

How easy is it to farm the items for the build?

is in a consideration for you?

I don’t mind farming for items as long as the build is playable all the way and does not require me to do something else and ONLY re-spec at 94. But I probably wont spend days and days trying to farm items, no.

This is an endgame build / fun for the builders. I mean… Chaos Apostate with absolutely no %Chaos damage from the masteries.
Come on :wink:

If would play this build if I were you. Fun from start to finish. Maybe ask Nery if something’s change in recent patches.

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thanks a lot for taking the time, I will check it out. Again, thank you :slight_smile:

Also Oppressor is a great class because you can later respec to one of the following awesome builds:

This one doesn’t need much respecing because it’s also RE build.

This one focuses on Bone Harvest

Yeah I checked those out in the link as well. I had not considered Oppressor at all to be honest but this looks like it should be very flexible all the way to end game. I will come back and whine at you if it doesn’t work out (joking) :wink: Thanks my man!

I like Oppressors because they have Vire’s Might. If you combine it with Movement skill from medal you can move around the map extremely quickly. Check out how zooming looks in Grim Dawn.

Not sure I would pick an entire class because of a movement skill, I have bigger issues :smiley: But yeah, it’s a nice bonus.

But why Apostate? I think Occultist fits better as chaos thematic mastery
Oh, wait… Occultist doesn’t have chaos RR


Build looks great !!! Can you recommend any lvling guide for that ?

I think it’s best to level the character as Vitality Ravenous Earth Necromancer

I’d also hard mod Inquisitor Seal to be red for the final character - it would match Red RE perfectly.

Chaos Seal

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