[] Dreadscorch Purifier - Fun, Rapid-Fire Aether Pulse Rifle! [sr+] [cr]

Dreadscorch Rifleman | Aether Sharpshooter

This is an Aether purifier that focuses on multi-shot, rapid fire attacks, and it packs a decent amount of punch! It’s the closest thing to a “Pulse Rifle” build that I could come up with for a bit of thematic sci-fi crossover lols :wink:

Details and vids below:

Kubra Fight: Playstyle Demo

Crucible 120-130: Playstyle Demo


:: High damage!

This build focuses on Fire Strike with 100% conversions of fire, lightning and chaos to Aether damage. To make the most of the brimstone proc, and for the theme of having a trigger-happy aether rifleman, I’ve included Pyroclasm Mark, Plunderer’s Talisman and Chilling Rounds. The procs from each of these, fires a three round burst. Each shot does not only the Fire Strike weapon damage bonuses combined with the proc weapon damage bonuses, every shot also procs brimstone. That’s right, so every time any one of these procs, you get 3x the brimstone damage :smiley: The Brimstone splinters are critting for around 20k damage. On a good shot, there are 7 of them. That means that from brimstone alone, on a multishot attack you’re dealing (20k dmg x 7 splinters = 140k dmg)) x 3 shots = 420k damage, not including the other weapon damage associated with each shot. Seeings as you can deal multiple multi-shot attacks per second, the damage stacks up real fast.

There’s a 49% chance to proc a multi shot attack. I could have included Storm Spread in this, but I don’t like it’s visual for this build, so it was neglected for thematic reasons. The build has an ok crit damage at 63%, and decent aether RR at -152. All of this makes for a heavy hitting, rapid fire ranged build. An OA of 3100 helps to make good use of the crit damage.

:: Decent Defenses

With the use of the Bonemonger set, this build has nice high 20/12 Inquisitor Seals for 364 damage absorption.

Healing primarily comes from the AOE lifesteal of Fire Strike, the vitality-turned-aether Vampire Fangs devotion proc, and Word of Renewal. Wake of Bones from the Bonemonger set also provides additional healing due to it’s lifesteal, rapid fire, and ability to pass through multiple clumped enemies.

Ulzuin’s Wrath is has had an upgrade in this patch! It now not only heals a bit as it always did (great healing in crowds, even if the cooldown is a little to slow to be relied upon), but it now lowers enemy damage by a decent amount! This is fantastic news, and makes Demolitionists CONSIDERABLY TANKIER as a class. Their damage reduction on Ulzuin’s Wrath takes out the necessity to choose devotions/skills like Light of Empyrion, or Aura of Censure to boost survivability. While the build has a low armour score, a decent 42% physical resistance and the Seal damage absorption help to mitigate a lot of damage.


The potential for AOE damage is lowered due to the lack of wide AOE RR. Three strong sources of RR come from Arcane Bomb, Thermite Mine and Inquisitor Seal - All fairly small-radius attacks. Thus, when fighting in large crowds, it can take a while before all nearby enemies are affected by your RR abilities, if you can even affect all of them simultaneously.

Low HP and very low CC resists make for precarious situations when fighting enemies who stun, freeze or trap.

This build would do very well if an enemy can tank. — If you’re looking for a fun, independent rifle build with a whole lot of 'splosions, if you’re looking for that Aether Rifleman fix, consider checking out this build. :smiley:


Holy crap! That looks awesome man. Nice fire rate too, fast as hell.

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Thank you @Knife!!

Its possible to create budget version of this build ?