[] "I Can't Believe It's Not Memes!" Physical Sword n' Board Apostate - SR75-76

Here’s a question: What do you do with 2 diamaterically opposed classes? Do you pray to the heavens for a set to make you viable? Maybe an overpowered MI to single-handedly thrust you into the spotlight? Maybe you just invest heavily into one and leave the other hanging in the wind to be used for attributes and maybe a couple passive buffs?

Or maybe you’re crazy like me and your answer is: something completely different.

In the beginning, I had no idea what to do with my lonely little gal, sitting in the bottom of my Character Select screen, gathering dust… the Bonemonger set proving unsatisfactory, Radaggan’s being a joke, and what have you. I agonized for WEEKS thinking of SOME way to convert all of the different damage types at my disposal into a single, cohesive character. I looked over each of their skills and… wow, -25% Physical Resist on Spectral Wrath? Neat!

Enter my Physical Apostate. - CURRENT VERSION: Apostate, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator brought us some upgrades. Mostly, Aura of Conviction Support on our new Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might gloves! With a heapin’ helpin’ of Pierce to Physical conversion and Flat Physical Damage! And the extra % Physical damage on Conviction is awesome as well. update: I was really scared when I saw that converted Physical damage would be affected by enemy Armor, but after my most recent SR66 run with shit Mutators, I can say with confidence that the build’s performance has not been affected. You might have a slightly worse time with things like Aetherial Abominations, though.

Mythical Beronath Reforged and Mythical Gladiator’s Distinction are the absolute keys to this build. All of a sudden, ALL of our Elemental and Vit damage sources becomes Physical… as do our flat damage buffs… namely from Soul Harvest and Arcane Empowerment (plus Steel Resolve). My goal with this build thus became to capitalize on the powerful sources of (now converted) flat damage provided by both classes.

Next, we need some Resist Reduction. Assassin’s Mark for a cool 32%, Spectral Wrath gives us a very generous 25%, our Stonewall Defender’s “-15% Phys. Res. to Ill Omen”, Deathstalker’s 10%, Black Matriarch’s Ring’s 10%, and the -15% to Storm Box from our Conduit add up to an absolutely WHOPPING
107% Physical Resistance Reduction.

And so from there, we need a Default Attack Replacer. I couldn’t find one, so unfortunately I had to undo some of my work by investing in a Shard of Beronath (I tried Dual Wielding with a Heart of Theo Marcell, but… results were garbage). Seal of Might and Fleshwarped Pauldrons help us get back some of the flat damage from Spectral Binding and turn it into something useful. We REALLY want Attack Speed on this build to maximize the efficiency of all our flat damage, hence some of the strange augment choices.

So now we have Inquisitor providing the Chonk factor with Inquisitor’s Seal, Word of Renewal and Aura of Conviction, and Necromancer providing the (decidedly limited) WPS as well as most of the offense. The rest is gear and devotions.

The Affixes on our green items aren’t nearly as important as their innate properties. A 36% conversion from Aether to Physical on your Fleshwarped Pauldrons is probably better than my current Affix setup. Just use them to patch resistances.

That said, BiS Shield suffix is definitely of Wildfire for the flat damage, Ele resist and large Attack Speed boost (all the Fire flat damage goes Physical anyway, so yay!)

The Devotions may seem a bit strange, but the truth is, this build kind of needs the help from all the damage and offense provided by this setup. And as for the seemingly omnipresent Pierce Damage, well, I can’t convert it, so it’s here to stay, so I might as well have it earn its keep.

BiS legs is definitely Reaper’s Legguards for the +3 to Soul Harvest, but until I find a pair with Physical damage support, Barbaros is king.

I thought this would just be a stupid meme build when I dreamed up the concept, but oh lawd, it is NOT.

I don’t have video proof or screenshots yet, but this thing can facetank A LOT of stuff. I post this after clearing SR66 and dealing with an onslaught from Moosilauke and Grava’Thul at the same time (was buffed with a Hoarfrost Ointment and praying for Grava to not shoot out his Nullification bubbles) at which point Crate apparently said “wait, that’s illegal” and crashed my damn game upon hitting the loot room. Will post some shots after clearing it again.

Edited for screenshots. Screenshots for SR 75-76 pending. Clear time was about 20 minutes, give or take 2. I dunno if that’s good or not.

Here’s one of my little lady being a dear and facetanking Korvaak and Valdaran. There were a few damage spikes, but…

…she made it out okay.

SR 76 screenshot. Kuba was being a piece of shit and healing everyone up, but even with shit Mutators I broke through 'em eventually.


I noticed this shield some time ago and wondered how to use it, nice concept :stuck_out_tongue:

In the devotions you could take Ulzaad for the massive damage buff, that would fit better than Unknown Soldier. What do you think about using Master of Death ? It’s more OA, DA and vit overcap at the cost of some phys res

I used to use Ulzaad, but I found it too inconsistent as it’s not even up half the time. If I had some substantial CDR, say if I roll a shield with a Chronomancer’s or Supercharged prefixes it might be worth a shot, but until then, the attack speed, the crit damage, OA and flat Pierce from Unknown Soldier make it the superior choice in my book.

As for Master of Death, I’ll have a look at the numbers, Iron Bits permitting. I’ve respecced my Apostate so often every skill point now costs me 5k to respec.

Oh I’ve been there, it goes up to 15k per point, bless grimtools for testing stuff for cheap
I understand for Ulzaad, I don’t often use Ascension for the same reason

I remember seeing the thread about this build on Reddit, cool results! I wonder about 3 piece Octavius to do something with physical RoK.

I contemplated this too. I even tried replacing Siphon Souls with Kalastor for a bit. But the truth is, Kalastor requires substantial investment to be even semi-good. And it seems to really hate hitting bosses (when your cursor is on any part of a boss, runes just LOVE parking directly underneath them, causing all the projectiles from Kalastor to spill out and explode AROUND them rather than blowing up their lower halves).

Speaking of investment, with 3 pieces of Octavius replacing our current setup, we miss out on:

  • 1 to Necro Skills
  • Most of the flat Physical we get from converting our Spectral Binding’s Aether damage via Fleshwarped Pauldrons
  • The ADCtH and MASSIVE flat damage from the Azragor’s chestpiece and its buff

All this would be to push a single, rather mediocre, skill into viability. It’s a big point-sink for an uncertain payout, while our fully-converted Siphon Souls gives us similar AoE capabilities while also providing amazing sustain when facing large packs and any boss that spawns adds, plus a smidge of OA shred for good measure.

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Fuckin beronath, I hate this item.

I completely agree. It doesn’t offer nearly enough general support for the potential offered up by its build-enabling buff. It should have a larger attack speed bonus at the very least.

With my now-extremely-consistent clearing of SR 75-76, this build has officially (for realsies this time) shed its meme status and has blossomed into “actually pretty good” territory.

Did you post the wrong GC link? Because the above link is for a full DW cold/vit Apostate?

You’re right. Fixed. I couldn’t help but fiddle with my Grimtools, as I am wont to do whenever I open up a GT page for any build… in this case I got a little carried away. Making Apostate work in my own way has been my ambition since I rolled the class and decided I didn’t like what was already out.

Updated for new patch. Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might are now far and away the BEST gloves for this build with the added Aura of Conviction support, which heaps on some flat Physical Damage AND converts half of our Pierce damage to Physical! Woohoo!